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The information posted in these threads can be used by GMs for any of their games.  It is in essence a GMs screen for the Savage Worlds system.  As such, any extra information that might be useful should be requested before it is put here.
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Combat Maneuvers

Aim                  +2 Shooting/Throwing if character does not move

Area Effect Attacks  Targets under template suffer damage, treat cover as armor;
                     missed attack rolls cause 1d6” deviation for thrown
                     weapons, 1d10” for launched weapons; x1 for Short range,
                     x2 for Medium range, x3 for Long range

Autofire             -2 Shooting

Breaking Things      See Obstacle Toughness Table; Parry 2; No bonus damage or
                     Aces apply

Called Shots
   Limb              -2 attack
   Head              -4 attack; +4 damage
   Small target      -4 attack
   Tiny target       -6 attack

   Light             -1
   Medium            -2
   Heavy             -4

   Dim               -1 attack
   Dark              -2 attack; targets are not visible beyond 10”
   Pitch Darkness    Targets must be detected to be attacked at -4

Defend               +2 Parry; character may take no other actions

Disarm               -2 attack; defender must make a Str roll vs. the damage or
                     drop his weapon

Double Tap /         +1 attack and damage/+2 attack and damage
Three Round Burst

The Drop             +4 attack and damage

Finishing Move       Instant kill to helpless foe with lethal weapon

Firing Into Melee    See Innocent Bystanders

Ganging Up           +1 Fighting per additional attacker; maximum of +4

Grappling            Opposed Strength roll to grapple; raise causes Shaken

Innocent Bystanders  Missed Shooting or Throwing roll of 1 (2 with shotguns or
                     autofire) hits random adjacent target

Nonlethal Damage     Characters are knocked out for 1d6 hours instead of wounded

Obstacles            If attack hits by the concealment penalty, the obstacle
                     acts as Armor

Prone                As Medium cover; prone defenders suffer -2 Fighting, -2
                     Parry in melee

Ranged Weapons in    Pistols only; Target Number is defender’s Parry
Close Combat

Suppressive Fire     On successful Shooting roll, targets within a Medium Burst
                     Template must make a Spirit roll or be Shaken; those who
                     roll a 1 are hit for normal damage

Test of Wills
    Intimidate       Opposed roll versus Spirit; +2 to next action against this
                     target with a success; +2 bonus and opponent is Shaken with
                     a raise
    Taunt            Opposed roll versus Smarts; +2 to next action against this
                     target with a success; +2 bonus and opponent is Shaken with
                     a raise

Touch Attack         +2 Fighting

Trick                Describe action; make opposed Agility or Smarts roll;
                     opponent is -2 Parry until next action; with a raise, the
                     foe is -2 Parry and Shaken

Two Weapons          -2 attack; additional -2 for off-hand if not Ambidextrous

Unarmed Defender     Armed attackers gain +2 Fighting

Unstable Platform    -2 Shooting from a moving vehicle or animal

Wild Attack          +2 Fighting; +2 damage; -2 Parry until next action

Withdrawing from     Adjacent foes get one free attack at retreating character
Close Combat

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Quick Summaries

Stealth Modifiers               |   Tracking Modifiers
Modifier Situation              |   Modifier Situation
   +2    Crawling               |      +2    Tracking more than 5 individuals
   -2    Running                |      +4    Recent snow
   +1    Dim light              |      +2    Mud
   +2    Darkness               |      +1    Dusty area
   +4    Pitch darkness         |      -4    Raining
   +1    Light cover            |      -2    Tracking in poor light
   +2    Medium cover           |      -2    Tracks are more than one day old
   +4    Heavy cover            |      -2    Target attempted to hide tracks

Healing Modifiers               |   Load Limits
Modifier Situation              |   A Character's load limit is equal to 5 x STR
   -2 Rough traveling           |
   -2 No medical attention      |   Every multiple of the load limit after the
   -2 Poor environment          |   first subtracts 1 from the character's
    - Medical Attention (-1940) |      * Agility and all linked skills
   +1 Medical Attention (1941+) |      * Strength and all linked skills
   +2 Medical Attention (2010+) |

Fear Table
d20   Effect
1-4   Adrenaline Surge: The hero’s “fight” response takes over. He adds +2 to all
      trait and damage rolls on his next action.

5-8   Shaken: The character is Shaken.

9-12  Panicked: The character is Panicked.

13-16 Minor Phobia: The character gains a minor phobia.

17-18 Major Phobia: The character gains a major phobia.

19-20 The Mark of Fear: The hero is Shaken and also suffers some cosmetic
      physical alteration —a white streak forms in the hero’s hair, his eyes
      twitch constantly, or some other minor physical alteration. This reduces
      his Charisma by 1.

21+  Heart Attack: The hero is so overwhelmed with fear that his heart stutters.
     He must make a Vigor roll at -2. If successful, he’s Shaken and can't
     attempt to recover for 1d4 rounds before he can attempt to recover. If he
     fails, he dies in 2d6 rounds. A Healing roll at - 4 saves the victim’s life,
     but he remains Incapacitated for 2d6 hours thereafter. (A greater healing
     draught will heal them and revive them in 4+1d4 rounds.)

Reaction Table
 2d6  Initial Reaction
  2   Hostile: The NPC is openly hostile and does his best to stand in the
      hero’s way. He won’t help without an overwhelming reward or payment of
      some kind.

 3-4  Unfriendly: The NPC isn’t willing to help unless there’s a significant
      advantage to himself.

 5-9  Neutral: The NPC has no particular attitude, and will help for little
      reward if the task at hand is very easy. If the task is difficult, he’ll
      require substantial payment of some kind.

10-11 Friendly: The NPC will go out of his way for the hero. He’ll likely do
      easy tasks for free (or very little), and is willing to do more dangerous
      tasks for fair pay or other favors.

  12  Helpful: The NPC is anxious to help the hero, and will probably do so for
      little or no pay depending on the nature of the task.

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