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Re: Welcome to the Brave New World!
Nobody? Seriously?
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Thu 20 Oct 2016
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Re: Welcome to the Brave New World!
Nobody? Seriously?

If I wasn't running 3 D&D games here plus in 2 other D&D games and a pair of Stray's epic games ... I would.
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Thu 20 Oct 2016
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Re: Welcome to the Brave New World!

No body applied? I am willing an able but I don't know anything about Greyhawk. If you are willing to suffer through a noobie player with Greyhawk knowledge, I can certainly apply.
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Fri 21 Oct 2016
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Re: Welcome to the Brave New World!
Sort of interested just real busy at work and haven't had the time to do much of anything.
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Fri 21 Oct 2016
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Re: Welcome to the Brave New World!
Looking for another Savage RIFTS game to participate in.
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Tue 15 Nov 2016
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Re: Welcome to the Brave New World!
just posted in the rippers thread but thought I'd post here as well just in case :)

Anyone willing to set up a Rippers resurrected game as I'd love to give it a go as a player
Samus Aran
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Mon 9 Jan 2017
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Re: Welcome to the Brave New World!
Here is my game, link to another game, a World of the Dead game. I could use a couple more players. I'll post the intro:

Two years ago the world died.

Within days, most of it rose from the dead to feast on the living.

No one knows how it started. In the first days of the Outbreak, the United States government reacted in surprisingly organized fashion. Military personnel redeployed to bolster efforts by the CDC and medical staff across the country to establish safe zones. Despite their best efforts the Outbreak broke containment measures. Cities began to crumble. Even the military struggled to stop an enemy that could strike anywhere someone died, poisoning food and water supplies, an enemy that wore the faces of friends, family, fellow Americans. When countermeasures escalated to nuclear level, the catastrophic collateral damage was nearly as bad as leaving the undead to their hunger. In the aftermath, several mid-Atlantic cities lay in smoking ruins, and although most of the zombies were wiped out, something terrible rose in their wake.

Some surviving zombies became irradiated, even mutating into grotesque new forms. Perhaps more terrifying was that the virus itself mutated. It began to spread to animals, becoming impossible to contain. Once in the wild, the plague spread up and down the Rocky Mountains, and from there into the rest of the country. Nowhere was safe when any animal from the size of a rat and up could potentially bear the plague. Fighting human zombies was difficult enough, given that some twisted beasts were fast and tireless, or became hulking monsters. Animal zombies proved too fast or capable of infesting resistance pockets through walls, sewers, latrines, any point of weakness. It was a War of the Dead, raging all across the globe.

By the new year, the war was lost. Too many had died and risen again. The enemy was tireless, infesting anywhere that people lived, and its very presence could taint precious food and water sources. Spread thin in a losing battle, even the mighty military faltered. One by one the safe zones collapsed. The government systematically declared regions to be No Man's Lands, until at last much of the continental United States existed only in a perpetual state of emergency. Reports flooded in of similar apocalyptic events the world over, completely obliterating local and global economies.

The inevitable decline transformed the American landscape. Most of the country is now the Rotter Lands, where the undead vastly outnumber the living. Mutant brutes terrorize their human kin. Pockets of resistance eke out a living in Rotter Lands, building up little kingdoms among the dead. Some prey on their neighbors as hungrily as any of the zombies. Others struggle to maintain their humanity in a world all to eager to devour it.

This is the World of the Dead.

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Mon 13 Feb 2017
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Re: Welcome to the Brave New World!
I am looking for 1-2 players (maximum 2) for an ongoing low-fantasy campaign set in Greyhawk:

link to another game

One of them MUST be a caster who can heal. One or both of them must be good speakers, as our departed cleric was also the party Face.

Submit an RTJ if you're interested and I'll answer any questions.

Some anticipated questions:

1. I'm using SW Deluxe
2. Material from Fantasy Companion can be used without challenge
3. Material from other sourcebooks needs approval from me.
4. I am not using alternative magic systems--we will use power points.

I need another player meeting the above criteria. You must be willing to commit to the game for a YEAR. If your schedule is unpredictable, you can't commit or otherwise don't like to commit, this is not the game for you.

This spot is open again. Come RTJ if you can commit for a good year run.

link to another game
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Sat 5 Aug 2017
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Fantasy Game has openings for 1-2 heroes
Looking to add a couple new characters to an on-going fantasy campaign.  This is a home-brew setting ostensibly borrowing heavily from the Mystara setting.  Much of the background history and character creation / OOC chat is open for general perusal.  The game is using SW Deluxe Explorer's Edition and Fantasy Companion primarily, but borrows from other sources. link to another game

The initial setting history appears below:

What Came Before...

