Kaiser's Gate.   Posted by OggyBenDoggy.Group: 0
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Mon 13 Aug 2012
at 13:56
Kaiser's Gate
It's out.
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Mon 13 Aug 2012
at 16:38
Re: Kaiser's Gate
Is there enough interest in getting a game or two going?  I'd like to play in a game, and I'd be willing to run as well
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Mon 13 Aug 2012
at 17:27
Re: Kaiser's Gate
I got it but I'd rather wait for september to start one. After vacation season, rhat is
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Tue 14 Aug 2012
at 01:40
Re: Kaiser's Gate
I don't know what it is, but I'm sure I'd give it a shot.
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Tue 14 Aug 2012
at 01:57
Re: Kaiser's Gate
I have my copy, I'm down for giving it a go, I haven't read it yet though.
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Tue 14 Aug 2012
at 15:47
Re: Kaiser's Gate
In reply to Willis (msg # 4):

It's basically, DnD crossed with WWI.

there's some information here http://www.kickstarter.com/pro...te-for-savage-worlds
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Wed 22 Aug 2012
at 17:59
Re: Kaiser's Gate
I'm fine with running, but it'd be cool if I could play as well.  Anyone else interested in GMing?

In terms of the setting, there are 4 era's/campaign types

1 - 1908 - 1912 Early Magic, when it first came out, before the wars.  To me it's almost like the Indiana Jones movies, government agents and others looking for mystical artifacts
2 - 1914 - 1917 WWI.  Probably the typical setting
3 - 1915 - 1920 Mexican/American War.  More ground combat, less focus on the air warfare.  A bit more of a "western" and weird science feel
4 - 1917 - 1920 Dragon War.  Working with former enemies
5 - 1920 - ?    Post War era.  Dealing with peace, prohibition, etc.  Boardwalk Empire?

I could also see a campaign skipping around a bit, you could start Early magic, then do maybe do some WWI stuff, then get transferred to the Mexican/American War area.
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Fri 24 Aug 2012
at 19:24
Re: Kaiser's Gate
So that's 3?  probably enough to get something started.  Any preferences on era or focus?

I was liking the idea of starting in early magic then moving into the war era's, but that might limit starting spellbindings
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Sun 2 Sep 2012
at 22:02
Re: Kaiser's Gate
I would be interested, but I will have to see if I can get ahold of it.
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Tue 4 Sep 2012
at 16:20
Re: Kaiser's Gate
The PDF is $10 from RPGnow.

I think you could play without the book.
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Thu 20 Sep 2012
at 18:26
Re: Kaiser's Gate
If the 3 of you (or others) are interested, I'm going to start a game