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Tue 9 Jan 2007
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Re: Conversions
I thought that was the costs, not for compatibility.  so a box of .44 or a box of .45 costs the same, but they still don't fit the same guns.

I would make bullets break down into big or small - As long as people don't try to fit small bullets in a big gun, or vice versa, I'm happy. Small pistols will use small pistol ammo, big pistols use big pistol ammo, and so forth.
Anything which would be a special exception would be named as such.

I don't want to offer players a box of .45 ammo, when they only have .44 guns - It wouldn't be much use, whilst saying "You guys find 20 bullets that will fit small pistols." is much more useful and keeps the speed of the game high.
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Wed 10 Jan 2007
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This is a list of powers which are available to each of the Arcane Backgrounds.
All spells are from Deadlands: Reloaded.
Currently there are no spells I am going to be creating based upon old spells, though this may change if there is nothing appropriate so far.

Doomsayers: As per Arcane Background: Magic
Aim, Armour, Blast, Bolt, Boost/Lower trait, Burst, Curse, Detect/Conceal Arcana [Detects Radiation Only], Healing, Light, Quickness, Succur [Radiation Loss Only]
#Notes# Immune to Fatigue Loss caused by Radiation

Junkers: As per Arcane Background: Weird Science
Aim, Armour, Barrier, Beast Friend, Blast, Bolt, Boost/Lower Trait, Burrow, Burst, Deflection, Detect/Conceal Arcana [Detect Only], Dispel, Elemental Manipulation, Entangle, Elemental Protection, Fear, Fly, Healing, Invisibilty, Light, Obscure, Quickness, Smite, Speak Language, Speed, Stun, Succor, Teleport, Wilderness Walk, Windstorm

Sykers: As per Arcane Background: Psionics
Aim, Armour, Beast Friend, Blast, Bolt, Boost/Lower Trait, Burst, Deflection, Detect/Conceal Arcana, Elemental Manipulation [Air, Earth & Fire], Fear, Fly, Healing [Self Only], Invisibilty, Mind Rider, Puppet, Quickness, Speed, Stun, Telekinesis, Wilderness Walk, Windstorm

Templars: As per Arcane Background: Miracles.
Aim, Armour, Beast Friend, Boost/Lower Trait, Burst, Deflection, Detect/Conceal Arcana, Dispel, Exorcism, Gambler, Greater Healing, Healing, Inspiration, Protection, Quickness, Sanctify, Smite [Melee Weapons Only], Speed, Succor, Wilderness Walk, Windstorm
#Notes# One starting power must be Healing and in addition, gains a free Templar Sword [Counts as Long Sword]

Due to not everyone owning Deadlands: Reloaded, here is what they approximately do. Also, not all powers can be taken at novice level - Please check with me first.
Aim - Reduces Called Shot penalties
Armour - As per SW
Barrier - As per SW
Beast Friend - As per SW
Blast - As per SW
Bolt - As per SW
Boost/Lower Trait - As per SW
Burrow - As per SW
Burst - As per SW
Curse - Target loses fatigue, eventually causing death
Deflection - As per SW
Detect/Conceal Arcana - As per SW
Dispel - As per SW
Elemental Manipulation - As per SW
Entangle - As per SW
Elemental Protection - As per SW
Exorcism - Gets rid of those evil spirits ;)
Fear - As per SW
Fly - As per SW
Gambler - Chance to get an extra benny
Greater Healing - As per SW
Healing - As per SW
Inspiration - Bonus to Tale Telling
Invisibilty - As per SW
Light - As per SW
Mind Rider - Read a victims mind
Obscure - As per SW
Protection - Can't take actions, but difficult for Evil to attack
Puppet - As per SW
Quickness - As per SW
Sanctify - Blesses land against Evil
Smite - As per SW
Speak Language - As per SW
Speed - As per SW
Stun - As per SW
Succor - Cures Fatigue
Telekinesis - As per SW
Teleport - As per SW
Wilderness Walk - Bonus to Stealth and can't be tracked
Windstorm - Summons a small tornado

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Mon 15 Jan 2007
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What next?
Mechanically, what else would I need to convert?

For those of you who have never played HoE before, what else would you need that I haven't mentioned so far to be able to play a character?

For those of you who have played HoE before and own the books, what is missing that a player would need to know?

For example, I haven't worked out things that are beyond the reach of low level characters, such as the power armoured suits, which whilst there are some in the SW book, I would want to bring over the flavour of the different variations from HoE.
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Tue 23 Jan 2007
at 00:11
Weapons & Armour
I have just been converting many of the weapons over to use Savage Worlds, but as I did, I realised most of the more standard weapons would just be ones from the core book, but under a different name.

