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Unearthed Arcana
Racial Paragon Classes

Drow Paragon
Dwarf Paragon
Elf Paragon
Gnome Paragon

Half-Dragon Paragon
Half-Elf Paragon
Half-Orc Paragon
Halfling Paragon
Human Paragon

Orc Paragon
Tiefling Paragon

Prestige Classes

Prestige Bard
Prestige Paladin
Prestige Ranger


Spelltouched Feats

Accurate Jaunt              | Bladeproof Skin                 | Breadth Of Knowledge
Conductivity                | Controlled Immolation           | Eyes To The Sky
False Pretenses             | Ineluctable Echo                | Life Leech
Live My Nightmare           | Momentary Alteration            | Naturalized Denizen
Omniscient Whispers         | Photosynthetic Skin             | Polar Chill
Residual Rebound            | Stench Of The Dead

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Unearthed Arcana - Additional
Racial Paragon Classes

Aasimar Paragon

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