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23:05, 12th July 2024 (GMT+0)

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Posted by RupertBrown
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Thu 4 Jul 2024
at 13:48
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Hi, joined this site because scheduling irl sessions has become too difficult and my ad&d 2e group fell apart.  Where I live there aren't many 2e players... so here I am.  Only have books for d&d 2e, SpaeMaster, RoleMaster and Cyberspace, so I would join any of those games.  I am a total noob to PbP gaming so I might need some time to get up to speed.  Eventually will try my hand at starting games for above systems, once I get the hang of the site!
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Thu 4 Jul 2024
at 14:11
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Howdy, welcome to the best site out here, its not even close!. Everything  you want is on , whatever page you are on.

go to your   home page  and you will see, at the lower  right  had, a Link to Browse the games.This is a customizable  search engine, that you can search by Genre ..and even GM or   Game system.

there is a  filter    on there to sort by  Alphabet .... Total posts, and Most recent  posts


 The players wanted   thread in the forums, will let your browse   games who seek players. Each  GM is permitted to bump a Game  once every 7 days,


GMs  wanted, is player  asking for GMs  for a certain game


 look  around you home page you  will see various links, all the games you join  our  'persue" will be on the main page  for easy access without  wading through  threads you don't care about.


In game you can use colors  for speech ( you can also customize the  Color of your Home Page)..Character sheets  are there..( GMs  will decide  if you can edit them or only the GM)..I could go on? but  when you find a  Game, use the Link at the top of the Ad to go to that game  and  RTJ ( or send a PM) to the may also  use  Rmail, if you know the GMs user name.


 Have  fun...don't be afraid  to ask questions in a forumn, if a  Mod  can't get to you, a Plyer may have the answer
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