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23:29, 12th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Is this the line for the buffet?

Posted by Nowsi Heere
Nowsi Heere
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Sun 2 Jun 2024
at 19:08
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Is this the line for the buffet?

Greetings and salutations!

I am here to snack and roleplay if possible. Reddit is sometimes a terrible resource, but there was a reference to this online forum of conviviality. I take it by the number of threads on this forum, that this is where all of the under-employed-lay-abouts congregate, so make some room for one more and pass me a doughnut while you're at it, will ya?
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Sun 2 Jun 2024
at 20:22
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Is this the line for the buffet?

we just weathered the  first  storm we had in close  to 15 years. The site is running smoothly again as a  Testament to Jase and the other Admins.

This is , the best '..ect ect.

 'Player  wanted"  when you look for games, GMs  can byump ads  every 7 days.

 " GMs  wanted"..for  people asking for a GM to run a game

 on the lower right hand side is a customizable  search  engine, you can search  for  game s by Genre,  and  also  add, Post numbers, Alphabet, or 'last post'.

 you can Add the name of the Game, and/or  the GM if you know their user  name.

 if you have  questions   , ask in the forums. if  Admin can't answer, a player will!
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Sun 2 Jun 2024
at 22:19
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Is this the line for the buffet?

Welcome to the friendliest gaming community in the world wide web!  Have a Krispy Dream donut!  Lord Donsor and there will be other fine folk welcome you here and have the basic advice, of search threads very user friendly .I just like to remind new players there are the rules please read them as they are very important.

If you have gamed online you  find most game sites make you have alogin email for each and every character you play.  Not so here and f you make more than one then you will fall into the pit of no return banishment!  In each game you are in you will be accepted by the GM on their terms and gives that character to you.  You simply just enter that games as that character.  Simples!

If you wish to play in Adult games, whether system games or freeform, there is a one time two week waiting period from the time you signed up to RPol.  We all had to do this.  We were all new at one time.  Two weeks goes quite fast!

So have a look around.  Ask questions.  If you are interested in a  GM/Player you can clck on the Rmail level nk under their picture.  Talk with them direct.

Happy Gaming
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