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RPoL Tutorials/Scripts (user developed)

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Sun 24 Sep 2017
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RPoL Tutorials (user developed)

General RPoL GMing tutorial - link to a message in another game
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Sat 25 Jul 2020
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JS bookmarklet to apply multiple tags to text - by Rathmun


When certain characters or situations routinely call for a combination of tags, placing all of them every time can grow awkward and result in mistakes.  For example, if a character uses periwinkle as their voice color, and usually speaks Elven, then you're left applying both tags to all their speech every time.

Most modern browsers support something called a "bookmarklet", where you can place javascript in the destination URL field of a bookmark, which will be executed on the current page when you click on it.  This allows the creation of a single button to apply any number of tags to a selected section of text.

The base form for this useful script is as follows.
javascript:(function(a){a.value=a.value.slice(0,a.selectionStart)+"YOUR STARTING TAGS GO IN THESE QUOTES"+a.value.slice(a.selectionStart,a.selectionEnd)+"YOUR ENDING TAGS GO IN THESE QUOTES"+a.value.slice(a.selectionEnd);})(document.activeElement);

Here are a few examples to illustrate usage.

For a character who speaks with green text, and usually in the Elven language, it would be as follows.
javascript:(function(a){a.value=a.value.slice(0,a.selectionStart)+"[Language Elven: <Green>"+a.value.slice(a.selectionStart,a.selectionEnd)+"</Green>]"+a.value.slice(a.selectionEnd);})(document.activeElement);

For a pixie speaking with small periwinkle text, this will work.

Or perhaps you want something for Signage.

To use these, simply create a bookmark, place the script in the destination field, and name the bookmark as you wish.  Personally I usually use the name of the character who uses that set of tags.
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Sat 20 Jan 2024
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Easy Tables and Grids Tutorial - by Horus

Easy Tables and Grids Tutorial - link to a message in another game
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