For example, I consider the SA Officer's Sidearm to be a Desert Eagle - High stopping power and the same calibur, whilst the NA Officer's Sidearm would be the Glock - High clip size and also the same calibur.

However, after I didn't think about this until after writing out most the weapons out and deciding their appropriate stats.

In the case of military grade equipment such a Rocket Launchers without a cost, well, players should 'aquire' them in-game, shouldn't they ;) We couldn't have you starting out with all the fun toys.

In regards to armour, it would follow a similar grade of being pulled straight from Savage Worlds, although no name to name change. After all, a Flak Jacket is still a Flak Jacket many years down the line.
In regards to the Power Armour, they too would just be a name change:
CSA Wolverine = Heavy Suit
HI Purgatory = Battle Suit
USA X-Suit & LatAm Diablo = Scout Suit
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Mon 2 Jun 2008
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Re: Weapons & Armour
ok this is a bit of an old thread but I felt I should give some input on the skills list as i see it.

Hell on Earth Savage world

Demolition From the settings I've read that use explosives this is usually taken care of with a Smarts roll

Trade This also seems to be covered by Knowledge. It's not something you just pick up off the streets. You need to be taught or self taught through hours and hours of practice. I could see this also being split between an agility skill and a smarts skill. One for general knowledge and one for actually crafting an item. But that isn't very FFF and takes away skill points for a player so I'd probably leave it as one smarts based knowledge skill.

Scroungin' Definatly a notice I think. Scroungin' up slingstones is a notice roll in settings that have them. Why not anything else? with appropriate penalties for rarity.

Filchin'         This is covered under Lockpicking as per the core Savage Worlds rules.

Dodge Dodge skill was always for ranged attacks and fightin' was used for avoiding melee attacks so I say this one falls under no skill and should be represented by the Dodge and Improved Dodge edge and battlefield tactics. Use of cover, going prone, etc.
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Wed 11 Jun 2008
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Re: Weapons & Armour
I guess I was wondering how you would handle cyberware and cyborgs?  use the sci fi toolkit system?

lots of good info and ideas here....keep up the good work, HOE:reloaded would be cool, but this works in the meantime..
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Sat 28 Jul 2012
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New Game!
You asked for it.

Savage world rules and HOE required! Just too much information for me to post and players really need to understand the world.

link to another game

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Tue 17 Sep 2013
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Re: New Game!
Would anyone be willing to run Hell on Earth Reloaded?
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Thu 11 Dec 2014
at 04:13
Thread Necro!
So hi everyone.  Just recently joined the group and noticed it's not one that gets a lot of traffic, buuuuuuuuuuuut I figure this is the best place to discuss this.  Consider this an interest check.

Ever since Hell on Earth Reloaded came out, I've wanted to do something with it.  Classic HoE was like the third RPG I ever played, and to this day, I loved the setting and the mishmash of Old West and Post Apocalypse.  It's a damn weird game and I love it, there's nothing else quite like it.  I loved the Reloaded core book and I'm buying the entire line as it comes out (thankfully the books are small and inexpensive).  The Companion added a lot I felt was missing.

Also a bit of a SW geek in general (YA THINK!?)

So here's a proposal.

I have an idea for a Hell on Earth game, but unlike the usual ones that see the characters running willy nilly across the wastelands (not that there's anything wrong with that!), I instead wanted to sort of shrink it down to a microcosm of the Hell on Earth Universe and more or less ignore the larger metaplot.  I want to essentially "flesh out" how does life actually work in the Wasted West, usually the player characters swoop in, save the town, and swoop out again only to repeat elsewhere.

I've chosen a small patch of East Texas with some interesting local history for the setting, which I will fictionalize.  The idea is that there's a new town, highly secure and very rich, built around an experimental oil refinery that survived the Last War that brings a lot of wealth to the area.  However there's a lot of political intrigue involved with this settlement and the Oil Producing Economic Council.

Simultaneously, the settlement has relations with both a mutant community and a nomadic tribe.  The mutants are used by the oil barons use as expendable labor in irradiated oil fields.  Secretly, an inner circle of the mutants believes they may be nearing a valuable ghost rock strike, previously undiscovered, and finding it would decisively shift the power in the region away from the norms.

Trapped between the two is a nomadic society of post apocalyptic primitives who the rich settlement pays to track and combat massive roving gangs of undead who keep coming from the eastern US.

And in the background are tons of road warrior bandits, mutants and humans alike, who are taking advantage of the limited roads capable of transporting the oil.

