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23:41, 12th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Where are the games.

Posted by damian5000
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Wed 15 May 2024
at 11:10
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Where are the games

 Where are the games? I'm looking at the main screen on mobile and see no obvious links..
member, 3092 posts
Wed 15 May 2024
at 11:37
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Where are the games

go to the forums. You will see a threat called  'players  wanted".. browse  through there  and look for games you like. They wil have a Like  at the very, very  top of the page  of the game you select. Contact the   GM   by going to the link  and sending PM.

 GMs  can bump their adds   once a week.


on the main page  on the lower  right hand  side, is a place to click, if you want to browse  games  . It us customizable, you can search  by Genre...if  GMs  are accepting players... you can add the game name, or GM name if you know  it..and  you may search by  Alphabetical , Number of Posts, or  last post.

Good Luck. Keep asking questions  , if you need.
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