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In reply to krusher (msg # 64):

If I open the Character sheet in html... how do I get it into your format?
I think I am missing an important step somewhere.
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Ok, here goes....

Step 1:
 Copy the above text and save in your GCS folder as an .HTML file. (e.g Full Character text from GCS.html)

Step 2:
 Click on Edit, Then Preferences, then click the box next to HTML override and choose this new template

Step 3:
 From the File menu, Select Export to HTML


Step 4:
 Right click on the HTML you just created and Open with a browser. (e.g. Chrome in this case)


Step 5:
 This should open a browser window filled with code. Copy ALL of the code.

Step 6:
 Paste this code into any message or character sheet here at RPoL like this:

|^7!! Pamela Stanganelli |> 100|100%
| Strength |>4% 10 |2 Race: Human |2 Gender: Female |2 Player: Mark |
| Dexterity |> 10 |2 Hair: Black, Straight, Medium |2 Eyes: Grey |2 Campaign: |
| Intelligence|> 10 |2 Skin: Pale |2 Hand: Left |=2 |
| Health |> 10 |2 Size: +0 |2 Age: 21 | Basic HP |>4% 10 |
|=2 |2 Height: 5' 9" |2 TL: 4 | Current HP |> |
| Will |> 10 |2 Weight: 140 lb |2 Birth Date: April 20 | Reeling |> 3 |
| Fright |> 10|=4 | Collapse |> 0 |
| Perception |> 10 | Basic Speed |>4% 5| Basic FP |>4% 10 | Check #1 |> -10|
| Vision |> 10 | Basic Move |> 5 | Current FP |> | Check #2 |> -20|
| Hearing |> 10 |=2 | Tired |> 3 | Check #3 |> -30|
| Taste & Smell|> 10| Thrust |> 1d-2 | Collapse |> 0 | Check #4 |> -40|
| Touch |> 10 | Swing |> 1d | Unconscious |> -10 | Dead |> -50 |

| Level| Max Load| Move| Dodge|
| • None (0)| 20 lb| 5| 8|
| Light (1)| 40 lb| 4| 7|
| Medium (2)| 60 lb| 3| 6|
| Heavy (3)| 120 lb| 2| 5|
| X-Heavy (4)| 200 lb| 1| 4|

|^4! HIT LOCATION|100%
| Roll| Location| DR| Penalty|
| -| Eye| 0| -9|
| 3-4| Skull| 2| -7|
| 5| Face| 0| -5|
| 6-7| R. Leg| 0| -2|
| 8| R. Arm| 0| -2|
| 9-10| Torso| 0| 0|
| 11| Groin| 0| -3|
| 12| L. Arm| 0| -2|
| 13-14| L. Leg| 0| -2|
| 15| Hand| 0| -4|
| 16| Foot| 0| -4|
| 17-18| Neck| 0| -5|
| -| Vitals| 0| -3|

|^8! ADVANTAGES|100%
|7 Advantage|^3% Pts|

|^8! SKILLS|100%
|4 Skill|^3% Level|^3% RSL|^3% Pts|^4% Ref|

|^8! SPELLS|100%
| Spell| College/Class| Cast/Maintain| Time/Duration| Skill| RSL| Pts| Ref|

|^8! EQUIPMENT|100%
|4 Item| Qty| Cost| Weight| Ref|

|^!! Attributes: 0|^ Advantages: 0|^ Disadvantages: 0|^ Skills: 0|^ Spells: 0|^ Unspent: 100|^2 Total: 100|100%

Step 6:
 Which actually looks like this:

Pamela Stanganelli100
Strength10Race: HumanGender: FemalePlayer: Mark
Dexterity10Hair: Black, Straight, MediumEyes: GreyCampaign:
Intelligence10Skin: PaleHand: Left 
Health10Size: +0Age: 21Basic HP10
 Height: 5' 9"TL: 4Current HP 
Will10Weight: 140 lbBirth Date: April 20Reeling3
Fright10 Collapse0
Perception10Basic Speed5Basic FP10Check #1-10
Vision10Basic Move5Current FP Check #2-20
Hearing10 Tired3Check #3-30
Taste & Smell10Thrust1d-2Collapse0Check #4-40

