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Sun 24 Dec 2017
at 20:48
Running modules for different lines
I'm putting together a game for my RL group and I've decided to run different stories from some of the other lines for the Coterie of vampires, mostly dealing with mages, werewolves, and demons.

Does anyone have experience with this or advice to offer? Maybe tips to help it run more efficiently?
shady joker
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Mon 5 Mar 2018
at 15:17
Running modules for different lines
You must wing it. Much of story teller is improvisation anyways, so you just need to make stuff up to make it fit and be consistent. Hopefully your group will try to play along and not call BS and ruin it.
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Wed 7 Mar 2018
at 04:32
Running modules for different lines
Keep a timeline of what is going on with the others groups around the same time of the adventure, this way you can add flavor to the game by indicating what they might have heard, be it news, or rumors...

You can also have them be involved by having friends or contacts in said other groups, so there is more interest since he my best bud just got a promotion, or what the heck someone attacked my friend's wife..etc. It really depends on how your players play, since it can be a rich source of role play if they are of that role rather than role play.