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Forgotten Realms: Champions Of Valor
Regional Backgrounds

Bardic Tutelage             | Bastard Of Azoun                | Celestial-Attended Birth
Child Of The Unicorn        | Chosen-Born                     | Church Acolyte
Circle-Born                 | Enlightened Student             | Harper Protege
Holy Realm                  | Knight's Squire                 | Martyr's Progeny
Monastery Orphan            | Mulhorandi Royal                | Orphan Of The Yellow Rose
Secret Moondancer           | Selunite Foundling              | Ward Of The Triad

Class Substitution Levels

Berronar Valkyrie (Dwarf Paladin of Berronar Truesilver)
Broken One (Monk of Ilmater)
Claw Of The Sun And The Ankh (Paladin of Horus-Re)
Crescent Moon Knight (Paladin of Clangeddin Silverbeard or Selune)
Darksong Knight (Fighter of Eilistraee)
Dukar (Wizard of Sea of Fallen Stars)
Eternal Order (Paladin of Kelemvor)
Fangshields Barbarian (Non-humanoid Barbarian)
Fangshields Druid (Non-humanoid Druid)
Fangshields Ranger (Non-humanoid Ranger)
Golden Cup (Paladin of Ilmater)
Golden Lion (Paladin of Torm)
Holy Judge (Paladin of Tyr)
Lion Legionnaire (Paladin of Nobanion)
Mysic Fire Knight (Paladin of Mystra)
Noble Heart (Paladin of Ilmater)
Phoenix Disciple (Monk of Kossuth)
Purple Staff (Cleric of Chauntea, Helm, Lathander, Nobanion, Selune, or Sune)
Red Falcon (Paladin of Red Knight)
Ruby Rose Knight (Paladin of Sune)
Shadow Sword (Ranger of Shaundakul)
Shooting Star (Ranger of Mystra)
Vigilant Eye Of Helm (Paladin of Helm)
Wary Swordknight (Halfling Paladin of Arvoreen)

Prestige Classes

Knight Of The Flying Hunt   | Knight Of The Weave             | Moonsea Skysentinel
Triadic Knight


Broken Oneís Sacrifice      | Carmendine Monk                 | Detect Shadow Weave User
Druuth Slayer               | From Smite To Song              | Overcome Shadow Weave
Silver Blood                | Silver Fang                     | Smiting Power
Sword Of The Arcane Order   | Sun Soul Monk                   | Favoured In Guild


Mark of the Triad


Defender Of The Homeland                   | Knight Of The Red Falcon
Knight Of The Risen Scepter                | Knight Of Tyrís Holy Judgment
Knight Of Tyrís Merciful Sword             | Paladin Of The Noble Heart


Initiate Of Anhur           | Initiate Of Arvoreen            | Initiate Of Baravar Cloakshadow
Initiate Of Eilistraee      | Initiate Of the Holy Realm      | Initiate Of Horus-Re
Initiate Of Milil           | Initiate Of Nobanion            | Initiate Of Tymora


Duerran Metaform Training   | Duerran Stealth Training

Tools And Equipment


Amphail Gray                | Calimite                        | Chionthar
Cormyrean Destrier          | Dales Pony                      | Dambraii
Hammer Pony                 | Island Pony                     | Kromlor
Lhesperan                   | Meth                            | Nars
Raurin                      | Semphari                        | Shaaran Zebra
Shad'iar                    | Sosser                          | Steppe
Tharurr                     | Uglib                           | Whiteshield Pony

Magic Items

Weapon Enhancements

Homeland Champion                | Sacrificial Smiting

Magic Weapons

Albruin                     | Chalsembyr's Heart              | Dornavver
Hadryllis                   | Oath-Hammer                     | Anvil Of Hope
Lady Justice                | Lord Of Sleep                   | Maid Of The Waters
Mace Of The Brightwalkers   | Vilebiter Blade

Magic Armour

Flying Hunt Armour          | Storm Armour

Special Materials


Magic Staffs

Staff Of Celestial Light


Ring Of Truth-Telling

Wondrous Items

Dukar Hand Coral             | Faith Token                    | Harper Token
Tabard Of The Nimbral Herald | ZundaerazylymíS Nevertokens    | Doomwarden Bracers
Mask Of Tears



2nd - Invisibility, Swift


2nd - Invisibility, Swift
      Portal Well


2nd - Portal Well
3rd - Faith Healing Wand
      Rend Shadow Weave
4th - Runic Marker
      Stars Of Arvandor
      Stars Of Mystra
      Stars Of Selune
5th - Dawnshroud


1st - Horrible Taste
2nd - Portal Well
4th - Stars Of Arvandor


1st - Disk Of Solar Vengeance
      Eilistraee's Moonfire
      Fleeting Fortune
      Horrible Taste
2nd - Dispel Silence
      Favor Of Tymora
      Invisibility, Swift
3rd - Spellsong, Lesser
6th - Spellsong


1st - Horrible Taste
4th - Stars Of Arvandor


1st - Vision Of Punishment
3rd - Create Lantern Archon
4th - Animate With Spirit
      Celestial Fortress
      Holy Fire Shield
5th - Convert Wand
6th - Benign Projection

Sorcerer And Wizard

2nd - Portal Well
      Silver Dragonmail
3rd - Golden Dragonmail
      Rend Shadow Weave
      Stars Of Arvandor
5th - Shard Blessing Aura
      Skin Of The Steel Dragon

Variant Rules


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Forgotten Realms: Champions Of Valor Web Enhancement
Class Substitution Levels

Golden Hands of Vergadain (Dwarf Rogue of Vergadain)
Harmonious Knight (Paladin of Milil)
Hin Disciple (Halfling Monk)
Shadow Cloak Knight (Gnome Paladin)
High One Warrior-Wizard (Wizard of Azuth)
Wayward Warden (Halfing Paladin)
Dark Moon Disciple (Monk of Shar)
Zhentarim Soldier (Fighter of Zhentarim)