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00:52, 13th July 2024 (GMT+0)

hi new guy here.

Posted by NoobyChoco
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Tue 9 Apr 2024
at 12:24
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hi new guy here

been roleplaying with friend, its fun although sometimes i feel like i want to play dnd or just rp in a different setting
bad experience with RP servers on discord as it just didnt click for some reason

still suffering from project moon brainrot, they're the biggest inspiration of all the stuff i make
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Tue 9 Apr 2024
at 14:35
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hi new guy here

Welcome aboard. This is the best site out there. On the right of the main screen you will find a customizable search engine, that you can find games. By genre, and filter by posts. Or alphabetical or last post….there is  also ‘players wanted thread’ and  ‘Gmail wanted thread’……in game screens have all you need ….pms… CS….colors for speech..  don’t be afraid to ask questions. If an admin doesn’t  answer a player will !
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Shall we Play a game?
Tue 9 Apr 2024
at 15:59
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hi new guy here

Welcome, As Donsr said, this is the best site out there for a Play by Post experience. Enjoy.
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