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01:02, 13th July 2024 (GMT+0)

No tabletop experience, but plenty of written RP experience!

Posted by thalassos
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Thu 28 Mar 2024
at 00:12
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No tabletop experience, but plenty of written RP experience!

Hello, everyone!

I've wanted to play in a tabletop game for quite a long time now, but I have an incredibly erratic schedule. I'd nearly given up on trying before a friend pointed out that scheduling is the most common difficulty in tabletop groups. Weird thing to overlook, but hey, now I feel more hopeful!

The only experience I have with tabletop at this point is having built a character for a Pathfinder game that fizzled out before it began. However, I have a lot of creative writing and character writing experience, so I'm already eyeing that freeform category. :)

Certainly looking forward to trying out more structured systems, but it'll depend on whether there's anything running that I can make the post schedule for.

As far as introductions...
I'm a severe introvert looking to push myself and get out there more. In stories, I enjoy mysteries, power dynamics/fictional and fantasy politics, magic, and dragons... pretty much Skyrim. I'm very patient with most things, and I'm thinking of taking up poetry as a hobby if I can't find more people to write with.

Looking forward to meeting you all!
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Thu 28 Mar 2024
at 00:37
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No tabletop experience, but plenty of written RP experience!

i have  had limited table top as far a brother  andfriends played war games  table top.

 this  o=place is great...everything you need is on  what page you  are on.

to the right of the Home page at the bottom you  see 'Browse/search games' its a customizable  search engine for the games on this site.

 The forum, there has "players  wanted '  and 'GMs  wanted"...GMs  can bump there  games   every  7 days, so...between the search engine and  'players wanted  you should  find what you wnat.

 don't be afraid to ask questions, If an Admin  doesn't get to you right away, a Player will.

There are also alot of home brew  games out there. that could feel a need...some games move fast, some slow..some pop up and die..the trick is, finding one you like that has staying power....

enjoy this site,  the loner  you are  hear. the more you will enjoy it.
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