Interlude - Seeing Double.   Posted by Kaze no Kage.Group: 0
Kaze no Kage
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Wed 9 May 2012
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Interlude - Seeing Double
In which an unflappable Ronin is introduced to a familiar face for the first time...

OOC - not sure where or when you wanted this conversation to happen, so feel free to set the scene yourselves...
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Wed 9 May 2012
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Re: Interlude - Seeing Double

 OOC: Having no idea myself...


 The exquisite pearl finish of the plain armour of the thinly disguised Ronin has, like all painted armour the common weakness of concealing the metal beneath - the least crack or flaw in its surface and blood can seep beneath to spread rust, to thread what should be strength with secret decay and ultimately render it worse than no protection at all. It's so obvious a metaphor that it doesn't even occur to Kedo to dwell upon it as he sits cross-legged upon a woven mat in front of an inn not terribly far from the city gates, watching the gradual departure of Lion forces from their camp outside the walls and painstakingly going over every inch of his now removed war-harness to inspect it for damage, remove broken plates and attach new ones, cleanse specks of blood and generally restore it to pristine condition - or as pristine as he can manage, given the circumstances and his limited resources.

 It would of course, be the perfect time to start a conversation at him.