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, welcome to Beginners

01:12, 13th July 2024 (GMT+0)


Posted by Ledosero
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Mon 10 Jun 2024
at 19:40
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Hello hello hello!

Just saying hello! Looking to do some RPs here.
I like many system but I favor story over rules.

Hope we'll have fun here and that the site is a bit easy to learn :)
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Mon 10 Jun 2024
at 20:44
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Howdy, Welcome to the Best Site our there!.

 everything you need   will be on whatever  page  you are on..Main Page  will have games you are in and  run, the forums  ect... on the lower   right hand you will see a customizable Browser  for  searching games  by  Genre..and  can filter   for  lats posts..and Alphabet/

  There are a great many games here ( you can use that to filter your search as well)

  There is 'Players wanted' thread, that  GMs  can bump  once  every 7 days.....

 " GMs  wanted" is a thread  , for people asking for someone to run a game.


when you get in a game, the  Dice  roll can be used from the page you are on..,there are colors  for can send  PMs  to players, DMs  and  pout  private Messages in posts , only those you addressed it to will see( GM can see it)

There are many free form and semi-free  form games as well..just take a look around.

if you have questions, as in the forumn, if an Admin can't  answer right away, a Plyer might!
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the furry allegations
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Tue 11 Jun 2024
at 13:52
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ever hated how live rps can take long thanks to this stupid thing called timezones? its no longer a problem(?)

mostly because you usually just, post once or twice depending on who your rping with
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Tue 11 Jun 2024
at 14:12
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 I have more time then most folks, and  whatever i have to do, there is some   free time for me to check my games.

 As a Player, i will answer posts  as  quickly as i am able, provided  it  'make sense' for my Character to  be there...

 As a GM, i will answer  folks outside that time  zones  and try to tie them in, or let the flow of the game catch up, or pull them along.

 some players have alot to do.. older players might have  more time. it all comes  down to what folks are  doing  in RL. so? there is  no 'perfect' way to handle it... But as long as you  can keep   'late' or  'early' posters  in the flow? It works!
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Fri 14 Jun 2024
at 15:57
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Greetings!  Welcome to our gaming community!

I see you have been given the bones of this fun community to start with   You will find everything and most players so easy and helpgul,  so I would like to help you know more about some rules.  Remember those game sites that you had to have an email for every single characters you play!  Not so here my friend! You create only one lohin to the site!  As a matter of fact if you create a secomf or more uou will be caught and banned from the site.  The Admin will contact you to give you a chance.

The Community Forums are best to ask questions as there are a plethora of players ready to help and answer any questions.  You can Rmail other players, GMs, and our hard working Admin.

As for Adult games you have to wait two weeks from the time your site entry is granted.  This is for your and others own protection.  But there are plenty of General and Mature rated games.

So enjoy the games here!  READ all the rules thoroughly!  Have FUN!!

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