Legends tell of a night centuries ago when a star of jade streaked through the heavens, scorching the sky with a ghostly green light prior to  crashing with an explosion of emerald flame and roiling black clouds in the lands of Darr-Nadon beyond the borders of the Craggenpeak Mountains.  Observers from the wilderness border fortress recorded seeing the green glow diffused over the rim of the peaks for months thereafter, while trappers, hunters, and miners operating in and around the mountains and surrounding woodlands told tales of the heavy, sickly green mist which permeated the lands beyond and hung over it like a shroud.

The denizens of Darr-Nadon began migrating south and west, towards the Craggenpeak in an attempt to stay beyond the mist which cast the land beneath in a permanent veil of twilight.  Those that made it through the Craggenpeak told strange tales of the blight which struck the lands beyond and of the rise of an army under the command of an Ogre gifted in the Arts.  Villages and cities fell beneath his iron fist and soon Darr-Nadon was a place whispered of in fearful tones.

A few years after the refugees made their way into the Free Lands, the armies of Darr-Nadon came across and beneath the mountains, pushing into the freelands and waging war against the inhabitants, slaying those they could not enslave.

The free cities and local kingdoms banded together and fought a desperate war on many fronts for several decades before routing the foe, but the peace was short-lived.  The thirteenth season after their apparent defeat, the host of Darr-Nadon rose once again and made it's way into the realms of the free-folk, only to be routed once more and driven back after another several decades.

This time the Armies of the Free-Folk pursued the invaders into their homelands, pushing the war well into the enemy's camp before tragedy struck and the invading forces fell silent, never to be seen or heard from again.

Thirteen years after this, the armies of Darr-Nadon once again pushed beyond the Craggenpeak under the command of the Ogre Mage Nahr Rah-Tor.  Whispered rumors say that this fearful Warlord is immortal and that his rage will not be sated until he has laid claim to all of the lands between Craggenpeak and the sea.  Summoning aid from the distant desert kingdoms and joined by the Elves, Winged Folk, Dwarves, Half-Folk and other threatened peoples, the armies of the free fought against those who came from beyond the mountains.  Goblins and Orcs, descendants of those who had fled from their homelands centuries before also helped in the battle against Darr-Nadon, but were oft mistaken for the enemy by those who lived closest to the skirmish lines as the many of the invading ranks consisted of Orc and Goblin warriors.

The forces of the West succeeded in stopping the dark armies' drive to the sea, and after many decades of skirmishes, managed to turn the invaders back to beyond Craggenpeak, but at a high cost.  Many of the border regiments and forts are undermanned or depleted, and whole towns had been razed.

It's been nearly a decade since the dark forces under the sway of Nahr Rah-Tor were repelled and driven back beyond the Craggenpeak Mountains and the War was considered over, the armies of Darr-Nadon diminished and defeated.  Although rumors of occasional skirmishes and bandit encounters have been reported on the far side of Craggenpeak, the borderland wilderness has been considered free of war.  Small villages and towns are beginning to reappear and flourish as people feel peace has finally been attained.

This is the state of the land as the party makes their way through it on their way to becoming the stuff of legends....

Thanks for all who perused!  We have responses for the available slots at this time.

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Fri 11 Aug 2017
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Re: Fantasy Game has openings for 1-2 heroes
Looking to add a couple new characters to an on-going fantasy campaign.  This is a home-brew setting ostensibly borrowing heavily from the Mystara setting.  Much of the background history and character creation / OOC chat is open for general perusal.  The game is using SW Deluxe Explorer's Edition and Fantasy Companion primarily, but borrows from other sources. link to another game

Still have a spot open.  Adult Rating is more due to descriptions post combat or potential violence, with occasional innuendoes and double-entendres.  See post #112 this thread for description.

Thanks for all who perused!  We have responses for the available slots at this time.

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Re: Fantasy Game has openings for 1-2 heroes
Looking to add a couple new characters to an on-going fantasy campaign.  This is a home-brew setting ostensibly borrowing heavily from the Mystara setting.  Much of the background history and character creation / OOC chat is open for general perusal.  The game is using SW Deluxe Explorer's Edition and Fantasy Companion primarily, but borrows from other sources. link to another game

Still have a spot open.  Adult Rating is more due to descriptions post combat or potential violence, with occasional innuendoes and double-entendres.  See post #112 this thread for description.

