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Mon 9 Jan 2012
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Cass' Journal Thread
Cass' journal
Cassaitropeya Nynweg Davandi
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Mon 9 Jan 2012
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Re: Cass' Journal Thread
Somewhere in the labyrinthean cellers of Sharns Zilargo Embassy, a cleaver chopped a rabbits tail off. Lingering for a few seconds in mid-swing, the cleaver arched again towards its target on the huge oaken cooking table. Rabbits head departed from its body. Lifting his gaze just for a second, the gnome set his weapon high, preparing it for another swing. Irritated, he spoke „Please put that cigarette out, Elwyn.  You do realise we are in the kitchens, the place where all your fruit porridge comes from.“

Looking weary and tired beyond his age, the elderly gnome threw the cigarette on the floor; every move he made looked like a planned and deliberate gesture.

Clearing his throat, he spoke in a raspy voice. Perhaps a faint smirking smile appeared in the corner of his lips. „Whatever master Doran wishes.“

Cleaver hit again, a neat cut, along the spine.

„Now, now, why the long face old friend? Even though you fucked up in Stormreach as bad as you did, when the word came through that they reopened the Cassaitropeya case, I thought of you. Almost instantly you appeared in my mind.“  A smuggish smile ran across his face. Lodging the cleaver into the wood of the cooking table, Doran Del Doras cleaned his hands on the blooded apron before producing a heavy file, offering it to the old gnome standing next to him.

Elwyn was speachless. “I, I...ukhm..“

Doran tapped him on the shoulder in a friendly fashion.  „I call this your out-of-retirement gift. She`s right here in Sharn, not even pretending to be a Citizen.“

„Th..the..The University?“ Elwyn`s eyes misted as he accepted with trembling hands the leather file with neat rows of yellowish paper in it.

„No. Somewhere in Middle Menthis. And and...and“ Doran giggled like a blushing maid „...she styles herself a native now, walking around with a Drow bodyguard;  the savage follows her like a slave everywhere..“

„Cass? Our Cass?“ Elwyn`s mouth was half opened, his eyes wide.

„Oh, yes  my friend. I do believe that`s quite eccentric even coming from her, on top of everything else...“ Falling silent for a second, Doran turned to Elwyn again. „The case is yours. Do NOT fuck up again my friend, or I won`t be able to do a single thing to help your career.“

Elwyn swallowed the niccotine spit - it tasted bitter. „I will not let you down, Doran, sir.“

Doran smiled.  „Good. Now put that file down and get busy with the carrots over there.  Tonight the Citizens host Lady Shassa Tarr.“