I wouldn't be a frequent updater like some of these games on site that have multiple daily updates, I'm an adult with a job and all that, I'd strive to advance each player at least once every other day though.

Ideally, I would most value players who like to also be world builders who will make the little region come alive, and I'm not above letting players be their character, plus maybe an occassional villain or NPC merchant or something like that.

I'm tempted to mark the game Adult, not for sexual content per se (though hedonism and decadence are interesting themes in post apocalyptic settings) but rather to just make it clear that although we're going to focus on adventure and setting, terrible, horrible stuff is going to happen and I don't want to pull any punches with the themes we might explore.

I was curious what everyone thought of that too, otherwise we could just flag it Mature buuuut I feel like I'd have to scale it back a bit that way.

It would take some time to spin up, since I don't have a Plot Point kind of setup in mind, the initial situations would reflect the characters playing.  We'd start with a little bit of the setting set forth and gradually kind of build it up as things happen, might even force a retcon or two but them's the breaks.

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Thu 11 Dec 2014
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Re: Thread Necro!
What I took out of your description is that there won't be much action or exploration - just folks sitting around in rocking chairs and poking their noses in other town folks' business or something. That doesn't seem very exciting to me and I love post apocalypse stuffs =/
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Thu 11 Dec 2014
at 12:31
Re: Thread Necro!
Yikes!  That result's obviously not my intent of course, but if the basic idea is so terrible it's probably not worth trying.
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Thu 11 Dec 2014
at 18:37
Re: Thread Necro!
Having the focus be on one single location isn't a terrible idea. It seems like it would be a bigger challenge to keep things exciting though. But if you have enough ideas to keep things interesting, go for it.
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Thu 11 Dec 2014
at 19:05
Re: Thread Necro!

Seconded!  If you build it.  They will come
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Thu 11 Dec 2014
at 19:14
Re: Thread Necro!
This could catch my interest. I tend to prefer intrigue and relational drama to pulpy action.
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Thu 11 Dec 2014
at 22:42
Re: Thread Necro!
I would definitely be interested.  Been jonesing for some HoR.  Let me know if this happens.
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Fri 12 Dec 2014
at 00:55
Re: Thread Necro!
Thanks for feedback everyone.

I've put some stuff down in text but it needs a wee bit more shoring up before it gets anywhere, and then decide if I'm happy with it.

To be completely honest, I think it'd be a mistake to even try to get it off the ground before 2015.  You'll hear about it here first.
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Fri 12 Dec 2014
at 03:31
Re: Thread Necro!
FWIW, I've had a similar idea (not HoE) for a while.

Basically, you'd do like the old western shows. Like Bonanza or Ft. Laramie or Bordertown. It's the same problems, but the problems come to you.

I would almost pre-gen characters for this, to make the town's citizens of note. The brave Sheriff, the pretty Schoolmarm, the rich mayor who always has a scheme, the town drunk, the rancher that everyone looks to, the wise preacher. (feel free to mix and match those descriptors...)

Make a few nearby places to watch for. The glowing lake. The Haunted caverns. Mutietown.

Give the town a reason to be. Are they farmers, ranchers? Located on an unbroken stretch of highway? The river? What would happen if a bike gang came along and tried to take that away (blockade the road, dam the river, steal the cattle, steal the grain shipment)?

It's got a lot of tread on the idea. Flesh it out and let us know when you are looking for players!
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Mon 27 Aug 2018
at 05:51
Re: Thread Necro!

*taps the mic*

Interest check on Hell on Earth: Reloaded?  Start with simple one-shot and go from there.  Just feelin' the need to head back into the Wasted West.  Anyone else?
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Mon 27 Aug 2018
at 07:24
Re: Thread Necro!
Count me in :)
Samus Aran
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Mon 27 Aug 2018
at 07:29
Re: Thread Necro!
What's the setting like? I am a sucker for post-apocalyptic stuff.
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Mon 27 Aug 2018
at 10:00
Re: Thread Necro!
It's kind of mad Max with magic and tech.

The original was quite Gonzo like the deadlands classic whereas reloaded is a bit more gritty. I really like it :)
The Stray
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Mon 27 Aug 2018
at 10:07
Re: Thread Necro!
I'm down.
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Mon 27 Aug 2018
at 10:42
Re: Thread Necro!
If you build it they will come.
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Mon 27 Aug 2018
at 17:21
Re: Thread Necro!

Settles that then.


*gets to typing*
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Tue 28 Aug 2018
at 09:00
Re: Thread Necro!
I take it you'll be using the HoE Companion as well?  (Witch or Librarian.... *debating*)

Entirely depends on date though.... my RPOL activity is a bit hampered at the moment.  :/