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Wed 14 Mar 2007
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Character concept
Evo, pa postaj lika;)

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Thu 15 Mar 2007
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Re: Character concept
The oil in the lantern was almost out but that was something Syd was very much used to. There were books all around him and beneath him. Everything was dusty and old, and rather messy. And that’s exactly how he liked it. Organized chaos he called it. Since he considered sleeping a total waste of time he used the night when it was relatively peaceful to dedicate himself to his studies.
The oil in the lantern finally ran out and in the middle of a sentence the lamp just died and Syd found himself in complete darkness. There was a quiet rumbling, a blunt sound of a human skull hitting a bookshelf and a loud curse…and the light was restored. He always forgot to prepare a spare bottle of oil because he was so wrapped up in his books. This time he was sure that he made a great discovery, but then again he was always sure. He felt tired and slowly walked towards the window. Before his eyes lie the port filled with ships and boats. He laughed silently…he actually hated the sea and thought that people form this kind of areas where merely petty thieves so he always look down to them which wasn’t really good for his life but he couldn’t help himself. He came here only because of his health, bloody asthma problems. And only the sea air could do some little good. He was drifting again and that wasn’t good at all. He had some important stuff to do and he was sure that this time the discovery would be a world bang. So he sat down and once again started to examine the pages filled with strange letters and symbols. Deciphering was something Syd really enjoyed in.
Thought Syd was officially a part of the House Lyrandar he lost touch with his superiors since he came to Lhazaar Principalities which was about 3 months ago. He had no real occupation or a proscribed duty. Nevertheless the House frequently used his skills. So when they didn’t call for his abilities he just figured he is on a kind of a vacation.
Syd was an extremely skillful and intelligent person but also a rather reckless one which at times almost cost him his life. But he didn’t worry about that, he wasn’t religious man but had some kind of faith in the creature that controls foolish mortals, so when it came to dangerous situations he believed that “someone” would come to his aid. And “someone” or “something” always did come to his aid. People often described Syd as a “bloody lucky fellow” but despite his good fortunes nobody seemed to like him much so Syd didn’t have many friends but somehow he didn’t have many enemies either…
If somebody by chance would be passing through the wet streets of Regalport at 4 o’clock in the morning, that somebody would have a unique opportunity to see a tall wizard scream out of happiness like a nine year old girl…and by chance somebody was passing through the streets of Regalport…or maybe it wasn’t just pure chance…

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Thu 15 Mar 2007
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Re: Character concept
evo dragi nokautiraj se od srece:)
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Thu 15 Mar 2007
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Re: Character concept
Super je...predobro:) jel imas vec kakvih ideja kaj je istrazivo?
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Thu 15 Mar 2007
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Re: Character concept
ja bi ti drage volje rekla sto je istrazivao ali za to bi morala ipak nes malo vise znati o eberonu...
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Thu 15 Mar 2007
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Re: Character concept
pa pukni nekaj...ziher bi te nekaj zanimalo il imas ideju. nemora cak bit tak usko povezano s eberronom!
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Thu 15 Mar 2007
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Re: Character concept
a pojma nemam. fakat ne mogu ovak puknuti...kazem ti moram nes procitati da bi mi nes na pamet palo...
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Thu 15 Mar 2007
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Re: Character concept
aha ok...onda cemo to aknsije razrdait...hoces da ti vec otvorim IC thread?
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Thu 15 Mar 2007
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Re: Character concept
otvori ako hoces...
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Fri 16 Mar 2007
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Re: Character concept
Evo imas character sheet pod character details...i evo primejra kak bi ti to trebalo izgledat. Za statove rolas 4d6 u dice rolleru, al moras kliknut reroll ones i upisat pod rop lowest 1.

Name  :  Vox                     Gender: Neuter (male)    HD: 1d10+1
Race  :  Warforged               Height: 6'6"         MAX HP: 11
Class :  Paladin of Dol Arrah    Weight: 240 lb.      CUR HP: 11
Level :  1                       Age   : 5            Subdue: 0
Align :  Lawful Good             Hair  : None
Deity :  Dol Arrah               Eyes  : Yellow       AP    : 5
Size  :  Medium                  Hand  : Right        XP    : 0
                                 Speed : 20'          Need  : 1000
        SCORE    MOD    SCORE    MOD
STR   :  16   :  +3   :       :       :
DEX   :  12   :  +1   :       :       :
CON   :  13   :  +1   :       :       :
INT   :  11   :  +0   :       :       :
WIS   :  12   :  +1   :       :       :
CHA   :  10   :   0   :       :       :
APP   :       :       :       :       :
        Total       Armour  Shield  Dex  Size   Natural   Misc
AC    :  19   = 10 +   8  +    0   + 1  +  0  +    0    +  0
Touch :  11   = 10 +   -  +    -   + 1  +  0  +    -    +  0
FFoot :  18   = 10 +   8  +    0   + -  +  0  +    0    +  0

