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Kaze no Kage
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Tue 15 May 2012
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Prologue - Crab Tales of Bygone Days
The forge of Daidoji Kuromori--formerly Kaiu Kuromori--is still bright and warm despite the fact that his work for the day is done.  He does not labor at his forge, except to pour the sake for his visitor--his nephew, Hida Kazuki--come for Winter Court.  His son and daughter are out, celebrating their survival and mourning the dead in the manner of the Crab, though their names belong to the rolls of the Crane.  It has been a most exciting time to be in the city of Toshi Ranbo.

"So tell me Kazuki, Kuromori rumbled, his voice deep, "is the truly as quiet as the rumors say, after the fall of Fu Leng and the end of the War?"
Hida Kazuki
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Tue 15 May 2012
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Re: Prologue - Crab Tales of Bygone Days
Kazuki was happy to see his uncle again. He had visited him several times since Kuromori's disgrace drove him from the Crab Clan, but as a bushi of the Crab his duties had taken a lot of his time.

His menhari-gata had both been crafted by Kuromori, he particularly appreciated their sturdiness and the possibility to easily change the paper as it had a tendency to get blood-soaked after the fan was rammed through an enemy's skull or rib cage, or cut an artery.

To his uncle's question he answered with a small smile, his voice not even nearly as deep as his relative's.

"As quiet as the calm before the storm."

Letting Kuromori digest his opinion on the apparent peace that was settling and the calm beyond the wall, he took a small sip of his sake.

"Still, we seems to have the best shot at recapturing Shiro Hiruma in centuries, if not in our entire history. But if the Crab doesn't gather support from outside the Clan this endeavor could cost us much."

He then snapped his fan close before reopening it, a recurring mannerism of his, before asking with a hint of concern in his voice.

"Anyway, to more important things : how are my cousins? Did they get hurt during the battle?"

In truth countless questions about the event in question were running through his mind, as he had only heard hearsay about it, and quite frankly he didn't think much about the accuracy of rumors. It might be interesting, but gossip isn't exactly the most reliable source of information.
But right now he had his priorities on the more important things : family.

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Kaze no Kage
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Thu 17 May 2012
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Re: Prologue - Crab Tales of Bygone Days
Family.  Kuromori understood family--it was why he had requested seppuku after so many Crab had lost brothers, sisters, husbands, or wives when his pride had overcome his good sense.

"They are alive and well," he replied, taking a sip of his sake, "though Yukito will have quite a scar to show the ladies and poor Tomoe's favorite naginata was broken in the battle.  The two of them are off enjoying having survived."

Kuromori paused to consider Kazuki's other question.  The one he hadn't asked.

"The Dragon will be your best bet to approach as allies," he said thoughtfully, "though our cousins among the Mantis may also be amenable.  It is possible the Unicorn may take you up on it if you can decide o how to open negotiations..." he pauseda moment, then, "if you approach them correctly, the Lion might be willing to bring their forces to bear, but negotiating with them may be delicate, after their losses here."
Hida Kazuki
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Thu 17 May 2012
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Re: Prologue - Crab Tales of Bygone Days
Kazuki smiled warmly as he heard his cousins were well. Yet at the same time it pained him that he wasn't there to fight by their sides.

"It is good to hear that they are well."

He then considered Kuromori's advice, nodding as his uncle explained things. He had his work cut out for him, but then nothing worthwhile was ever achieved easily.

"I'll do what I can to gather favor from those clans, but I am a bushi, not a courtier. The biggest problem will be that I have not the authority to negotiate on behalf of the Crab. Hm... The Lion have lost much in honor and pride recently, maybe the fact that the Crab has experienced great losses at the hand of the shadowland might find an echo with them. Besides, such an action could help them get out of their disfavor."
Kaze no Kage
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Sat 19 May 2012
at 03:48
Re: Prologue - Crab Tales of Bygone Days
"If there is one thing that I have learned from the Crane," Kuromori replied, raising an eyebrow, "it is that when at court everyone is expected to be a courtier.  As I recall, the Crab are practical enough that any negotiations that you make in good faith will be honored.  If you see an opportunity, take it, do not allow your training with weapons to prevent the Crab from making an advantageous alliance."

The Lion have lost much in honor and pride recently, maybe the fact that the Crab has experienced great losses at the hand of the shadowland might find an echo with them. Besides, such an action could help them get out of their disfavor.

"Ha!  See!" the smith roared with laughter, "and you thought that you did not have the disposition of a courtier.  You may have your armies to reclaim Shiro Hiruma yet!"
Hida Kazuki
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Sat 19 May 2012
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Re: Prologue - Crab Tales of Bygone Days
Kazuki smiled at Kuromori's mention of Crane wisdom and answered with mirth in his voice.

"Most courtiers I know aren't able to kill an ogre at all, let alone cave in ones skull with a fan. A shame too, if that were the case the shadowland problem would have been solved centuries ago."

He then continued in a slightly more serious not, with a small hint of a blush at his uncle's compliments.

"But there indubitably is wisdom in what the Crane preaches. And a Hida that neither acts in an uncouth manner nor is a sumai wrestler might catch people off guard enough to ease my task. Or just pleasantly surprise them, which would also help."
Kaze no Kage
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Mon 28 May 2012
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Re: Prologue - Crab Tales of Bygone Days
"It is true that you will not find many who will expect an articulate Hida," Kuromori agrees, "but beware of defining Winter Court in terms of conflict.  There will be many who will help you to accomplish your goals--in order to aid their own, of course--and as long as you do not oppose them, they will not seek to shame you."

"I know the Crab have often described these court functions as a nest of vipers, but that is too simple a metaphor,"
he says, pouring another cup of sake, "it is more like a herd of cats enclosed in a small room.  Except for the truly crazy ones, each cat is only interested in defending his or her own piece of territory.  There will be fatalities, but unless you provoke others, you do not have to be one of them.  Of course, the trouble is knowing what will provoke the others..."