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Forgotten Realms: Lords Of Darkness


General Feats

Phalanx Fighting

Metamagic Feats

Exchew Materials

Item Creation Feats

Tattoo Magic

Cleric Spells

Level 3

Darkfire (Drow Pantheon) | Handfang | Mystic Lash (Bane)
Phantom Plow

Level 4

Dread Blast (Cyric) | Night's Mantle | Skull of Secrets (Cyric)

Level 5

Battletide (Xvim/Bane) | Skull Eyes (Cyric)

Level 6

Stone Walk (Bane)

Level 7

Triple Mask (Cyric)

Druid Spells

Level 3

Phantom Plow

Sorcerer/Wizard Spells

Level 2

Combust (Red Wizard)

Level 3

Handfang | Lesser Shadow Tentacle

Level 5

Greater Shadow Tentacle

Level 6

Shadow Canopy

Level 8

Devastate Undead

Level 9

Stasis Clone

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