        Total   Dex  Misc
Init  :  +1   = +1    +0

Base Attack Bonus: +1

                Total   Base    Abil   Size  Misc
Melee Attack  :  +4   =  +1   +  +3  +  0  +  0
Ranged Attack :  +2   =  +1   +  +1  +  0  +  0
WEAPON :    Greatsword          |
ATTACK :       +4               |
DAMAGE :      2d6+3             |
CRIT   :     19-20/x2           |
RANGE  :                        |
SIZE   :     Medium             |
TYPE   :    Slashing            |
PROP   :                        |
WEIGHT :       8 lb.            |
AMMUNTION:              Remaining:
ARMOUR        : Adamantine Body
TYPE          : Heavy Armor
MAX DEX       : +1
SPELL FAIL    : 35%
SPEED         : 20'
PROPERTIES    : Damage Reduction 2/adamantine
WEIGHT        :
SAVES   Total   Base  Abil  Magic  Misc
Fort  :  +3   =  +2    +1    +0     +0
Refl  :  +1   =  +0    +1    +0     +0
Will  :  +1   =  +0    +1    +0     +0
FEATS                                    GAINED
Simple Weapon Prof (All)                 Paladin
Martial Weapon Prof (All)                Paladin
Light Armor Prof                         Paladin
Medium Armor Prof                        Paladin
Heavy Armor Prof                         Paladin
Shield Prof (Minus Tower)                Paladin
Adamantine Body                          1st Level
Aura of Good
Detect Evil
Smite Evil 1/day
Living Construct Subtype
 - Has a Con Score
 - Does not have low light/darkvision
 - Is not immune to mind effecting spells
 - Immunity to Poison, sleep effects, paralysis, disease, energy drain
 - Immunity to Nausea, Fatigue, effects causing sickened condition
 - Cannot Heal Naturally
 - Subject to critical hits
 - Can be raise/ressurected
 - Does not need to sleep, eat, or breathe but can use potions
+2 Con, -2 wis, -2 Cha
Composite Plating (+2 AC)
Light Fortification (25% chance of critical hit/sneak attack negation)
Slam Attack (1d4 dmg, w/battlefist: 1d8)

LANGUAGES: Common, Dwarven
SKILLS                                     MAX RANKS :

Skill                                                  Related
      Mod = Rnk Abl Msc  |  Skills:                    Ability  Untrained?
      +0  =  0  +0  +0   |  Appraise                    (INT)      Yes
      -4  =  0  +1  -5!  |  Balance                     (DEX)      Yes
      +0  =  0  +0  +0   |  Bluff                       (CHA)      Yes
      -2  =  0  +3  -5!  |  Climb                       (STR)      Yes
      +3  =  2  +1  +0   |  Concentration               (CON)      Yes
      +4  =  4  +0  +0   |  *Craft:Blacksmithing        (INT)      Yes
      +0  =  0  +0  +0   |  Decipher Script             (INT)      No
      +2  =  2  +0  +0   |  Diplomacy                   (CHA)      Yes
      +0  =  0  +0  +0   |  Disable Device              (INT)      No
      +0  =  0  +0  +0   |  Disguise                    (CHA)      Yes
      -4  =  0  +1  -5!  |  Escape Artist               (DEX)      Yes
      +0  =  0  +0  +0   |  Forgery                     (INT)      Yes
      +0  =  0  +0  +0   |  Gather Information          (CHA)      Yes
      +0  =  0  +0  +0   |  Handle Animal               (CHA)      No
      +5  =  4  +1  +0   |  Heal                        (WIS)      Yes
      -4  =  0  +1  -5!  |  Hide                        (DEX)      Yes
      +0  =  0  +0  +0   |  Intimidate                  (CHA)      Yes
      -2  =  0  +3  -5!  |  Jump                        (STR)      Yes
      +2  =  2  +0  +0   |  *Knowledge:Religion         (INT)      No
      +1  =  0  +1  +0   |  Listen                      (WIS)      Yes
      -4  =  0  +1  -5!  |  Move Silently               (DEX)      Yes
      +0  =  0  +1  +0   |  Open Lock                   (DEX)      No
      +0  =  0  +0  +0   |  *Perform:                   (CHA)      Yes
      +0  =  0  +1  +0   |  *Profession:                (WIS)      No
      +1  =  0  +1  +0   |  Ride                        (DEX)      Yes
      +0  =  0  +0  +0   |  Search                      (INT)      Yes
      +3  =  2  +1  +0   |  Sense Motive                (WIS)      Yes
      -4  =  0  +1  -5!  |  Sleight of Hand             (DEX)      No
      +0  =  0  +0  +0   |  Spellcraft                  (INT)      No
      +1  =  0  +1  +0   |  Spot                        (WIS)      Yes
      +1  =  0  +1  +0   |  Survial                     (WIS)      Yes
      -2  =  0  +3  -5!  |  Swim                        (STR)      Yes
      -4  =  0  +1  -5!  |  Tumble                      (DEX)      No
      +0  =  0  +0  +0   |  Use Magic Device            (CHA)      No
      +1  =  0  +1  +0   |  Use Rope                    (DEX)      Yes

! = Armor Check Penalty applies
* = Requires specialization

Platinum (PP):
Gold     (GP): 70
Silver   (SP):
Copper   (CP):
Heavy Cloak & Hood x2
 Warforged Repair kit x2             2 lb.
 Identification Papers
Greatsword                           8 lb.
                                          TOTAL WEIGHT: 10 lb.