LevelMax LoadMoveDodge
• None (0)20 lb58
Light (1)40 lb47
Medium (2)60 lb36
Heavy (3)120 lb25
X-Heavy (4)200 lb14

6-7R. Leg0-2
8R. Arm0-2
12L. Arm0-2
13-14L. Leg0-2





Attributes: 0Advantages: 0Disadvantages: 0Skills: 0Spells: 0Unspent: 100Total: 100

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Krusher et al,
It works, but I had to remove all the line breaks at the end of each line to make it work on my Mac, using Firefox. Looks really spiffy, Thanks so much.
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Sun 14 Sep 2014
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Ah, yeah the br's are there otherwise it all ends up in one line. Not very helpful.
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Sun 14 Sep 2014
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And on my box, they were not needed... no clue as to why.
My son figured it out for me ... I guess that's why I help him get through college.
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Mon 15 Sep 2014
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I would love to see something this spiffy for GCA.
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Mon 15 Sep 2014
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In reply to otghand (msg # 71):

GCS is free... so no need for GCA ... I found GCA clunky and awkward as well.
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Mon 15 Sep 2014
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GCA is officially supported by SJG and has way more resources.  I find GCA rather easy to use and very, very, flexible and at a very reasonable price point for the amount I use it.  So yeah, there is a need.
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Mon 15 Sep 2014
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OK, Good there are choices then ... I found none of that, and GCS to be far more flexible and useful ... guess that's why we have choices.
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Wed 17 Sep 2014
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GCA is officially supported by SJG and has way more resources.  I find GCA rather easy to use and very, very, flexible and at a very reasonable price point for the amount I use it.  So yeah, there is a need.

GCS is compatible with Linux. There is that.
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Wed 17 Sep 2014
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True, GCA requires Windows or WINE.
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Wed 17 Sep 2014
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Yes, GCS uses JAVA and is platform agnostic.
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Wed 17 Sep 2014
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Yes, JAVA is equally sucky on all platforms. ;>)
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Wed 17 Sep 2014
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Thought you might like to see some GCA Output:

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Wed 17 Sep 2014
at 18:00
As Tortuga mentioned before, we should probably take this to the Lounge.
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Thu 18 Sep 2014
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Is this thread just for announcing resources, or discussing them?
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Fri 19 Sep 2014
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Re: Resources
This is a general thread for posting resources regarding GURPS. I’ll get started with some of the basics:

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Fri 19 Sep 2014
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Re: Resources
Well this thread certainly meets that guideline IMHO.
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Wed 22 Mar 2017
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Re: Resources
FWIW... GURPS Character Sheet has brought version 4.8 out and it is a great update!

Works on Mac, Linux or Windows Box.
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Re: Resources
Not specifically GURPS, but this city generator has been mentioned a few times in Community Chat:
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Re: Resources
Since I use them in all my games I might as well copy paste these GURPS references for everybody's use. Feel free to copy/paste wherever.

Okay, here's a breakdown of what the unarmed combat skills do:

DX: Punching, kicking, grappling, biting, slamming into people.

Brawling (DX/Easy): Punching, kicking, slamming into people, biting. Blackjacks, saps, and other fist-loads. +1 damage at DX+2 level.

Boxing (DX/Average):
Punching. Retreating parries get +3 instead of +1. +1 damage at DX+1, +2 at DX+2. Not so good at parrying swung weapons.

Karate (DX/Hard): Punching. Kicking. Retreating parries get +3 instead of +1. +1 damage at DX+1, +2 at DX+2.

Wrestling (DX/Average): Grabbing people. Making or resisting a takedown. Add +1 to effective ST at DX+1, +2 at DX+2.

Judo (DX/Hard):
Grabbing people. Throws. Retreating parries get +3 instead of +1.

Sumo (DX/Average): Slamming into people. Grappling. Shoves. Retreating parries get +3 instead of +1. +1 to effective ST at DX+1, +2 at DX+2.

That's the basics. Different martial arts techniques are based on different skills; Arm Lock, for example, can be performed with Wrestling or Judo but not Brawling, Boxing, or Karate.

