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Tome And Blood
Prestige Classes

Arcane Trickster - See the 3.5 DMG for updated version
Bladesinger* - Also see T&B Web Enhancement or Races of Faerun for corrected version, and Complete Warrior for 3.5 updated version
Blood Magus*
Candle Caster
Mind Bender
- Updated to 3.5 in Complete Warrior


Arcane Defense
Arcane Preparation
Augment Summoning
Extra Slot
Extra Spell
Greater Spell Focus
Greater Spell Penetration
Spell Specialization

Metamagic Feats

Chain Spell
Cooperative Spell
Delay Spell
Energy Substitution
Energy Admixture
Persistent Spell
Repeat Spell
Sculpt Spell
Split Ray
Subdual Substitution
Widen Spell

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