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00:30, 13th July 2024 (GMT+0)

New to RPOL old to text RP!

Posted by NylaFae
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Hi! Nice To Meet Ya!
Tue 9 Jul 2024
at 22:19
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New to RPOL old to text RP!

Hi RPOL! I'm Nyla! You can also call me Ny (pronounced like Bill Nye The Science Guy :) )

I'm new here but have been RPing for well over a decade with text RP being my jam the last 5 or so years of it. I like to RP over both videogames and text and love the genre of fantasy. My first introduction to fantasy was the original Baulder's Gate series and I've been hooked ever since. I learned on D&D 3.5 but migrated to 5E and freeform quite a long time ago now. I also like to RP non fantasy genres from apocalypses to slice of life. I like to RP in groups or duets typically but am always open to new and exciting forms. Other than RP I'm an avid gamer (videogames, TTRPGs & boardgames!), sewing, nature and other random things you'll learn if we get to know each other!

I've been digging around the forums looking for games I might be a good fit for but if you'd like to connect or have me in your games feel free to send me an rMail! I'm just waiting on my "Adult Content" approval as I see lots of games (specifically D&D) have that flair and then should be good to go!

 Any RPOL advice is welcome :) Thanks for the read and I look forward learning the ropes of RPOL and RPing with you all!
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Wed 10 Jul 2024
at 01:30
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New to RPOL old to text RP!

  been here  since 2005.. played  and ran games on  Yahoo before  that( even had a guy track me down from there to here!),,, tons of toher  boards  that failed and  died, or got hacked.

 This is the  Best site, ever, not even close.

 Everything  you need is on the page you are on.. dice rollers, PMs   R mail ect ect... to the lower right hand side of the Home page is a Customizable search  engine , that you  sort by Genre  and  game system  and even GMs  if you know the user  name.

when you have  a game you are in..Character sheets..dice  roller..PMs  secret ,messages..colors  for  speech goes on and on.

you can  further   Customize  the search  by alphabet... Total  Posts...recent post..the  last two gibe  you some idea  how  active they may be.

 LadySharyne  should be  around  shortly to say  hello.. she  and  I run free form games... I call  mine 'semi-freeform, because i use  my own system, and Dice   are rolled...depending...But RP is the most important thing there.

 now? Gamesystems?  Tons of them..use the search engine.

Players  wanted thread.... GMs looking for players...GMs  can  bump their ads  once  a week,

GMs  wanted... people looking for GMs  to run games.

any qurstions, ask in the forums, our  Admins  are good, and if they don't answer you right away, there is  a very good chance a Player  will..welcome aboard and Have fun!
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Hi! Nice To Meet Ya!
Wed 10 Jul 2024
at 04:16
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New to RPOL old to text RP!

In reply to donsr (msg # 2):

Thank you so much for the warm welcome and all the tips and tricks donsr! I'm super lucky to have stumbled upon this site. Found it via the comments in a 7 year old Reddit post on r/pbp haha. Sounds like this place is the jackpot! Cant wait to get to filtering and applying! :)
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