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Wed 7 Nov 2007
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The Twilight Tomb: OOC
Your relief from the dark horrors of the nether realm.
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Wed 7 Nov 2007
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Re: The Twilight Tomb: OOC
Adventure Options!

Now this is a pre-fab adventure, so whatever you choose will meant that you will inevitably wind up in the same place. But these will determine why you're here and participating, how I start the adventure, and the reactions of certain NPCs. Choose one or two that you like, or invent your own, and I'll go with the most popular one or two.

But Is It Art?

The affable merchant Tulin Fairweather has been quietly approaching adventurers with a rather embarrassing request. He had been recently hired to transport an expensive objet d'art from Furthinghome to Glarondar, and tried to cut costs and time by taking a shortcut through the Yuirwood. And then lost it. He's not sure where, but suspects it went missing near a certain menhir circle. He was unwilling to interfere with the mysterious henge, and now seeks qualified adventurers to find and retrieve the item. There will of course be a reward for the item's return.

Save The Princess, Save The World

Berask Trameldor, a prominent half-elven noble of Furthinghome has been making secret visits to the city's taverns and seedy dens, making discrete inquiries of the adventurers he finds there. He needs a certain lost treasure found and returned. That treasure is Duladora, his disobedient and adventurous daughter, who went into the Yuirwood after rumours of a functioning portal and has not returned. A reward is available for anyone who can return her alive and safe and with the minimum of shame upon his household.

At The Woods Of Madness

The ancient stone circles that lie in the green depths of the Yuirwood are a favourite legend of the adventurers passing through Aglarond. One old stone henge lying at the edge of the forest is reportedly haunted, and strange lights and missing travelers in the region give credence to these stories. Other tales claim that the old stone rings lead to abandoned citadels of the star elves, where treasure is free for the taking. And one mad old ex-adventurer claims to have seen insane horrors and twisted alien worlds beyond comprehension. It sounds like a grand adventure, doesn't it?

The Ghost Who Walks

A powerful oracle's divinations have revealed that the Duskwalker has awakened and once again threatens the Yuirwood and the world beyond. Of course, the predictions are frustratingly vague, but all signs point to some disastrous occurrence if this threat from a bygone era is not stopped. The Masters Of The Yuirwood have put out a call for brave adventurers to patrol the forest, investigate unusual signs, and help them thwart this ancient evil.

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Re: The Twilight Tomb: OOC
Now, before we begin... has anyone played The Twilight Tomb already? No? Good. :)
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Fri 9 Nov 2007
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Re: The Twilight Tomb: OOC
Massively looking forward to the game.
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Mon 12 Nov 2007
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Re: The Twilight Tomb: OOC
Same here.  Pleasure to be gaming with you, Coby.  :-)  Would you be our Ranger/Rogue or our Swashbuckler?