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Complete Adventurer
Base Classes

Ninja - restricted to certain regions, dependent on the DM

Prestige Classes

Animal Lord               | Beastmaster                     | Bloodhound
Daggerspell Mage          | Daggerspell Shaper              | Dread Pirate
Dungeon Delver            | Exemplar                        | Fochlucan Lyrist
Ghost-Faced Killer        | Highland Stalker                | Maester
Master Of Many Forms      | Nightsong Enforcer              | Nightsong Infiltrator
Ollam                     | Shadowbane Inquisitor*          | Shadowbane Stalker*
Shadowmind                | Spymaster                       | Streetfighter
Tempest                   | Thief-Acrobat                   | Vigilante
Virtuoso                  | Wild Plains Outrider

The Ghost-Faced Killer is Evil, and is not usable in standard games.
The Shadowmind is Psionic, and is not usable in standard games.
Shadowbane Inquisitor & Shadowbane Stalker are allowed only with DM's approval

Expanded Skills

Appraise                  | Balance                         | Climb
Craft                     | Decipher Script                 | Diplomacy
Disable Device            | Escape Artist                   | Forgery
Handle Animal             | Heal                            | Hide
Open Lock                 | Sense Motive                    | Survival
Swim                      | Tumble                          | Use Rope


Appraise Magic Value      | Ascetic Hunter                  | Ascetic Knight
Ascetic Mage              | Ascetic Rogue                   | Brachiation
Brutal Throw              | Combat Intuition                | Danger Sense
Death Blow                | Deft Opportunist                | Deft Strike
Devoted Inquisitor        | Devoted Performer               | Devoted Tracker
Disguise Spell            | Dive for Cover                  | Dual Strike
Expert Tactician          | Extra Music                     | Extraordinary Concentration
Extraordinary Spell Aim   | Force Of Personality            | Goad
Green Ear                 | Hear The Unseen                 | Improved Diversion
Improved Flight           | Improved Swimming               | Insightful Reflexes
Jack Of All Trades        | Leap Attack                     | Lingering Song
Mobile Spellcasting       | Natural Bond                    | Obscure Lore
Open Minded               | Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting   | Power Throw
Quick Reconnoiter         | Razing Strike                   | Staggering Strike
Subsonics                 | Tactile Trapsmith               | Versatile Performer

Bardic Music Feats
Chant Of Music            | Ironskin Chant                  | Lyric Spell

Wildshape Feats
Blindsense                | Climb Like An Ape               | Cougar's Vision
Hawk's Vision             | Savage Grapple                  | Scent

Weapons And Equipment

Exotic Weapons
Barbed Dagger             | Broadblade Short Sword          | Longaxe
Longstaff                 | Quickblade Rapier

Alchemical Items

Blend Cream               | Catstink                        | Fareye Oil
Flash Pellet              | Freeglide                       | Focusing Candle
Hawk's Ointment           | Healer's Balm                   | Keenear Powder
Lockslip Grease           | Nature's Draught                | Softfoot

Alchemical Capsules

Capsule Retainer          | Alchemical Tooth                | Antitoxin Capsule
Ironman Capsule           | Leap Capsule                    | Stability Capsule
Strongarm Capsule         | Swiftstride Capsule

Alchemical Weapon Capsules

Weapon Capsule Retainer   | Triple Weapon Capsule Retainer  | Ghostblight
Quickflame                | Quickfrost                      | Quickspark

Tools And Skill Kits

Animal Training Kit       | Balance Pole                    | Camouflage Kit
Forger Kit                | Listening Cone                  | Longspoon Thieves' Tools, MW
MW Military Saddle        | MW Riding Saddle

Masterwork Instruments

Drum                      | Fiddle                          | Flute
Harp                      | Horn                            | Lute
Lyre                      | Mandolin                        | Pan Pipes

Magic Items

Armour And Shield Enhancements

Beastskin                 | Focused

Weapon Enhancements

Sizing                    | Deadly Precision

Specific Weapons

Blade of Deception        | Bow of Songs                    | Bowstaff
Claws Of The Leopard      | Dagger Of Defense               | Guerrilla Spear

