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23:11, 12th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Your friendly down under neighbour

Posted by catlyfe
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Tue 11 Jun 2024
at 06:03
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Your friendly down under neighbour

Greetings and Salutations,

I am very new to the life of PBP, however I am not new at all to RP or text-based RP.
I'm primarily a d&d 5e player in all shapes and forms, as well as some game RP experience such as RDR.

I like to contribute to great stories, make bittersweet and sad characters that seem harsh but are soft on the inside, actions speak louder than words type of behaviour. I'm an unapologetic elf lover and sucker for a good romance story, but adventure always comes first. I enjoy putting my characters through a lot of pain and suffering if it fits the narrative. Very much a team player and like to learn about other people's stories and work together to make something we all love.

I am happy in almost any environment - from high fantasy adventure to grimdark and horror settings. Generally am pretty open to anything, but draw the line at ERP (not my style).

My main 'issue', if you will, is that I am based in the land of hobbits, aka New Zealand, which puts me at quite the unique timezone.

If anyone out there is looking for an active player and your general activity time isn't at a crazy hour for me I'd love to join!
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Tue 11 Jun 2024
at 10:02
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Your friendly down under neighbour

Howdy, welcome to the Best  PBP board  out there, its not even close!

everything you need is  on the page you will be on, for the most part . On the lower left you will see a  'browse ' link. It is a customizable  search engine for  games on this  site. You can  pick by Genre ,  and  narrow the search by  game system, and such, Even by  game  name, and  GM's  User name if you know it.

You can  also filter it to have   games  by ...Last post...Most posts...and  Alphabetical .

 In the forums ,  the 'Plyer's wanted" thread, are active games  that GMs  are looking for players. GMs  may bump their ad  every 7 days.

 The  'GMs  wanted ; thread  are people  asking  for a GM to run a certain game, or certain style/genre  ect ect.

 If you have  any questions, post in  the forums, if the Admins  don['t get to you right away, a Player will!

 as a side bar... Unless the GM  has a hard and fast  'turn time'...being from another country isn't a big deal. In my games i have folks from the UK , Aussieland and  spread out across  America..i have had  some from Hawaii , Canada  and i play in a game with a great player  from South America.

 In my games,  i try to let those  who are 'out of my time  Zone' have a chance for reactions  and  posts ect ect..I image  almost all GMs  here do that as well.

 welocme  and Have  fun!
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lost in the forest
Tue 11 Jun 2024
at 12:51
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Your friendly down under neighbour

In reply to donsr (msg # 2):

thank you for the warm welcome! I appreciate the help greatly.

that actually makes a lot of sense. Time to get game hunting then!
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Tue 11 Jun 2024
at 19:41
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Your friendly down under neighbour

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Fri 14 Jun 2024
at 16:05
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Your friendly down under neighbour

Welcome grom the land of Scots!

There aremany system and Freeform games here.  You can talk to individuals by Rmail.  Link is under said persons pic,

Just a reminder you only need one login for the sute.  Not 20 million emails to play.  You will be banned if you make more than one email!

To lay in adult hames you have to wait 2 weeks from the tome you were accepted to the site.  Its for everyone’s protection.

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Tue 9 Jul 2024
at 03:01
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Your friendly down under neighbour

In reply to catlyfe (msg # 1):

Welcome! Always nice to see a fellow NZer here. There's a few of us around.

The timezone thing isn't such an issue. Most games don't run at such breakneck speed that you'll fall behind if you dare go to sleep at night.

And if you're running your own games, as I have been here for almost a decade, then yes, you might usually be limited to one update per day from you or your players, but even that is a very good pace for an ongoing game.

Have fun!
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