Thanks for all who perused!  We have responses for the available slots at this time.

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The Stray
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Sat 14 Oct 2017
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Arabian Gothic Horror game looking for players!
Miir, the fabled City of Shadow, prepares to celebrate.

Pink lanterns line the normally dark and gloomy streets. Children prepare their costumes to go out and gather treats. Carnivals and entertainers draw the people out into the daylight. The vandals and jesters plan their most elaborate pranks.

The nobles of the Great Houses chat about the annual Masquerade Ball even as they avoid speaking about the fall of the previous Lord of the Tower, or the weakness of his successor. There is no need -- the knives will be out soon enough, and everyone knows it. Tension builds behind the smiles. There will be a war soon, and a new Lord will rise and bring their House to power.

No one comments on the disappearances. Miir is a dangerous place after dark. If you're caught by The Shadows after curfew, well, you only have yourself to blame, don't you? Maybe there are more than usual, it's nothing to worry about.

Instead, they speak of Le Crique d'Aberrations, and the new show the troupe says it's planning for the Feast. Those Caliban may be unnatural abominations with unholy powers -- but they sure know how to throw a party!

One night a year, the rules are thrown out. The meek are made powerful; the haughty are humbled; everything old is made new again. Dress as far from your self as you can and raise a glass, for tonight we reveal our true selves. All hail The Lord of Misrule! All hail The Feast of All Fools!

City of Shadow: The Feast of All Fools
link to another game

City of Shadow is a homebrew fantasy setting taking inspiration from The Arabian Nights, the Ravenloft D&D setting, and Game of Thrones. The game is rated Adult, mostly because of my penchant for depictions of graphic violence.

Game Intro here: link to another game

Game itself here: link to another game
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Thu 28 Dec 2017
at 20:34
The Black Company of Freeport looking for players!
Soldiers live. He dies and not you, and you feel guilty, because you're glad he died, and not you. Soldiers live, and wonder why.

In Those Days, The Company Was In Service to Marilise Maeorgan, the Sea Lord of Freeport...

Tacked up with a bit of beeswax to the stone wall of the Fortress of Justice, a dry parchment scrap flutters in the breeze.


Men at Arms, Wizards, Sawbones, Sailors, and Others who Could Be Useful to Serve as Mercenaries
Must supply own kit, weapons mandatory, armor encouraged.  Compensation on a stipend and contract basis.
Training available for remedial candidates.  Inquire inside.

On the Plain of Glittering Stone, the golem Shivetya dreams.  Everything he has ever known has long passed.  He has seen all the worlds that touch the Plain pass into eternity.

He has made a devil's bargain, and everyday envies his predecessor.  Eventually, he passes into madness and sees visions of another world, one with fantastic creatures who live beside men.

He sees a great city, corrupt to its very marrow, one crawling with intrigues and criminals of all stripes, not the worst of which are its purported heroes.  Knives in the dark, eldritch sorceries, and the machinations of The Taken, be they on the island itself or a world way, shape its destiny.

But his past leaks into the dream, for he cannot imagine a world without The Black Company, or the Empire of old...

Unknown to even the Golem, the dais at his feet has shifted to a great blue ocean.  To the east is the world he once knew, from Charm to Taglios, but to the west is a small island whereupon sits the new city of his fevered dream, Freeport.

Around it stand the golem's only companions long forgotten, the Washane, Washene, and Washone, feverishly laboring.

The Black Company of Freeport is essentially insane fan fiction, crossing two universes (The Black Company novels and Freeport, City of Adventure) into a game and ironing out the contradictions.  I'm looking to add a player or two.  We try to manage 1/day but really it works out more to 3-5 a week.

The game is rated Adult due to the influences of the Source material being easily Mature and the Gamemaster being squeamish about exposing the young to such corruption.

You who come after me, scribbling these Annals, by now realize that I shy off portraying the whole truth about our band of blackguards. You know they are vicious, violent, and ignorant. They are complete barbarians, living out their cruelest fantasies, their behavior tempered only by the presence of a few decent men. I do not often show that side because these men are my brethren, my family, and I was taught young not to speak ill of kin. The old lessons die hardest.

link to another game

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Thu 28 Dec 2017
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Savage Lone Star looking for players!
Warning! Violence and the Supernatural

The fictional World of Rifts® is violent, deadly and filled with supernatural monsters.

