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23:00, 12th July 2024 (GMT+0)

New in Town.

Posted by WinterSage
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Level 20 Girlfailure
Thu 23 May 2024
at 19:45
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New in Town

Hi! WinterSage here, Winter or Sage is also good.

Been involved in TTRPGs for over a decade now on and off, first and most familiar with Star Wars Saga Edition and Pathfinder 1e, usually on the tabletop when I can find it or on discord texts when I can’t. I’ve also been a player in DnD5e, Mutants and Masterminds, and Pathfinder 2e in the past though I still feel slightly fish-out-of-water-y in those systems.

I like high fantasy of all subgenres, expansive settings, and collaborative storytelling, and a recent impulse-purchase of BG3 has sent me spiraling into thinking and overthinking about quests and adventures.

Also experienced in systemless RP (freeform here, I think) to some (admittedly more adult) capacity.

Anticipating my time here and excited to browse games and hopefully join some!
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Thu 23 May 2024
at 20:45
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New in Town

 you have come to the best site out there. Everything you need , is one the page that you would be on currntly.

The Main Pagehas a customizable search  engine  on the lower   right hand  side to Browse, for   games you want and you can  refine the  search,

 Players wanted  thread... has DMs/GMs  lookign for players, they are permitted to bump thier ad  once  every 7 days, if they choose .

 GMs  wanted ..are players lookign for some  one to run...or is  running..a game they would like

 Freeform takes   many 'forms' here... I call my games  'semi-freeform' because i have my own system, and  RP is supposed to be the main thing..there is a rules  frame work as well... You find others have Variations  of free form.

 explore you pages? you find  , in game, you can PM any palyer  or DM... you can put  private lines in IC or OOC posts,,Dice  roller... a drop down for colored text  .. i could g9o on,,,but its  very simple to use, once  you see where everything is, some sites can't get out of their own way.

Have  fun...ask questions, if  an Admin doesn't get to you, a player will
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Shall we Play a game?
Thu 23 May 2024
at 20:56
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New in Town

Welcome. Ditto everything Donsr said.
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Level 20 Girlfailure
Thu 23 May 2024
at 21:22
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New in Town

Thank you both for the warm welcome! And thank you Donsr for being a very helpful guide! Everything is looking good so far. I’m certainly spoiled for choices!
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Thu 23 May 2024
at 22:09
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New in Town

You bet. This palace is  great place to come and play..The Admins  help remove Griefers...and if you are a  DM/GM you hve full control who you let in, or kick out/

 as you get to  know the place  you'll   the Character sheets  and such, you will find out  that you can make the sheets  'user editable '..and that saves  GMs  time, you can also 'correct ' any 'mistakes' a player might put in there.

 there are alot of folks her who have been her  for  years .. I assume they may greet you as well...
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Level 20 Girlfailure
Fri 24 May 2024
at 02:51
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New in Town

thanks again! this seems like a pretty user-friendly interface as far as I've been able to glean. Nothing to complicated for me at least!
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Fri 31 May 2024
at 12:44
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New in Town

Greetings!  Did I hear the term freeform spoken!

You have great advice from others here.  What I like most about the sute is you can only have one login for everything!  You will be banned if you make more than one!

There are a plethora of games both systems and Freeform.  You do have to wait two weeks before entering an Adult game.  But once that initial time period is up you can join as many as you like.  Yet there are mature games you can enter from the getgo!

If you have questions there is community chat or rmail the wonderful friendly Admin/moderators!  If you wish to speak to an individual player you will find their rmail under their pick and just click on it! easy Peasy!  Remember we were all new here once!

Happy Gaming!
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