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Forgotten Realms: Shining South

Human, Arkaiun            | Human, Durpari                  | Human, Halruann
Human, Shaaryan           | Loxo                            | Thri-Kreen

These races may be allowed in certain regions, depending on the DM.


Forest Of Amtar           | Loxo                            | Misty Vale
Rathgaunt Hills           | Rethild                         | Swagdar

Prestige Classes

Crinti Shadow Marauder      | Great Rift Deep Defender        | Great Sea Corsair
Halruaan Elder              | Halruaan Magehound              | Hand of the Adama
Hin Fist                    | Jordain Vizier                  | Luiren Marchwarden
Maquar Crusader             | Scourge Maiden

Great Sea Corsair - see Dread Pirate in Song & Silence and Complete Adventurer
Hin Fist - see Sacred Fist in Defenders Of The Faith and Complete Divine


Allied Defense              | Ankheg Tribe Ambush             | Cheetah Tribe Sprint
Cover Your Tracks           | Eagle Tribe Vision              | Halruuan Adept
Heat Tolerance              | Hold The Line                   | Hyena Tribe Hunter
Initiate Of Loviatar        | Lion Tribe Warrior              | Natural Scavenger
Nomadic Trekker             | Resist Disease                  | Rhinoceros Tribe Charge
Selective Spell             | Tall Mouther Hunter             | Woodwise

Weapons And Equipment


Gythka                      | Chatkcha

Magic Items

Armour And Shield Enhancements

Anchoring                 | Anchoring, Greater              | Blinking
Blurring                  | Comfort                         | Freedom
Healing                   | Health                          | Masking
Menacing                  | Mirror Image                    | Proof Against Enchantments
Sailing                   | Sanctuary                       | Vermin Controlling

Weapon Enhancements

Enervating                | Weakening                       | Exhausting
Paralysing                | Rusting

Specific Magic Weapons

Great Rift Blazing Skylance | Great Rift Forceful Skylance  | Pick Of Piercing
Scourge Of Pain             | Stun Bolt                     | Whip Of Constricting

Wondrous Items

Amulet Of Proof Against Petrification                       | Belt Of Priestly Might
Belt Of Priestly Might And Warding                          | Belt Of Holy Might
Animating Door            | Holding Door                    | Door Of Beasts
Door Of Derangement       | Door Of Mirrors                 | Door Of Negation
Door Of Visions           | Silencing Door                  | Halruaan Skyship
Pouch Of Winds            | Solution Of Stillness           | Vapor Bottle



1st - Sea Legs


1st - Protection from Winged Flyers
      Sea Legs
2nd - Dispel Fog
      Rock Catch
      Sun Bolt
3rd - Entropic Shield, Mass
      Redirect Spell
      Sticks And Stones
4th - Wall Of Pain
5th - Stonefire
6th - Fiery Vision
7th - Stone Trap


1st - Darsson's Cooling Breeze
      Protection from Winged Flyers
2nd - Dispel Fog
      Easy Trail
3rd - Brittleskin
      Coral Growth
      Jump, Mass
4th - Land Womb
6th - Shuffle


4th - Land Womb


1st - Protection from Winged Flyers
3rd - Redirect Spell


2nd - Dispel Fog
      Easy Trail
      Rock Catch
3rd - Brittleskin
      Jump, Mass
      Safe Clearing
4th - Land Womb

Sorcerer And Wizard

1st - Arcane Sensitivity
      Darsson's Cooling Breeze
      Protection from Winged Flyers
      Sea Legs
2nd - Darsson's Chilling Chamber
      Darsson's Fiery Furnace
      Dispel Fog
      Sun Bolt
3rd - Brittleskin
      Jump, Mass
      Sticks and Stones
4th - Coral Growth
      Lightning Fog
      Wall of Pain
5th - Circlet of Enervation
      Daltim's Fiery Tentacles
6th - Kyristan's Malevolent Tentacles
7th - Stone Trap
9th - Mycontil's Last Resort
      Tidal Wave

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