This list may be information overload, so you're free to ignore it, but from GURPS Martial Arts, here's how the different skills allow different "techniques." You can still attempt any technique even if you haven't put any points in it; defaults are listed. Generally you need to study a particular style to improve that style's techniques.
Technique	      Boxing Brawling Karate   Judo Wrestling  Sumo
Aggressive Parry	-1	-1	-1	-	-	-	do thr-4 against attacking weapon or body part
Arm or Wrist Lock	-	-	-	0	0	-	follow up unarmed parry or grapple
Axe Kick		-	-	-4 	-	-	-	bonus dmg, reduces defenses
Back Kick/Strike	-2	-2	-2	-	-	-	Attack behind you. -2 more for kicks.
Breakfall		-	-	-	0	0	-	Less damage when thrown or falling
Choke Hold		-	-	-	-2	-3	-	Choke a guy.
Counterattack		-5	-5	-5	-5	-5	-5	Followup a defense; penalize defense
Disarming		0	0	0	0	0	0	
Drop Kick		-	-1	-	-	-2	-1	A type of slam attack.
Ear Clap		-3	-3	-3	-	-	-	Can deafen your foe.
Elbow drop		-	-4	-	-	-5	-	-2 to defend against.
Elbow Strike		-	-2	-2	-	-	-	thr-1 cr, targets people behind you.
Evade			-	-	-	0	-	-	Run through enemy hexes (replaces DX)
Exotic Hand Strike	-	-	-1	-	-	-	does +1 damage but you can hurt yourself
Eye Gouging		-	-5	-	-5	-5	-	Thumbs into the eyes.
Hammer Fist		-	-1	-1	-	-	-	less damage but less likely to hurt self
Head Butt		-	-1	-1	-	-	-
Head Lock		-	-	-	-3	-3	-	Used after a grapple to the neck.
Jam			-	-1	-1	-	-	-	Aggressive Parry but with a kick
Judo Throw		-	-	-	0	-	-	Flip someone after parry or grapple
Jump Kick		-	-	-4	-	-	-	showy. Dangerous.
Kicking			-	-2	-2	-	-	-	
Knee Drop		-	-3	-	-	-4	-	
Knee Strike		-	-1	-1	-	-	-	only close combat. thr cr damage
Leg Grapple		-	-	-	0	0	-	catch the leg of a kicking foe after parry.
Leg Lock		-	-	-	0	0	-	followup to leg grapple
Neck Snap		-	-	-	-	-	-	Defaults to ST-4. Must have neck grapple.
Push Kick		-	-3	-3	-	-	-	shove with a kick.
Sacrifice Throw		-	-	-	0	-	-	Like judo throw, but you fall too.
Scissor Hold		-	-	-	-	-2	-	grapple legs with your legs
Spinning Attack		-	-	-2	-	-	-	-3 for a kick.
Stamp Kick		-	-3	-3	-	-	-	Stomp.
Sweep			-	-	-3	-	-3	-3	Take down foe in single action
Trip			-	-	-	-1	-1	-1	Trip foe who is slamming or running past you
Two-Handed Punch	-	-2	-	-	-	-	thr+1 dmg
Uppercut		-1	-1	-1	-	-	-	
Wrench Limb		-	-	-	-	-	-	Defaults from ST
Wrench spine		-	-	-	-4	-	-	or default from ST.
Again, if you don't care, ignore this; when you attack someone I'll choose whatever is closest to what you've described.

There are also a ton of weapon-techniques:
Technique	     Default		Notes
Arm Lock		0		With a weapon after a parry or armed grapple.
Armed Grapple		-2		With a cloak no penalty; one handed weapons must be Readied in 2 hands first
Back Strike		-2		Attack behind you.
Bind Weapon		-3		Lock weapons. Jitte/Sai or Fencing weapons.
Choke Hold		-3		cutting weapons do cutting damage
Counterattack		-5		Harder to defend against
Crack			-4		Whips. Bonus damage.
Disarming		0
Entangle		-4		Kusari or Whip. Wraps around foe.
Hook			-5		Using a weapon with a hook to pull foe off balance. Most weapons can't.
Return Strike		-5		Flail or Kusari. Swing around foe to hit them.
Reverse Grip		-6		instantly switch to underhand grip. -4 for two-handed weapons.
Spinning Attack		-2
Sweep			-3		Use with any two-handed weapon with reach 2+
There are also a few other techniques that you can try if you have Acrobatics.
Technique		Default		Effect
Acrobatic Stand		Acrobatics -6	Go from lying to standing in a single action
Breakfall		Acrobatics	Less damage from falling or being thrown
Evade			Acrobatics	flip over/tumble under when passing through foe's hex

