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The Cliff Notes Version of Events So Far
I think this hits all the highlights of the first story arc without being absolutely 100% complete of every detail since many of those wouldn't be publicly known:


The Order of the Moon
Around the turn of the century, Chimali Tonouac along with several wealthy and influential men (Kenneth Rockefeller, Henri Belouine, Steven McCloud, James Jericho) went exploring in South America and discovered the statues along with a score of medallions and other artifacts belonging to the Aztecs that supposedly carried the spirits of the Gods and Goddesses. Afterward, the men split to the four corners of the earth and nothing more was ever explained or talked about. Rich men collecting treasure is not exactly government interest worthy.

Chimali Tonouac went to Spain and became curator of the Madrid museum following the expedition. There were rumors that he talked to the statues as if they were real people. He also performed regular blood sacrifices to the statues on the belief that it prevented global catastrophes and it is his belief that when he was jailed in 1914-1919 in Spain for being an intellectual, the Great War and the subsequent Flu pandemic was the result. Upon being released from prison, Chimali performed a blood sacrifice and the pandemic ended which only bolstered his belief that the statues required blood to keep the world at peace.

Kenneth Rockefeller continued to travel the globe as a big game hunter and conservationist, much in the same vein as Theodore Roosevelt. He bears his chalice with him to this day.

Henri Belouine
also continued his globetrotting ways and in 1906 stayed a time in New Orleans, LA which is where his medallion was last seen in the hands of a well known brothel owner, Madam Gillaine. In early May 1907, she gave birth to a daughter she named Marlene Belouine who ran away from home at 15 years old. Some of her belongings were found in a nearby bayou leading some to speculate that she met her end there, but others believe that was a false trail and the girl simply wanted to get away from being forced into that lifestyle.

Steve McCloud died during the flu pandemic of 1918 following the Great War sending his Aztec medallion to his brother Frank in Miami.

James Jericho died in the war and it is unknown what happened to his artifact though it is suspected that he may have sent it to his nephew, John Jericho.

Late May, 1925: Miami, Florida

Chimali Tonouac, with the assistance of his young protege John Legend, brings the Seven Nude Statuettes with him from Madrid to Miami for a temporary display at the Viscaya Museum and Gardens. The curator, Amos Hester, had negotiated hard to be the first stop for the statues on a national tour. A reunion comes together with the living expedition members to begin a new search for the final piece of the statues, the Gold Monkey God statue, said to be somewhere in Mexico.

During the blood sacrifice, it was discovered that Amos Hester had planned to murder Chimali and steal the statues to sell on the black market with the help of Johnny Rocco, local gangster and thug. His plan was exposed and he had to flee from the Viscaya museum but not before Rocco was killed in a shootout.

John Legend, then 19, was called as Chimali's successor as Guardian of the Statues and became owner of a ceremonial blade named Itzpapalotltotec. John was subsequently also named the Viscaya's new curator. This makes him the youngest curator of a United States museum in history. As a youth, he was considered a wunderkind as he entered University of Pennsylvania at age 14 studying archeology and anthropology with a specific interest in Aztec culture. He achieved his Bachelors and Masters in only 4 years of study and then left to work under Chimali in Madrid. He is the much younger brother of eminent archeologist Edward "Louisiana" Legend, 32. Technically still a minor under the law, John's unique circumstances gave him early emancipation.

Medallions begin popping up on various individuals who would have otherwise escaped notice from just about anyone. [GM's Note: Given that a lot of the characters who had medallions had players that disappeared or quit posting, we've yanked the artifacts for later use.]

Frank McCloud: after the war became a rum runner though he was good enough never to be caught at it and ran a tourist fishing trade as well. He carries his brother's medallion and was courted into the Order by some of his brother's old associates. His previous employer, gangster moll Molly McGowan, disappeared from Miami and it appears Frank has not gone looking for similar employment.

Lillian Lebeau: Did not exist before two and a half years ago. Her history can only be traced back as far as the day she stepped off the bus in Miami wearing Henri Belouine's amulet. A local woman helped her get a cheap room and a job at Kasper Ferrari's Indigo Cabana as a cigarette girl. Lillian stated her age as being 21 in order to get the job.

The expedition to Mexico was financed by Belouine and Rockefeller along with Kasper Ferrari and included: Emily Grant (reporter for the Miami Herald), Alanna Quartermain (big game hunter from Africa), Ed Legend, Ruth Carter (airplane pilot), Gideon Rasmussen (theatrical magician).

They hired the paddle steamer ship, The Gulf Princess to take them where they needed to go. The captain of that ship, Richard Maxwell Drake, is an American living in the small fishing village, San Felipe, Mexico with his girlfriend, Margaret Ann Browning (now wife) where they offer cruises to northern vacationers. They have since relocated to Miami while Maggie gives birth to their first child.

Little is publicly known about the events on the island save that the expedition failed though they are planning to mount a new one.

Elsewhere in Miami

Roland Foster, a well known con artist with a trail of destroyed women littering the Eastern Seaboard, started a scam in on the Colvert family. Wooing Diane Colvert, the younger sister of Reginald Colvert, he intended to steal what was left of the family's fortune by making the brother believe he was insane by seeing and hearing tormenting ghosts and getting him forcibly committed to an asylum while simultaneously drugging and using his mesmerist abilities on the sister Diane to drive her to suicide, meanwhile taking out a large life insurance policy on the young woman.

It was a scam he'd worked before to a lesser degree of monetary reward. This was going to be his big hit. With a wife he couldn't stand but a daughter he adored, Roland planned to kidnap his daughter, take the money and live big down in Cuba or one of the other islands. However, a kink in his plans changed all that.

Reginald spoke to a friend of his, the singer Lil Lebeau, who suggested he hire a private investigator to look into his spectral visitors to ease his mind that he was not going insane. Foster found out about the detective and decided to attempt to jump start his plan by rigging the brakes on Reginald's car to fail and when he crashed, tried to finish him off but something threw his aim and he only grazed Reginald's temple with the bullet.

Shortly after leaving the scene, Roland returned to Colvert Manor, shot and killed the private detective when he was about to shoot Diane Colvert, something again stopped him and he left to scrape together as much of his plan as he could. He hired a guy to take his daughter from his wife, and then went to the Indigo Cabana to get even with Lil Lebeau for suggesting Reginald hire the detective and ruining all of his plans.

He intended to drive out of Miami and then shoot her in the head but was persuaded with the timely assistance of Frank's medallion spirit along with Lil's own to go to the docks to get a boat out of the country.

A colleague of Phil Ohl's, the detective Reginald hired, named Archie Goodwin put the pieces together of Foster's next move with the help of Lil's bodyguard who heard her scream out for a friend over the radio. He went to the Silver Drake, Frank McCloud's boat where it was assumed that Lil would convince Foster to take her. Once out on the water, Foster was shot with Goodwin taking the credit for the kill but not before Frank was also shot though Lil and the infant were unharmed, save for psychological trauma.

The consequences of Roland Foster's scheme has left a deep scar on the Colvert family and only time will tell if it heals.

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