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22:49, 12th July 2024 (GMT+0)

New to Rpol; old to role play.

Posted by TodayBeats
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Fri 29 Mar 2024
at 08:39
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New to Rpol; old to role play

Hi everyone :)

My awful performance anxiety and urge to find a RPG space have made me come up with this awful 'TodayBeats' name ahah but please call me Lizzie!

As a millennial, I played text-based rpg for years, but since moving countries I have completed disconnected from it. I am thus new to RPOL, but have the confidence to say that I know 'how' to RP.

Because it's been a long time since I've played and because I am actually entering exam season at school, I am looking for a chill, creative space where to build an OC, as I envision lots of hours of procrastination but also the need to engage my brain in some little fun narrative rather than tensions of war and conflict with super intricate storylines and twist. At least to begin with! :)

Please send recommendations and hope to start playing soon! x
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Fri 29 Mar 2024
at 15:10
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New to Rpol; old to role play


to the right of the  home  page  you will see a column. At the bottom of that column is  a 'Browse  games"  it  is a custamizable search  engines, you are  able to pick your genre,   as well as check for   Posts, 'last post"  and alphabetiacal.... 'Players  wanted  is also a good  place to go to  find a game"

 everything you need   is  on the  game page you are in ( and Home page) you don't have to  look around,  you can send PMs , dice roller  , there is so much to describe here.

  The biggest thing  are the peo0ple here. Admins keep   rude players  away, 'cheaters' who have  more then one  accoutn are sent packing. If you have  questions, you can  ask in the forumns  and if an Admin can't ansewer a player   will!

 Have   fun and enjoy!
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