Potions And Oils

Healthful Rest (potion)   | Exacting Shot (oil)             | Iron Silence (oil)
Nature's Favor (potion)   | Sonic Weapon (oil)              | Train Animal (potion)
Absorb Weapon (oil)       | Entangling Staff (oil)


Ring Of Filcher's Friend  | Ring Of Lockpicking


Golem Strike              | Grave Strike                    | Hawkeye
Healthful Rest            | Vine Strike                     | Divine Insight
Iron Silence              | Mindless Rage                   | Nature's Favor
Sonic Weapon              | Train Animal                    | Wracking Touch

Minor Wondrous Items

Jumping Caltrops          | Scarf Of Warmth                 | Badge Of Valor
Medal Of Gallantry        | Amulet Of Aberrant Empathy      | Collar Of Obedience
Possum Pouch              | Papyrus Of Deception            | Spool Of Endless Rope
Vial Of The Last Gasp     | Spellsight Spectacles           | Tunic Of Steady Spellcasting
Rope Of Stone             | Stylus Of The Masterful Hand    | Pendant Of Draconic Empathy
Shawl Of Bewitching       | Headband Of Conscious Effort    | Armbands Of Might
Crown Of Steady Rulership | Choker Of Eloquence, Lesser     | Monocle Of Perusal

Medium Wondrous Items

Trumpeter's Gift          | Sandals Of Harmonious Balance   | Flute Of The Snake
Mask Of Lies              | Choker Of Eloquence, Greater

Major Wondrous Items

Lute Of The Wandering Minstrel
Mandolin Of The Inspiring Muse
Strings Of Spell Storing
Harp Of The Immortal Maestro



1st - Critical Strike
      Distract Assailant
      Insightful Feint
      Instant Locksmith
      Instant Search
      Sniper's Shot
2nd - Swift Invisibility
      Iron Silence
3rd - Absorb Weapon
      Spectral Weapon
4th - Shadow Form
      Sniper's Eye


1st - Accelerated Movement
      Distort Speech
      Swift Expeditious Retreat
      Focusing Chant
      Healthful Rest
      Herald's Call
      Inspirational Boost
      Joyful Noise
      Master's Touch
2nd - Bladeweave
      Swift Fly
      Insidious Rythm
      Swift Invisibility
      Iron Silence
      Mindless Rage
      Sonic Weapon
      Tactical Precision
3rd - Allegro
      Dirge of Discord
      Dissonant Chord
      Harmonic Chorus
      Hymn of Praise
      Infernal Threnody
4th - Listening Coin
      Spectral Weapon
      War Cry
5th - Improvisation
      Wail of Doom
6th - Cacophonic Shield


1st - Grave Strike
2nd - Divine Insight
      Healing Lorecall
      Iron Silence


1st - Hawkeye
      Healthful Rest
      Vine Strike
2nd - Balancing Lorecall
      Branch to Branch
      Daggerspell Stance
      Easy Trail
      Embrace the Wild
      Healing Lorecall
      Listening Lorecall
      Nature's Favor
      Train Animal
      Wracking Touch
3rd - Entangling Staff
      Swift Fly
4th - Forestfold
5th - Cloak of the Sea


1st - Grave Strike
2nd - Divine Insight


1st - Accelerated Movement
      Arrow Mind
      Branch to Branch
      Easy Trail
      Embrace the Wild
      Exacting Shot
      Guided Shot
      Healing Lorecall
      Instant Search
      Sniper's Shot
      Vine Strike
2nd - Balancing Lorecall
      Easy Climb
      Swift Haste
      Listening Lorecall
      Nature's Favor
      Train Animal
3rd - Blade Storm
4th - Arrow Storm

Sorcerer And Wizard

1st - Arrow Mind
      Critical Strike
      Golem Strike
      Guided Shot
      Insightful Feint
      Instant Locksmith
      Instant Search
      Master's Touch
      Sniper's Shot
      Distract Assailant
      Accelerated Movement
      Swift Expeditious Retreat
2nd - Daggerspell Stance
      Balancing Lorecall
      Listening Lorecall
      Mindless Rage
      Wracking Touch
      Swift Fly
      Sonic Weapon
3rd - Spectral Weapon
4th - Entangling Staff
5th - Nightstalker's Transformation
      Shadow Form
6th - Cloak of the Sea
7th - Cacophonic Shield
9th - Hindsight

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