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Re: Resources
Manuever    Active Defense	Movement	Description
Aim		Any*		Step | None	Aim a ranged weapon to get its Acc bonus (+1 for bracing, +1
						for 2 turns, +2 for 3+ turns, the combined bonus from all
						targeting systems cannot exceed the weapon’s base Accuracy) |
						You get no step if your two-handed weapon is braced
All-Out Attack - Melee
  Determined	None		1/2 forward	+4 to hit
  Double	None		1/2 forward	2 attacks on same foe with ready weapon (-4 to off-hand without
  Feint		None		1/2 forward	Make one feint and one attack on the same foe
  Long		None		1/2 forward	Increase reach by 1 yard (Swing attacks at -2 dmg or -1 per
						die), may end in crouch (MA87)
  Strong	None		1/2 forward	+2 to damage (or +1 per damage die)
All-Out Attack - Ranged (for optional ranged feints, see MA121)
  Determined	None		1/2 forward	+1 to hit
  Suppression 	None		1/2 forward	RoF 5+ targets 2 yard zone - RoF 10+ suppress multiple,
						adjacent 2 yard zones with 5+ Shots/zone
All-Out Defense
  Increased	Any		Step (1/2)	+2 to one Active Defense until next turn (Increased Dodge
						allows up to Half Move)
  Double	Any		Step		Two different Defenses against one attack
  Mental Def.	Any		Step		+2 to all resistance rolls against magic, psi, and anything
						similar. This bonus persists until your next turn
Attack		Any		Step		Attack unarmed or with a ready weapon, you make take a step
						before or after you attack
Change Posture	Any		None		Standing, sitting, kneeling, crawling, prone, lying face up
						(see B364/MA98). Prone to standing takes two turns (Exception
						Acrobatic Stand)
Concentrate	Any †		Step		Focus on mental task. All-Out Concentrate (DF14:34) gives +1 to
						roll but lose active defenses. Must make Will-2 if injured or
Committed Attack - Melee (MA100)
  Determined	Special ‡	Step		+2 to hit, or take two steps at -2 to hit for a total modifier
						of 0, may move before or after an attack
  Strong	Special ‡	Step		+1 to damage (or +1 per two full damage dice), ST-based attacks
						only, may take 2 steps at -2 to skill, may move before or after
						an attack
Defensv Attack	Any		Step**		Balanced weapon: +1 Parry/Block, Unbalanced weapon: +1
						Parry/Block with different weapon or Parry with the same
						weapon, Kick: +2 to avoid Leg Grapple and DX rolls to avoid
						falling. -2 to damage (or -1 per die if worse), foe gets +1 to
						defend against a grab or grapple
Do Nothing	Any		None		Take no action (Active Defenses at -4 if taking Do Nothing due
						to Stun; roll vs HT/IQ)
Evaluate	Any		Step		Study a foe prior to a melee attack (+1 per turn to subsequent
						attacks or feints, max. +3); may also use the Evaluate Bonus to
						cancel out penalties from Deceptive Attacks or feints
Feint - Melee (May use the highest melee weapon or unarmed combat skill to resist a feint)
   Beat		Any		Step		Contest of ST-based combat skill vs foe’s ST- or DX-based skill
   Defensive 	Any		Step		Apply the penalty from a successful Beat, Feint or Ruse to
						foe’s attacks roll instead of defense
   Feint	Any		Step		Contest of combat skill (melee or ranged) vs. combat skill,
						cloak/shield or DX
   Ruse		Any		Step		Contest of IQ-based combat skill vs. foe’s Per-based skill,
 						DX-based skill or Tactics (MA101)
Move & Attack	Special §	Full Move 	Move and attack at a penalty (Ranged: -2 or weapon’s bulk;
						non-slam Melee: -4, max. skill 9). For thrusting attacks, may
						use slam damage (HP x velocity/100). Not compatible with Flurry
						of Blows, Mighty Blow, Giant Step, Combos, Rapid Strike or
						Deceptive Attack (except slams or cinematic techniques which
						require final effective skill of at least 10)
Move		Any		Full Move	Do nothing but move
Ready		Any		Step		Ready or reload a weapon, adjust reach (B269), change grip,
						change hands
Wait		Any		Varies		Hold your action, then take an Attack, All-Out Attack,
						Committed Attack, Defensive Attack, Feint, Ready or Stop Hit.
						Specify exactly what your action will be and what will trigger
						it. You may also perform a Step and Wait, loosing your Step in
						the proceeding Maneuver