                                          TOTAL WEIGHT: 6 lb.


Domain 1:
Domain 2:

Granted Powers:
Granted Powers:

Specialist School:
Prohibited Schools:

Spells Prepared:
Level 0:
Level 1:
Level 2:
Level 3:
Level 4:
Level 5:
Level 6:
Level 7:
Level 8:
Level 9:

Spellbook/Spell List:

Vox stands at an imposing 6'6" tall, the looming war machine gazes at you impassively, if it were not for the yellow opticals following your movement one could not tell the warforged was aware of anything going on. His body plating shone and was etched carefully, while for the most part this hulking figure was concealed under a heavy cloak from what one can see the plating has been etched to look like the heavy plate that humans would wear, though odd for his nature the etchings include religious symbols denoting the being attached as being of the order of Dol Arrah, the peace maker. Also of note, while the order of Dol Arrah favors the halberd this hulking figure has no such weapon strapped to his back, but rather a huge greatsword.
Vox found himself lost. In the signing of the treaty at the end of the Last War, the warforged soldier found himself without a purpose, a warrior without a war to fight. Its fellow soldiers, disbanded, leaving in the same vacant trance as it was. But where was it to go? It had known only orders, go there, fight humans, dwarves, other warforged. Was there anything for them now except exile and hatred for what they represented? Many questions were left unanswered to Vox in those first weeks after the treaty was signed. And no answer given to the construct was pretty.

For a time unknown to it, it worked as a laborer. Feeling useful in plying its strength to such tasks that were much akin to what it was designed for. Yet still it nagged at its consciousness. When other laborers either ignored or could not answer Vox's queries it turned its sights beyond the norm seeking an answer from those who seemed to have no purpose, who spoke rather than fought, who forgave and healed instead of bore grudge and slew. Clerics gave him many answers, each rival faction surely seeing a deluded warforged as an asset to their temples.

Save one, one amongst the throng did not demand servitude or payment. The old cleric did not charge him for knowledge but gave freely of it nor held the looming figure of Vox in contempt for what it was. Vox asked the old human what its purpose was now. "What you deem it to be." How do you forgive yet stay true to an ideal? "By setting limits, rules of conduct. Such are called paladins, those who judge but temper anger and bloodshed with respect and ideals." Paladin? Would I be a paladin? "In time perhaps. First you must discover who you are. Then you must listen to see if you can hear him. One does not choose to be a holy warrior, our patrons selects you. And only in his own time." Vox thought on this and nodded slowly. "I lack purpose, I need a place. To learn of your patron and this code of conduct might give me both. Might I learn from you?" And thus Vox began his what ends only the gods would know....

To Vox the lessons that followed were both troubling and insightful. While on one hand the construct began discovering his sense of self and recognizing himself as more than an 'it' or construct but also a being of the world with his own thoughts, mixed and scrambled as they may be. But on the other hand he found much about the clerics teachings troublings, since they questioned his original design and form. He was a soldier, a being made to do battle and slay foes, was that wrong? Or was it wrong to deny his nature? This question he posed to Brother Marcus, his old guide and mentor. MArcus told him plainly, "It is wrong to deny ones nature, but so too is it wrong to slay for the wrong reasons. This is what a paladin must know within himself. When it is time to strike and strike true. And when to show mercy, to not strike and let your enemy live."

Vox wrestled with this concept throughout his training and it took many months for him to come to terms with the concept of 'mercy' and 'forgiveness'. Then one day he found it. While tiding the alcove Marcus allowed him to keep as an individual, despite Vox's ability to go on and on, upon the bed untouched was a large engraved box. The sigil of Dol Arrah bore up and as Vox showed Marcus the old cleric smiled softly, "It seems almost a year ago you started the path. Our lord has deemed fit to grace you with a first step. Take what is within and start your new life Vox, serve with honor and sacrafice. Never use the gift of our patron within that box to stray from the path."

Vox was unsure but opened it regardless finding a large blade within. It was not a blade commonly repressented by Dol Arrah but it did bare his mark close to the crossguard. Vox nodded his head to his mentors words, this blade would indeed only strike true, never would it strike the weak and helpless. This he swore upon his new found Honor. And so the warforged set upon his path, heading out from the
temple of Dol Arrah to find his way in the new semi-peaceful realm, first to the
great city of Sharn where many would find their destinies...