Other dimensional beings, often referred to as "demons," torment, stalk and prey on humans. Other alien life forms, monsters, gods and demigods, as well as magic, insanity, and war are all elements in this book.

Some parents may find the violence and supernatural elements of the game inappropriate for young readers/players. We suggest parental discretion.

Please note that none of us at Palladium Books® condone or encourage the occult, the practice of magic, the use of drugs, or violence.

This is a game that will attempt to blend the classic Rifts World 13 Source Book, Rifts Lone Star, from 1997, with the new Savage Rifts that was Kickstarted in 2016.  For the sake of canon, I am going to try to marry the post Tolkeen metaplot from The Tomorrow Legion era with the classic sandbox powderkeg that is Texas.

The basic idea is The Tomorrow Legion moves into the Freelands, in The Kingdom of Worth, in order to try to take the fight to the Coalition and try to, perhaps, unite the disparate powers of the Lone Star territory.  Oh, and to keep King Macklin from killing himself since he is their only ally in the territory right now.

The Tomorrow Legion's Lone Star headquarters is the former Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Forth Worth.  In this fictional version, it survived because of the heavy pre-Rifts security and reinforced walls, underground vaults, etc.  So it's way more awesome than the actual facility but there you go.

The conceit is this is a kind of a sandbox approach where there will be various plot threads going on, but ultimately, the factions in Lone Star are going to battle.

Rifts Lone Star is one of the better world books from the classic line because you have this hodge podge of various factions, all of which are toxic, and a situation where if some meddling player characters don't sort this all out for them, it's going to go to hell in a handbasket.

I have set the game to Adult mostly to make sure I don't swear at children, or subject someone underage to a too horrible description of what happens when the Coalition gets their hands on an innocent D-Bee, or shy away from what the Pecos Bandits actually do to people.

link to another game

I anticipate interest could be high, so I might sit on applications for about a week before moving on them.  I'm looking to add 1 or 2, possibly more once I get these players started.
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Fri 5 Jan 2018
at 02:17
1 week bump
I posted the above ads during the holiday break while I had time with the intent to bump them a week later, so here's the bump!  Thanks for looking.
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Tue 28 Aug 2018
at 08:22
Hell on Earth: Reloaded
To all those who expressed interest in Hell on Earth (and to any who didn't but suddenly realized they should have), here's the link...

link to another game

Drop on in, RTJ, grab your gear, and get ready to get dirty.
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Mon 3 Dec 2018
at 03:04
Hell on Earth: Reloaded

At a very good place to pull in some new players before the next leg of the apocalyptic journey.

If you have interest in Hell on Earth Reloaded, drop on by and throw me an RTJ!

link to another game
The Stray
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Mon 11 Feb 2019
at 20:29
Hell on Earth: Reloaded

Great Mother, I am troubled

The year is 199 ACW. An industrial revolution is sweeping the Free Lands of Elondaron. Airships and lightning rails have transformed travel forever, while factories belch ash and smoke into the sky. A race of golems march in armies, work in factories, and take jobs that were once the province of mere mortals. For all the progress, old wounds fester, and darkness is growing.

Those who covet my sister's power gather around her like vultures.

The Exalt of the Great Church of the Nine has served for over two hundred years, but at last her mind has begun to fray. A great council of archbishops has been convened to deal with the delicate situation. The Exalt fears that the Great Church will soon pass into unworthy hands. To cement her legacy, she has declared a great crusade against The Holy Seat's most persistent foe — the great dragon Blackfire.

The Day of Darkness draws near, and The Dragon comes once again.

For forty-nine years Blackfire has ravaged the city of Notre Dame. Appearing every seventh year on ill-omened Summerend, the dragon rises from the Gash to lay waste to the city. She is an implacable foe of light and life, but she is far from the only threat.

The necromancers are more active than I have ever seen them.

In the depths of the Gash lies Mournhollow, the dread collage of necromancy. They seek The Dark Reaper's resurrection, and have now discovered the necessary tools — his heart, his blade, and the book that holds the formula for rebuilding his body. They don't have all the pieces in their grasp yet, but time is growing thin.

Strange cults are growing like a canker across the land.

Led by the prophet Nyarael, a sinister cult worshiping entities from beyond the stars has grown like a fungus, drawing in the lost, outcast, and mad. They sing insidious prayers that work cracks into the fabric of reality, allowing eldritch abominations from The Far Realm free reign in The Three Worlds. Those who hear this song of stars speak of a Grand Conjunction that nears.