* Taking an active defense spoils your Aim; if you are injured, make a Will roll or lose your Aim.
** Before or after attack.
† Taking an active defense or being knocked down, injured, distracted etc. requires a Will-3 roll to maintain.
‡ The attacker cannot parry with the hand(s) he used to attack, block if he attacked with his shield or cloak,
or dodge if he kicked. He can use any other defense, but at -2. He cannot retreat.
§ If you attacked using an arm, you cannot use that arm to parry (if the attack involved a fist, elbow, or
weapon) or block (if you used a shield or cloak). If you used any other body part to attack, you cannot dodge.
You can use any other defense, but you cannot retreat.
Deceptive Attack	Target suffers a -1 to active defense for every -2 taken to melee skill (min. skill of
			10), or -1 to Dodge for every -2 taken to ranged skill (min. skill of 10).
Pop-Up Attack (B390)	Ranged attacks only, attacker suffers -2 to hit, no aim possible, may step. Not
			possible with bow or sling
Rapid Strike (B370)	Make two attacks, both at -6, to replace one normal attack. Can target seperate foes.
			Ranged Rapid Strikes if RoF 2+. Half penalty for Weaponmaster or Gunslinger
Riposte (MA124)		Take a penalty to your Parry (min. of 8), not including modifiers. If Parry succeeds
			and you attack using the parrying weapon next turn, apply the same penalty to your foes
			Parry (hand or weapon), Block (shield) or Dodge (non-hand unarmed strike) or half that
			penalty to all other defenses.
Stop Hit (MA108)	Take a Wait Maneuver and declare that you intend to attack. Both roll to hit. Both
			fail, nothing happens. If one hits, the other defends at -1 or -3 if Parry with same
			weapon. If both hit, larger margin of success defends normally, other at penalty above.
			If tied, both have above penalty. Possible with Unbalaced/Unready Weapon.
Spraying Fire (B409)	RoF 5+ weapon may attack multiple targets, must be within 30° angle, engaged in
			succession, +1 Rcl 2nd target +2 Rcl 3rd target and so on. RoF -16 looses 1 shot/yard,
			RoF 16+ looses 2 shot/yard. Attack roll for each target with effective RoF
Telegraphic Attack 	+4 to hit, +2 to defend against. Not compatible with Deceptive Attack, Evaluate,
			Riposte or Feint. Does not affect critical chance.
Tip Slash (MA113)	Swing a thrusting, impaling weapon to do cutting damage equal to the weapons impaling
			damage -2
Extra Effort		A critical failure on these rolls causes an additional 1 HP of injury to arm (block,
			parry, attack) or leg (dodge or kick), no DR (B357). May use no more than one offensive
			option (Flurry of Blows, Giant Step, Great Lunge, Heroic Charge, Mighty Blows)
   Flurry of Blows	Spend 1 FP per attack to halve the penalty for Rapid Strike to -3 (B370, usually -6, if
			you spend 1 FP you half it to -3)
   Giant Step		Spend 1 FP for one extra step (before or after your attack) during an Attack or
			Defensive Attack.
   Great Lunge
			Spend 1 FP to get the effects of All-Out Attack (Long) without losing defenses
			(incompatible with All-Out Attack, Defensive Attack, Defensive Grip).
   Heroic Charge	Spend 1 FP during a Move and Attack to ignore the skill penalty and cap (except for
			Acrobatic Attack or Flying Attack).
