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Mon 28 Aug 2006
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Posting Guidelines
This forum is for discussions of topics relevant to White Wolf's World of Darkness lines of roleplaying games, other games using the Storyteller system (e.g. Exalted, Trinity, etc.), and the playing thereof on RPoL. We also strive to be a repository of useful WoD-related information. Your friendly neighborhood moderators are Nerwen, Dante Hargrave, and megadeus. We may all be reached via rMail for questions, comments, and sarcastic remarks.

Advertisements for existing games may only be posted to the Game Ads threads. Please read the additional rules (first post of each ad thread) before posting. Discussion of games (existing or proposed) is quite welcome in the regular threads, and yes you may even link to them as appropriate. I'm going to assume that we can all tell the difference between a discussion and an advertisement; in case of any question, ask a moderator via rMail. Moderator decisions on such are final.

While we are generally more lenient rules-wise than most of RPoL's official public forums, please observe the following:

1. RPoL Terms of Use are in full effect here, as everywhere else.

2. Cursing is not allowed in RPoL's public forums. If you must use a curse word, please observe the pastries conventions (or asterisks/symbols, or downgrading to "darn" and "heck").

3. We are not allowed to make links to this forum in any of the official RPoL public forums (including Community Chat). You are free (and encouraged!) to mention us in your games and over rMail to people with on-topic queries in the other forums.

In addition:

4. Conversations that go off on tangents are allowed, as long as it's a good conversation. Individual thread makers may have their own ideas on how far they want tangents to go - please respect their wishes.

5. Feel free to contribute to any of the past threads, no matter how old they may be, especially if you have useful info to add to a repository thread.

6. So far we haven't had enough traffic to warrant deleting anything. There will be plenty of notice if that time ever does come. Either way, you can safely assume that anything you post in a repository thread (at least) will remain there for years. (Note: except for game ad threads, which are deleted every six months.)

7. For discussions of specific game lines, please identify the game in your thread title (e.g. "oWoD", "nWoD", "VtM", "VtR", etc.). For more details on that, see below.

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Mon 28 Aug 2006
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Game Line Abbreviations
When posting about a specific game line, please add the appropriate abbreviation to the subject line. If you feel a game line has been left out, or can think of a more appropriate abbreviation, contact one of the forum moderators.

CtD   - Changeling: The Dreaming
DA:F  - Dark Ages: Fae
DA:I  - Dark Ages: Inquisitor
DA:M  - Dark Ages: Mage
DA:V  - Dark Ages: Vampire
DA:W  - Dark Ages: Werewolf
DtF   - Demon: The Fallen
Exal  - Exalted: First Edition
Exal2 - Exalted: Second Edition
HtR   - Hunter: The Reckoning
KotE  - Kindred of the East
M:SC  - Mage: Sorcerer's Crusade
MtAs  - Mage: The Ascension
MtAw  - Mage: The Awakening
MtR   - Mummy: The Resurrection
nWoD  - New World of Darkness
Orph  - Orpheus
oWoD  - Old World of Darkness
PtC   - Promethean: The Created
VtDA  - Vampire: The Dark Ages
VtM   - Vampire: The Masquerade
VtR   - Vampire: The Requiem
VicV  - Victorian Age Vampire
WtA   - Werewolf: The Apocalypse
WtF   - Werewolf: The Forsaken
WtO   - Wraith: The Oblivion

At present, there is no preference as to how you label your game (i.e. before or after the thread's title), but one may be adopted in time.

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Thu 18 Jan 2007
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Re: Posting Guidelines

Cursing is not allowed in RPoL's public forums. If you must use a curse word, please observe the pastries conventions.

Just a reminder for those who haven't been following the rules.  Please remember that this forum is visible to everyone.