What else lurks, waiting for the Great Church to show weakness?

The Lady of Black Tears has not yet abandoned her quest to reunite the Shards of Jillian. She has discovered the last two shards remaining, and is moving into position. Murder, mayhem, and madness follow in her wake as she grows closer to her prize.

Great Mother, please send me some sign that all is not yet lost...

Turbulent times call for heroes. A motley band of adventurers, drawn together by The Blackfire Crusade, have risen to the challenge. You are one of these heroes who has chosen to heed the Great Church's call to arms. Your actions will change the course of history, for better or ill.

When the call goes out, and the world hangs in the balance, where will you stand?

Hello all! I'm seeking a couple more players for my D&D-inspired Savaged Fantasy game! If the above premise interests you, drop me a line here: link to another game
The Stray
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Mon 19 Aug 2019
at 16:21
Dream Halls of the Mad God

<a href="">some mood music</a>

It began with a dream.

You were on a boat floating on a sea of stars, an empty expanse of eternity that The Nameless One cleared so that he could fill it with Ten Thousand Wonders. The sky was silvery dark, and the stars were watching you as you passed. You knew their names: Acamar, the white corpse star whose motions and behemoth size send celestial objects that draw too close spiraling to their doom; Hadar, the hungry red cinder being smothered by the cloaking black nebula of Ibhar; Caïphon, the treacherously friendly purple star on the horizon, so eager to help yet sometimes leading to betrayal; and there, rising before you, the baleful green of Gibbeth. You know you must not stare at it. You know you must not think on it. You know that, but you cannot help but do so anyway.

The boat floats toward a sullen shore lit only by Gibbeth's pale jade light. A cyclopean city stretches across the banks of purple crystal -- a city that seems empty and hollow, though you can see lights here and there twinkling in the gloom. The sea below you becomes clouded and milky. You look up at the ferryman behind you, a pale, nearly skeletal creature wearing rotted robes and burial wraps, eyes glowing red in the light of the flaming lantern atop the pole it carries. The ferryman's eternal rictus grin gives you no answers.

Waiting for you at the docks is The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes. She smiles at you, and your heart breaks. She reaches down and clasps your hand. It is feverishly warm, a contrast to the chill of Gibbeth's jade light. You cannot help but shiver as you step up to her. She holds you for a long moment, whispering many things to you, though her mouth never moves. She presses a key made of silvery crystal into your hand. "Come," she says. "We are waiting for you."

You pull away, clutching the key tightly in your hand, so hard it cuts your palm and blood begins to trickle down your arm. You wander past the docks and into the city, past the people with blind-white eyes who follow your movements, past the sweeteaters with their too-white grins, past the open taverns that smell of stale beer, sex, and dreamlily. You travel to a mausoleum, standing proud, and begin to step down the darkened stairs. There is a stone door before you, and you know that the key will open it.

Within is treasure beyond measure. Within are horrors beyond counting. You feel warm hands slide up the back of your neck. "We are waiting," The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes whispers into your ear, her breath raising the hairs on the back of your neck. "Use the key. Open the door. See what awaits beyond. We are waiting for you."

Her mouth moves toward yours, to kiss, to don't know. You scream, and jerk awake in a cold sweat, feverish and wide-eyed.

And there, still in your hand, is the silver key.

You have been given a key made of silver and dreams. You know it will take you somewhere strange and fantastic, a place of madness and danger on the edge of reality. It is a place that can make your dreams come true...but nightmares are dreams, too. And you might never return to the life you once knew. Do you dare to use the key? Do you dare to discover what waits beyond the door?

What waits for you in the dream halls of The Mad God?

Hello again, folks! I'm looking for players to explore the Lovecraftian wonders of Dreamheart, where The Mad God Ixilat dwells, luring in adventurers from across the multiverse! This is D&D-inspired Savage Worlds Fantasy campaign. If you're interested, come take a look! link to another game
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Fri 19 Jun 2020
at 19:36
Weird Wars 2 - Sonderkommando N
Looking for a couple more players:

April 1945 - These are the last days of the Thousand-Year-Reich

In its 12th year of existence, Nazi Germany is all but beaten. After beating back the Nazis' advances, the Allies have been encroaching on German territoriy itself.