   Mighty Blow		Spend 1 FP per attack to get the All-Out Attack (Strong) damage bonus to an Attack
			without losing defenses.
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Re: Resources
Active Defense (B374+)		Description
   and Drop / Dive		+3 to Dodge - may take a step before drop, ranged attacks only
   Sacrificial			If you make your dodge roll, you get hit - if you fail, original victim gets
				his defense roll
   Acrobatic			-2/+2 to Dodge - once per turn, can be combined with retreat
Parry (Weapon, all Parries against an attack coming from the back are at -2)
   Flail			-4, fencing weapons can’t parry at all
   Thrown			-1 if (Large, eg. spear), -2 if (Small, eg. knife)
   Consecutive			-4 if you use the same hand in the same round
				-2 if you use fencing or with Weapon Master/Trained by a Master
				-1 if you use fencing with Weapon Master/Trained by a Master
   Cross			Commit two ready melee weapons to a single Parry, using the better Parry score
				+2 and combining their weights (for purposes of breaking). Neither hand can
				Parry again this turn
   Supported			Use a ready (empty) hand to support a parrying weapon for +1 as if it were a
				two-handed weapon. Neither hand can parry again
Parry (Unarmed - above rules apply as well)
   DX / Karate / Brawling 	Use highest to Parry with one free hand
   Boxing			Parry two different attacks per turn, one with each hand
   Wrestling / Sumo		Need to use two hands to Parry
   Weapon Swing Attack		-3, 0 if you use Karate or Judo
Parry (Unarmed with legs - above rules apply as well)
   Karate / Brawling		Needs Karate / Brawling - can only parry attacks below the waist, can not
				retreat, once per Turn
Block (You can not Block Bullets or Beam Weapons)
   Consecutive			-5
   Flail			-2
   Close Combat			No block possible
Retreat (Together with another active defense, only against melee attacks, counts against one foe for one turn,
can only retreat once per turn, must take a step backwards)
   Dodge			+3
   Parry			+1, +3 if using Fencing Weapon / Judo / Karate
   Block			+1
Extra Effort			A critical failure on these rolls causes an additional 1 HP of injury to arm
				(Block, Parry, Attack) or leg (Dodge or Kick), no DR (B357). May use no more
				than one defensive option (Feverish Defense or Rapid Recovery)
   Feverish Defense		Spend 1 FP to add +2 to a single active defense roll (except when using All-Out
				Attack or Committed Attack)
   Rapid Recovery		Spend 1 FP to Parry with an unbalanced weapon during an Attack, or any weapon
				during a Move and Attack
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Re: Resources
Random	Body Part	Penalty		Notes
3 - 4	Skull		-7(f)/-5(b)	[1, 3]
5	Face		-5(f)/-7(b)	[1, 4]
6 - 7	Right Leg	-2		[5]
8	Right Arm	-2		[5, 6]
9 - 10	Torso		0		[18]
11	Abdomen		-1		[20]
12	Left Arm	-2		[5, 6]
13 - 14	Left Leg	-2		[5]
15	Hand		-4		[6, 8, 9]
16	Foot		-4		[8, 9]
17 - 18	Neck		-5		[1, 10]
	Vitals		-3		[1, 11]
	Eye		-9		[1, 2]
	Ear		-7		[1, 12]
	Nose		-7		[1, 15]
	Jaw		-6		[1, 13]
	Spine		-8		[1, 16]
	Limb vascular	-5		[17]
	Neck vascular	-8		[17]
	Arm/Leg Joint	-5		[14]
	Hand/Foot Joint	-7		[14]
	Groin		-3		[1, 7]
	Pelvis		-3		[19]
	Digestive Tract	-2		[21]
	Heart		-5		[1,11]

