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Kaze no Kage
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Wed 9 May 2012
at 06:14
Courier Service
This thread is for any in character correspondence you send or recieve.  Please include the intended recipient of the message and their location (as general or as specific as you like) in the public portion of the message.
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Wed 9 May 2012
at 17:26
Re: Courier Service

A simple rice-paper envelope with a plain seal bearing the words:

To Daidoji Kayatuyu, Shiro Sana Kakita

Within which a simple folded slip of paper marked:

For the eyes of Kakita Kaori

Inside it simply:

Rain washes blood from stones
Birds pass over uncaring
Amidst many, alone

Because as a master swordsman, strategist smith and intriguer, it's rather too much to expect Kedo to be any good as a poet as well.
Kaze no Kage
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Tue 15 May 2012
at 04:49
Re: Courier Service
Delivered shortly after the detritus of the battle has been cleared away (before his letter could have reached Shiro Sano Kakita, but after word of Kedo's presence might have spread from Toshi Ranbo)

To the man known now as Kedo:

Patience, the virtue,
Which we cultivate so well
Will be rewarded
Winter comes, with snow and ice
With games of court.  And me.

Bayushi Kenji
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Thu 17 May 2012
at 17:49
Re: Courier Service
A single dove wings its way south, a letter attached to its leg:

To Doji Takeshi,

My lord, Toshi Ranbo remains in the hands of the Crane and the Lion ruffians have been put afield.  Winter Court will be the event of the season, and I await your pleasure at the family holdings.

Your servant,
Bayushi Kenji