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The Miami Herald - Early Edition Newspaper

This is a thread - to approximate the city newspaper - it will be the place where articles will be written and summaries of the action. Anything in this thread is to be considered common knowledge to the all players and NPCs in the game of what's happening in their world and in their back yards.


The Miami Herald - June 11, 1925

Front Page
" Eric "Papa" Henderschott Returns From Europe After Success of Novel 'Setting Sun in Sicily' "

Emily Grant, Staff Reporter
(Followed by an interview with author)

Page 2

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Re: The Miami Herald - Early Edition Newspaper
Man or Myth?
by Emily Grant, Staff Reporter

It must be painful to a man to become a myth before he is dead. That great mythmaker, the public, is no respecter of persons, and least of all has it respected the person of Andrew J. Volstead, a little man of Scandinavian descent. He became a lawyer, and also held the jobs of mayor, city attorney and president of the board of education. He was not a reformer, he was not sensational in politics or in any other field. But he did have a good many friends and was well liked. It is even understood at this late day that before prohibition he openly and quite naturally enjoyed a drink.

It came about in the natural course of events that he was elected to Congress, and served unostentatiously for nearly 20 years.

It so happened that in the course of 20 years, by the workings of seniority, he became chairman of the Judiciary Committee. When the resolution for the 18th Amendment was in Congress it was referred to the Judiciary Committee. The Committee voted for it, and Chairman Volstead, as was his duty, reported it. After the Amendment was ratified, an enforcement act had to be drafted. That again fell to the Judiciary Committee, and Mr. Volstead as its chairman drew up the act and then reported it. So his name was attached to it—-and so he became famous.

But he never campaigned sensationally for prohibition; he never signed a prohibition pledge or belonged to the Prohibition party. In fact, in 1916, when he came up for election he was opposed by a prohibition candidate.

Last fall he was appointed legal aid to the prohibition administrator in Minnesota. Now in the Postoffice Building in St. Paul, one may go up a narrow hall and into a bare, brownish room. At one end is a table desk. Behind it sits a slight, stoop-shouldered, mild man with heavy grey mustaches and a bush of grey hair.

One can judge readily enough that he would not take a drink nowadays, not for any hypocritical reasons but because he would regard it as lawbreaking. In fact, he seems to be a likable sort, upright, not endowed with the graces that make for success in society—-but likable. But of course this is not Andrew Volstead. Volstead is a myth. Volstead is a figure as noble as John Barleycorn is sinister, a powerful crusader, a tower of righteousness, a leader of a great cause—-or, if you prefer, he is a bigoted little reformer, a benighted, misguided zealot.

OOC: This is a condensed version of an actual article from Time magazine, printed in March, 1926.
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The Miami Herald - Early Edition Newspaper
The Miami Herald - May 29, 1925

Front Page

Emily Grant, Staff Reporter

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens on South Miami Avenue is where the Aztec statuettes are on loan from the Museum of the Conquistadors in Madrid. The Seven Nahuatl Statuettes are of seven nude women who were prepared for ritual sacrifice to the Aztec sun god. Each statuette portrays a significant part in Aztec (Nahuatl) culture. This display is here in Dade County for a limited time starting June 1st, so please visit this serene and stunningly beautiful museum retreat in the heart of Miami and learn more about the Aztec culture during your visit. This display and all the other exquisite displays will be available to the public.

There will also be a special program, a featured event for the children, an art class to make masks. This program will look closely at grotesques (mask-like sculptures) throughout Vizcaya. Children will make their own masks to consider how masks portray moods and emotions. This will be done, in honor of the Aztec culture and its people. We hope you will enjoy it.

Page 2

Entertainment in Miami

Anyone who has turned on the radio lately has heard the live music broadcast from Ferarri’s Indigo Cabana. They have no doubt heard the unmistakable sound of Ace Brigode & His 14 Virginians with their vocalist 'Lil' Lebeau. This reporter has had the opportunity to hear both the broadcast on the radio and catch a live show at the Cabana, and I must tell you that there is a stark contrast between the two. I’m not much for the night club scene, but the quality of the sound and the entertainment value of a live performance was incredible. Miss Lebeau continues to have the Cabana filled to standing room only audiences. If you plan to go see a show, I suggest you go early and get a seat. It is certainly worth the wait.

