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Complete Mage
Prestige Classes

Abjurant Champion - Per RAW, the Abjurant Champion cannot use Mage Armour for Abjurant Armour.
Eldritch Disciple
Master Specialist - This class is restricted, for its easy prerequisites, low level access and small loss for a big gain. Some DMs may ban it, others may ask you to wait a few more levels for RoA's training requirements. Discuss it with your DM.
Ultimate Magus
Unseen Seer


Alacritous Cogitation
Battlecaster Defense
Battlecaster Offense
Captivating Melody
Cloudy Conjuration
Dazzling Illusion
Delay Potion
Energy Abjuration
Favored Magic Foe
Fearsome Necromancy
Insightful Divination
Magic Device Attunement
Master of Undeath
Melodic Casting
Metamagic School Focus
Metamagic Spell Trigger
Piercing Evocation
Ranged Recall
Rapid Metamagic
Somatic Weaponry
Toughening Transmutations
Unsettling Enchantment

Reserve Feats

Acidic Splatter             | Aquatic Breath                  | Blade Of Force
Borne Aloft                 | Clap Of Thunder                 | Clutch Of Earth
Dimensional Jaunt           | Dimensional Reach               | Drowning Glance
Face-Changer                | Fiery Burst                     | Hurricane Breath
Invisible Needle            | Magic Disruption                | Magic Sensitive
Minor Shapeshift            | Mystic Backlash                 | Shadow Veil
Sickening Grasp             | Storm Bolt                      | Summon Elemental
Sunlight Eyes               | Touch of Distraction            | Wind-Guided Arrows
Winter's Blast

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