[1] Attack that misses by 1 hits the torso instead.
[2] Only imp, pi, and tbb attacks can target the eye – and only from the front or sides. Injury over HP/10 blinds the eye. Otherwise, treat as skull [3], but without the extra DR!
[3] The skull gets an extra DR 2. Wounding modifier is ×4. Knockdown rolls are at -10. Critical hits use the Critical Head Blow Table (B556). Exception: These special effects do not apply to tox damage.
[4] Jaw, cheeks, nose, ears, etc. If the target has an open-faced helmet, ignore its DR. Knockdown rolls are at -5. Critical hits use the Critical Head Blow Table (B556). Cor damage gets a ×1.5 wounding modifier, and if it inflicts a major wound, it also blinds one eye (both eyes on damage over full HP). Random attacks from behind hit the skull instead. On front hit, roll 1d. 1 means skull [3] hit if attack is imp, pi, tbb. Otherwise it’s a nose hit [15].
[5] Limb. Reduce the wounding multiplier of large pi, huge pi and imp damage to ×1. Any major wound (loss of over 1/2 HP from one blow) cripples the limb. Damage beyond that threshold is lost. Roll 1d, on a 1 cut, imp, pi, tbb hit vein/artery, see [17]. Cr hits a joint [15]
[6] If holding a shield, double the penalty to hit: -4 for shield arm, -8 for shield hand.
[7] Human males/males of similar species suffer double shock from cr damage, and get -5 to knockdown rolls. Otherwise, treat as a torso hit.
[8] Extremity. Treat as a limb, except that damage over 1/3 HP in one blow inflicts a crippling major wound. Excess damage is still lost. Roll 1d, on a 1 with cr, cut, pi, tbb hits a joint [14].
[9] If rolling randomly, roll 1d: 1-3 is right, 4-6 is left.
[10] Neck and throat. Increase the wounding multiplier of cr and cor attacks to ×1.5, and that of cutting damage to ×2. At the GM’s option, anyone killed by a cutting blow to the neck is decapitated! Roll 1d, on a 1 with cut, imp, pi, tbb hits vein/artery [17], if cr from behind, counts as [16] and gives Quadriplegic. Automatic if dmg > HP from Neck Snap or throw from Head Lock.
[11] Heart, lungs, kidneys, etc. Increase wounding modifier for imp or pi attack to ×3. Increase wounding modifier for tbb attack to ×2. cr is only ×1, if caused shock roll vs. knockdown, -5 if major wound, other attacks cannot target the vitals.
[12] Ear, if cutting max Dmg = HP/4, double HP/4 removes ear which gives -1 Appearance
[13] Jaw, if crushing extra -1 to knockdown
[14] Joints, limb crippeld at HP/3, extremity at HP4, HT roll to recover from crippling -2, miss by 1 hits the limb or extremity not the joint
[15] Nose, only targetable from the front, treat like facehit, HP/4 breaks nose gives major wound and no Sense of Smell/Taste until healed. Cut lops off nose if HP/4×2 (major wound) but knockdown not at -5 for face. Cutting off nose = Appearance -2
[16] Spine, only targetable from behind with cr, cut, imp, pi, tbb. DR3, if shock-penatly roll against knockdown, crippled if dmg = HP which causes automatic knockdown and stunning
[17] Veins and Arteries, only targetable by cut, imp, pi, tbb. Increases wounding modifier plus 0.5, no crippling and no dmg limit, an attack that misses by 1 hits the neck, arm or leg, as appropriate
[18] Roll 1d if cr, imp, pi or tbb. On 1, hit to the vitals [11], cut from behind hits the spine [16]
[19] Like [18] but if major wound you fall down. Until healed you’re Lame(Missing Leg). Can’t stand, fight sitting or lying. Armor for torso and groin or specific protects normal.
[20] Roll 1d, 1 is Vitals [11], 2-4 is Digestive Tract [21], 5 Pelvis [19] and 6 is Groin [7].
[21] If major wound HT-3 or get a special infection (B444)

Johnny Angel
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Tue 22 Dec 2020
at 04:27
Re: Resources
Technically, this is a D&D resource, but it might be useful for a GURPS game.

I discovered that Vicious Venues (for D&D 3rd Edition) are still available. Vicious Venues is a collection of written locations/encounters.

With some work, many of them could be converted to a GURPS game.

"Do you need a site with a few new challenges for your players? Are your adventurers facing a long trip with nothing to do? Do you want to add excitement to your next dungeon? Check out our Vicious Venues."

Edit: Likewise, Random Encounters are still available:

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