General Eisenhower has halted the Western Allies' advance at the Elbe river, allowing the Red Army to take Berlin.
After defeating the German troops at the Vistula-Oder, Stalin's troops temporarily halted their advance in February.
On April 16th, the Battle of Berlin commences.

Most of the Nazi Elite is still holed up with the Fuhrer in Berlin, holding out to the inevitable end.

But while Eisenhower was ready to give Berlin to the Russians, he was determined to not let them take the highest ranking Nazis.

The OSI, in particular, is heavily interested in catching and detaining one Franz Kemmel, a General in the SS rumored to conduct experiments in the Reichsluftfahrtministerium - experiments that even this late in the war might turn the tide.
So High Command is sending a special detachment to Berlin to capture General Kemmel. The only problem: The Soviet BPO wants him too...
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Mon 22 Jun 2020
at 03:43
An Age of Rockets: A Slipstream Saga (SWADE)

Now accepting players!  link to a message in another game

My heart turns home in longing
Across the voids between,
To know beyond the spaceways
The hills of Earth are green.

excerpt from "The Green Hills of Earth"
- "Noisy" Rhysling

Space Pulp! The Age of Sail is long ended, but the Age of Rockets has only just begun! Spacejockeys dogfight with star pirates hungry for loot. Inspired inventors and crazed chemists push the bounds of Science!, developing wondrous and fantastic new devices that border on magical. Mesmerists plumb the forbidden powers of the mind while avoiding the grasp of the tyrannical Queen Anathraxa. Intrepid explorers and bold adventurers dig for alien artifacts on strange and broken worlds. Morality is clear-cut black and white, and sometimes a punch in the jaw carries more weight than a blast from a ray gun.  It is "The Future that Would've Been" where Heroes are larger-than-life and the Ideals they represent are the ones that bring hope that "the best is yet to come".

"An Age of Rockets" is set in the Slipstream universe, with elements pulled from Flash Gordon to bring it into Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.  Much of original setting remains, with a few twists and surprises along the way.

"Adult" rating is for language, potential graphic description of violence and some underlying themes.

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Sat 27 Jun 2020
at 16:34
An Age of Rockets: A Slipstream Saga (SWADE)
In reply to bashful_batrean (msg # 124):

Saturday Morning Serials *BUMP!*

An Age of Rockets: A Slipstream Saga (SWADE) is accepting players!

link to a message in another game
 player, 95 posts
Sun 28 Jun 2020
at 21:19
An Age of Rockets: A Slipstream Saga (SWADE)
In reply to bashful_batrean (msg # 125):

Thanks all!  Game (An Age of Rockets: A Slipstream Saga (SWADE)) is full at the moment, pending completion of characters.

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Sun 14 Feb 2021
at 08:34
Welcome to the Brave New World!
Would you like to hunt a Nazi War criminal during the Battle of Berlin?

We're looking for more players!

It's a race between the Russians and the Western Allies, based on Weird Wars. You can play as a member of the Russian BPO, or of OSI.
I got a few characters/NPC you can take over (including officers) or you create a new one and fill out the roster!

The pace is a bit slow right now, but I'm hoping to get it back up into more regular postings.

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Wed 24 Feb 2021
at 04:29
Welcome to the Brave New World!

“If we can forgive what has been done to us . .
If we can forgive what we've done to others . . .
If we can leave all of our stories behind. Our being
villain's or victims.
Only then can we maybe rescue the world.
But we still sit here, waiting to be saved. While we're
still victims, hoping to be discovered while we suffer.”
― Chuck Palahniuk, Haunted
Game herelink to another game

Welcome to Abby Grace the town has been in full celebration mode since December 1st and it isn't about to stop now. The town has always been a little bit off with things that catch the eye but one can not be sure what they actually saw. Rumors of the old lady on Miller Lane being a witch have surfaced, the old Train Graveyard has ghosts dogs, I saw Farmer Milton out in the corn field--but he's been dead for six years. Urban Legends spring up, but maybe they aren't to far from the truth.

Mercy hospital is the site of the great bells that came to the town in the 1800's and many assumed they were broke they rarely ring, it was widely believed there was no way to make them chime, so they are decorated along with the season, but no sound is made from them no matter how hard one tries. They last sounded in the 1920's and what followed was a rash of murders of the likes the town has never seen--or maybe never recorded. With the modern era things are better advancing.

On December 13th 1983 everyone heard the clear crisp sound of slay bells, echo through the sleeping, snow bound town of Abby Grace and something within the city awoke.