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Rules, Regs, and Character Creation
Most of these rules are common sense and courtesy. It largely boils down to: Don't be an arsehole. Unfortunately, some people don't have that sort of filter in their head so it needs to be spelled out.

1. The most important rule of any game is to have fun.

2. No flaming or spamming of other players. If you have a problem that you cannot resolve your differences in an adult manner please consult the GM. My decision will be final.

3. It is essential that if you are going to do anything that affects another player's character that you negotiate this off list or OCC before proceeding. Conflict is fun. It makes writing fun but remember there is a considerable investment in a character and that should be respected.

Always ask the permission of the owner of the character you wish to do something to. If you are uncomfortable with what is going on in your thread, say something. Talk to your partners, talk to the moderators. I can intervene if necessary. There will be a Zero Tolerance Policy for those who ignore the wishes of another about their character(s). This goes for every single person on the list.

4. Absolutely no trolling, asking for sex, basing your character solely on yourself, looking for real life sexual partners. This is fiction and based on imagination, not real life. If it is discovered that you have done this you will be permanently banned from the list without exception. If you get solicited for sex, cybering, or if they ask for your phone number/address/etc... copy the conversation/email and send it to me and I will deal with it.

Trolling, Spaming, etc: First offense, private emailing... Second offense, booted off the list. The reason for this, is that if the letter is cryptic and could be taken one way by one person or another way by another, we have to make a judgment call by how we see it. It we see it as someone trying to solicit sex etc from one of our players they will be removed automatically. If it is hard to tell, they will get a warning.

5. Don't write for someone else's characters. You don't know what they feel or what they plan to do. The only exception to this is when they have given you permission to do this and have let the GM know that they have.

Also, if you are not involved in that thread and you see someone speaking for or acting for another's character do not assume anything, bring it to my attention, if the permission was not mentioned in the post.

If you have permission to make actions for someones character, please make an OCC note down at the bottom of the post to let everyone else know that you do.

6. No Godmodding. No one is all powerful and all knowing.

7. While I welcome open and frank discussion,  don't flame or threaten me or tell me how to run the game. Always communicate with me or my representatives in a respectful, intelligent manner, and we will do the same for you.. Failing to do this is grounds for expulsion.

If you feel one of my representatives is disrespectful to you, copy the message and send it to me. I can not make a decision or help you in any fashion if you do not have proof to back it up with.

8. All bios/characters are subject to GM approval.

9. Post Perspective-Unless approved by the GM please keep your posting perspective in the Third Person. It has been found that this is an easier format for other players to follow and interact with.

In order to prove that you've read the rules this far, please put somewhere in your RTJ: Scrappy Doo is the anti-christ.

10. Killing of characters... this is a big one. There is no killing of anyone else's characters unless the owner of said character gives permission to do so and that the GM is aware of it and approves it.

Also, the GM reserves the right to kill off any character at anytime if the owner leaves for any reason.

11. All characters become property of the game. If a player chooses to leave, the character will then fall to NPC status whose fate will be chosen by the GMs. This isn't to say that players don't keep their rights to take their characters and play elsewhere, but for the sake of game continuity, the characters will remain as active to this game so long as they are needed.

12. When you reply to a post, please be sure to cut and paste only the pertinent material from the original post. We don't need duplicates of every post each time you reply!

13. Occasionally, mistakes are made and you must delete a post due to a mistake. Please let me know when/if you need to do this so that I'm not looking for posts that don't exist. Also, this is not a game of "do-overs", if your character makes a mistake, play through it.

14.Please don't post "Bumps".

15. I do NOT want people to join who will flake out on the game!

I strongly insist that the players who join will be of a responsible and mature age of "at least" 18. There have been a rash of players who have just disappeared for no reason and with no notice. This is a serious inconvenience to maintain the characters as NPCs or to remove them in the middle of the plot. I would prefer players who are committed to long term play. If you aren't interested in a long term commitment, please don't bother.


This game uses a free-form character sheet, as follows below.


1. Submit a Request to Join (after reading above) with your character name, basic information and a simple background/concept. This does not have to be extensive, 1-3 paragraphs. Do NOT fill out a character sheet at this time.

2. Once you have been accepted into the game, fill in your character sheet.

3. Once you have completed your character sheet, send a Private Message to the
   GM for review and approval.

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Character Sheet Template
Pulp Adventure Character Sheet


Physical Attributes: Age, Height, Weight, Hair and Eye Color, Build, Scars, Style of Dress

Career: 1920s appropriate

Main Focus: Is your character a Thinker (Mental), Doer (Physical) or Feeler (Spiritual)?

Character History:

Weapon Skills: Discuss additional slots with GM



Career Skills: (Add slots as necessary)





Personal Skills (Add Slots as Necessary)





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Posting Rules

- as often as we can handle it.

- This game has been marked for mature audiences thus it will be around the PG-
  13 level in terms of content.
- Acceptable: Mild swearing, some violence - viewer discression is advised due
  to graphic nature and mature topics.

- Please post in THE OOC thread if you are going to be gone for more than four
- Please inform the GM via private message if you will be gone for one week or

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House Rules
-- Each language will have a unique color.  Languages will be added here as they come up.

Nahuatl: Aqua
Spanish: Blue

--Internal thought should be written in italics and set off with brackets [like so].

--This game is set in the 1920s so sometimes things aren't going to be politically correct. There's a certain level of inequity between races and genders that was very prevalent. Please expect it to some degree. That said, I would appreciate if no vulgar epitaphs are used like the N-word. You know which one that is! Negro or Colored is fine that other one, no.

Rules will be added as they come up.

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Wed 5 Sep 2007
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Re: More House Rules
I was reminded of something that hasn't occurred here, but has occurred in other games. And I want to bring it to everyone's attention.

I don't want to get any Mary Sue's here.
And take the The Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test

Hopefully I'm not guilty of it either with my NPCs. Although I may have come close.
If I am, please bring it to my attention! *sigh*
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Sun 25 Jan 2015
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Character Career Ideas
Just a short listing of characters concepts that would be appropriate for a 1920s setting.

Ace Reporter
Air Ace
Big Game Hunter
Femme Fatale
Fortune Hunter
Mad Scientist
Man of Mystery
Noble Savage
Rocket Ranger