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23:56, 12th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Hello, New to the PbP Community.

Posted by SynV
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Fri 7 Jun 2024
at 15:27
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Hello, New to the PbP Community

Helloo, I am new to the PbP community and would be interested in giving it a try. I was just wondering if there would happen to be any games where I can dip my toes in the water. I enjoy the fantasy, horror, supernatural, and mystery genres most but would be interested in expanding my field if needed. Also, willing to take any advice or tips! Thanks, thanks.
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Fri 7 Jun 2024
at 15:54
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Hello, New to the PbP Community

Howdy.... You came to the Best site out there. You will find everything you need  on whatever page you are on. Dice  roller is easy  and very customizable. You have PMs  to   people in your game,  there are private lines  and  colors  for 'speech ' and such.

 the Main page has all you game  you either run, play in or check out..The forums are invaluable , since questions will be answered  by admins, or players.

'wanted players" thread is there  for you to check out games that GMs  advertise..they may bump their ads  once  every 7 days.

"wanted" GMs"  is a thread where players are asking for a GM  for a certain system or Genre.

on the lower right hand of the  main page is a customizable  search engine. You can search games  by can filter it  my 'last post...'total ppsts'..or  alphabetical.

 if you know  a GM's  user name, or the name of the game, you can add  that as well

  using  Rmail...or if you go to a games   thread, you can send a PM to the GM  and fill out a RTJ, or simply ask to join.

 Have  fun..don't be afraid to ask questions. There is no other site , i have played on, that is as easy to work on and have  fun!
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Mon 10 Jun 2024
at 15:48
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Hello, New to the PbP Community

Hello friend!  Welcome!

Donsr has pretty much covered it.  I would like to that a few things.

Unlike other online game sites RPol only requires one site login email! Yayy no multiple email logins for your every character.  As a matter of fact if you create more than one you will be banned until you talk to admin!

Each game Gm has their own way of acccepting players.  You read their rule and how to RTJ (request to join) and submit your charachter for the game.  When you are accepted you then enter that game using that character name.  You may have as many characters as the GM will allow but your characters don’t need their own email!

You can play in as many games as you wish!  But if the game states that it is an adult game you have to wait 2 weeks from your initial ligin to RPol.  We all had to do it.  We all were new at one time. You only have to wait the two week period then you are in for life.

There are many games rated General or Mature both systems games or Freeform creative writing games.

The Community Chat is a great place to ask questions and you will get many friendly responses.

Also you can rmail anyone including admin as their rmail link is under their pic even here.

Happy Gaming
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