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Where is Where in Toshi Ranbo

Toshi Ranbo is divided into four districts or quarters and the inner city.
There's the Merchant's Quarter, the Peasant's Quarter, the Clan Quarter (where the majority of the non-Crane reside), and the Crane Quarter.  The Inner City (where you're at now) is the residence of the higher ranking Crane, most military officers, and diplomatic representatives from the other Clans.  The Outer City is protected by two walls, and a third wall divides the quarters into the inner and outer districts.  Finally, there is another wall separating the districts from the Inner City.

The Inner City

The Inner City, consisting of limited--hence highly prized--real estate, is centered around the Tsume Palace.

The Tsume Palace is the residence of all of the most highly ranked Crane and the only place in the Inner City where non-Crane are given housing.  Most of the suites remain empty--being at all times ready for the Emperor, Clan Champions, and Family Daimyo.  This is also the housing for the various Clan representatives--though as a military and political precaution only the representative, his/her spouse, and her/his yojimbo live there.  Servants, clerks, and aides of non-Crane must find housing outside the Inner City.  The Tsume Palace is also where all court functions are held.

Surrounding the Tsume Palace is the Courtier's district.  This is the home for all courtiers, aides, clerks, monks and scholars of the Crane Clan.  Small temple complexes are scattered throughout the district--generally those who can afford to pay a steep rent to the Crane Clan (though none would be so crass as to suggest it were so).  As you can imagine, it holds a wide variety of housing options, ranging from barely affordable to extremely expensive.

To the South of the Courtier's district is the Daidoji Complex.  It is a veritable fortress in and of itself--and the only place in all of Toshi Ranbo with restricted access to a single Family.

To the East is the Shugenja/Artisan district.  This is where most of the less important Crane Shugenja and Artisans live and practice their crafts.  Like the Courtier's district, it's really more of a mishmash of buildings where people live and work rather than a single unified complex.

To the West and North is the Bushi district.  Like the other districts of the Inner City it is both a living area and a place to train.  Homes that double as dojo line the streets like modern day coffee shops and at any given time no fewer than three duels take place at once.  This is the most crowded and least expensive of the Inner City districts--though cheaper housing can be found in the Outer City as well.

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