The live radio broadcasts shows are at 1, 4, 8 and 10 pm. And if you are lucky, you can catch the band and Miss Lebeau between shows. If you enjoy the music of Ace Brigode, you won’t be disappointed.

Hollywood News:

Douglas Fairbanks starred in "Son of Zorro" after his success in the "Thief of Baghdad" in 1924.

Rudolph Valentino starred in "The Eagle".

John Gilbert appeared in "The Wife of the Centaur", "The Big Parade", and "The Merry Widow", a very busy year for Gilbert. With all this Gilbertmania, he is becoming the new Valentino, the perfect lover.
Also appearing with John Gilbert in “The Big Parade” were:
Claire Adams, b 1900, a leading lady of silent films.
Renee Adoree, b 1898, a French leading lady, former circus bareback rider, who became an exotic star of Hollywood.
George K. Arthur, b 1889, a small but gamy hero of the British silent screen.

John Barrymore left New York and moved to Hollywood, for Warner Brothers. Rumor has it that he will be starring in "The Sea Beast", a movie representation of Moby Dick. He will star with Delores Costello, who he proposed to. They are expected to marry soon.
"I laid eyes on that most preposterously lovely creature in the world." He said in an interview. "She once walked into the studio like a charming child, slender and shy and golden haired. I knew that this was the one I had been waiting for."

W.C. Fields starred in "Sally of the Sawdust".
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Re: The Miami Herald - Early Edition Newspaper
From the Archive of the Miami Herald:

Miami Chronology: 1900 to 1920

Miami Chronology: 1920 to 1940
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The Miami Herald - Early Edition Newspaper
The Miami Herald - June 1, 1925

Early Edition

Front Page
Arthur Davenport, Editor and
Eric "Papa" Henderschott, Staff Reporter

Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School

"Torrid Tango in the Tropics or Murderous Mambo in Miami?"

Miami police are currently investigating a mass murder that occurred at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio, sometime between 1:00AM and 2:00AM Monday morning. The Studio was allegedly identified as a gambling house for the local mob, leased by Miami businessman Johnny Rocco. An unidentified source contacted the police, leading them to the scene of the crime and provided them with the lone clue to the identity of the gunman responsible.

The identity of the accused gunman is Wilmer Berger and he is wanted by the police for questioning in connection with the murders. At present, Berger’s whereabouts are unknown. He is also presumed to be wanted in connection with the murder of Sam Black, who was killed on Friday morning in a drive-by shooting, witnessed by a Herald reporter.

The Herald is not a news media that publishes rumors or falsehoods. We make every attempt to verify our details. So, it came as a major shock to us when we discovered that there is corruption in Miami. Not just the mob, but elsewhere. We have discovered that there have been payoffs to the mob, by members of society who are supposed to be working for our trust. Instead, they have betrayed our trust.

Some have been routed out and dealt with and it’s just a matter of time before others will be found out. Miami will be cleaned up and the high ranking members of the mob will be dealt with soon.

Currently, a mob war is being waged, as the local mob is attempting to remove members loyal to Al Capone, out of the Chicago mob. And honest local businessmen are paying the price for this. Some refuse to pay protection or are being threatened by the local mob.

 ‘Who is behind the local mob?’, you might ask. Most in Miami already know who and are afraid to speak up, in fear of retaliation.  Well, we at the Herald will tell you.

According to the police, "Johnny Rocco started a mob war, trying to get Capone's men out of Miami. And according to this unknown caller, Wilmer was behind the hit. He apparently has some beef with Rocco and struck back at him. We have no idea how the caller knows all of this, but it checks out. Rocco tried to seal the place and keep the news of it hushed up, but this caller wanted it public to embarrass Rocco."

"And no one has seen Wilmer since his earlier disappearance. We have an all points bulletin out on him. But the hit or massacre, was the work of a professional.  It was a bloody mess,” said the police.

