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Forgotten Realms: Unapproachable East

Star Elf                  | Gnoll                           | Hagspawn
Mountain Spirit Folk      | River Spirit Folk               | Taer

These races may be allowed in certain regions, depending on the DM.


Altumbel                  | Gnoll                           | Shou Expatriate
Star Elf                  | Taer                            | Volodni
Wizards' Reach

These regions were updated in Player's Guide To Faerun.

Prestige Classes

Aglarondan Griffonrider     | Black Flame Zealot              | Durthan
Master Of The Yuirwood      | Nar Demonbinder                 | Nentyar Hunter
Raumathari Battlemage       | Runescarred Berserker           | Shou Disciple
Talontar Blightlord         | Telflammar Shadowlord           | Thayan Slaver

The Talontar Blightlord and the Thayan Slaver are Evil, and is not usable in standard games.


Battle Jump                 | Craft Contingent Spell          | Draw From The Land
Ettercap Berserker          | Explosive Spell                 | Extended Rage
Fortify Spell               | Great Stag Berserker            | Ice Troll Berserker
Improved Grapple            | Long Reach                      | Owlbear Berserker
Rashemi Elemental Summoning | Snow Tiger Berserker            | Transdimensional Spell
Vremyonni Training          | Wolf Berserker                  | Woodwise

Weapons And Equipment


Jhuild (Rashemi Firewine)

Special Materials


Magic Items

Weapon Enhancements

Berserker                   | Diseased                        | Dismisser
Valorous                    | Vampiric

Specific Weapons

Aglarondan Flight Lance     | Ebon Lash                       | Flamelance
Spectral Dagger             | Thayan Bombard                  | Yuir Ghostblade

Wondrous Items

Breachstone                 | Circlet Of The Wilderness       | Hathran Masks
Robe Of Rukhyon             | Shaporyl's Mask                 | Witchboat

Special Types of Magic

Circle Magic              | Contingent Spells               | Place Magic
Rune Magic                | Shadow Weave



1st - Low-Light Vision


3rd - Improved Blink


3rd - Bladebane
4th - Recitation
5th - Soul Scour


3rd - Greenfire

Harper Scout

1st - Low-Light Vision (obsolete)


1st - Low-Light Vision

Nar Demonbinder

4th - Beltyn's Burning Blood
6th - Fiendform

Nentyar Hunter

3rd - Greenfire
4th - Force Orb


2nd - Bladebane


1st - Low-Light Vision
4th - Superior Darkvision

Sorcerer And Wizard

1st - Low-Light Vision
      Nybor's Gentle Reminder
      Snilloc's Snowball
2nd - Decastave
3rd - Abolish Shadows
      Improved Mage Armour
4th - Bladebane
      Force Orb
      Ilyykur's Mantle
      Sinsabur's Baleful Bolt
      Superior Darkvision
5th - Ball Lightning
      Beltyn's Burning Blood
      Improved Blink
6th - Animate Dread Warrior
      Ghorus Toth's Magnetism
7th - Nybor's Stern Reproof
9th - Sphere Of Ultimate Destruction

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