Further investigations have discovered that Berger may have had an accomplice, but that has been unconfirmed. Witnesses have claimed that a second gunman was seen leaving the scene earlier, but no one could identify the gunmen. The phone call is still the only solid lead.

As mentioned before, local businessmen are living under the threat of the mob. Within a couple blocks of the Dance Studio, is Big Al’s Diner, and the mob is trying to run him out of business.

For citizens' own protection, officials have asked all non-essential persons to remain out of the area while they conduct their investigation. The owner of the Diner is greatly concerned for the safety of his customers.

Brave people and entrepreneurs are what Miami needs to confront the threat that we face.

The police and the Herald would appreciate all leads in regards to the murders. The Herald will have a phone number set up to handle calls and all calls will be confidential. If you have any information in regards to Wilmer Berger, the murders, or the mob, please call the Herald.

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Re: The Miami Herald - Early Edition Newspaper
by Emily Grant
Monday, June 1, 1925

The Vizcaya museum has long been a place of learning and history. A place where mysteries are revealed to the public by the virtues of hard work and research. A place where children grow fascinated by the lives, customs and cultures of people who lived long ago in far away places, but this morning, it was a place of horror!

The curator of the museum, a Mr. Amos Hester <35 years old> had hatched a plot to steal the most recent addition to the museum and cause the death of the Madrid caretaker, Mr. Chimalli Tonauac. A series of seven golden statues, gifted to the museum by the Museum of the Conquistadors in Madrid, Spain. Each statue, in and of itself, of incalculable worth. It was suggested to this reporter that Mr. Hester had been working with known mobster and racketeer, Johnny Rocco <37 years old>, to fund a life of ill-gained luxury.

Mr. Hester planned to kill the visiting caretaker Mr. Tonauac, of the priceless Aztec artifacts by means of deadly poison and steal the statues in the confusion. Luckily a plucky youngster heard the curators plans and told the head of security at the museum. The plan was for the caretaker to be killed at the height of a mock ritual that the savage Aztecs used to consecrate the statues for their new home. The food and drink to be consumed during the ritual were replaced with harmless substitutes. During the pretend ritual, when the liquid was consumed, Mr. Hester stepped forward thinking his plan had come to fruition as the caretaker lay gasping and dying on the floor, only to be surprised when the man stepped up healthy and hale to take his place.

Like the coward that he was, Mr. Hester ran from the scene. Unconfirmed sources say he is on his way to San Francisco in another bid to steal a historical artifact in Mexico. Clearly, Mr. Hester also chose not to inform his partner in crime, to distract everyone form his own escape. Rocko entered the museum in a bid to retrieve the statues himself after his bumbling cohort fumbled his theft attempt. Sources say it was in an attempt to fund his evil empire, now under threat from organised crime from other locales. What Rocko did not count on was one of the finest agents of the FBI, appointed to the museum after the poisoning threat came to light. After a bloody gun battle with pistols blazing, Rocko lay dead at the hands of the G-man, his soul forever to rest amongst the antiquities of times past and never to possess them. Only a few feet away from the priceless Aztec statues he gave his very life to steal.

The death of Rocko now leaves many questions unanswered to the citizens of Miami. What will happen in the city now the Mob boss has died. Has it finally freed itself from the scourge of organised crime? Will another rise from the ashes and take his place? Will the city become the site of yet another Mob War as each of the heads of the factions fight amongst themselves for primacy?

More concerning were the rumours that the artifacts are cursed to bring great harm upon those who try to take them. Was Rocko truly the victim of a scheme gone wrong? Was the the victim of an ancient Aztec curse on those who would possess the statues unrighteously. Who knows?

The highly decorated FBI investigator assigned to his case, Mr. James Malone refused to pass comment on the case, citing an ongoing investigation. A Mr. John Legend has been temporarily been appointed curator of the Museum, until such time as the board confirms his appointment. Police are investigating the scene and have obtained samples of the poison to prove Mr. Hesters guilt. The paper has also informed authorities in San Francisco of Mr. Hester's imminent arrival in the city. We hope the police of that city give Mr. Hester a warm welcome.