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Wed 19 Dec 2007
at 11:51
Evesa's intro
You have made your way from northern Tethyr to Waterdeep by sea.  The coronation of the new monarchs in your home country has seen the hostilities there subside, or at least take on a new degree of subtlety.  You have heard stories of the wars in the north; of the re-taking of Mithril Hall and the drow assault on Battledale and you have come to test your military knowledge and your devotion to Red Knight in the fires of battle.

You wintered in Waterdeep, collecting such maps and provisions as you thought best, and moved out as soon as spring broke.  So far you have only progressed a short distance up the River Dessarin towards the town of Yartar but already you have come across a fascinating opportunity.  A keep by the road has been captured by orcs.  In the last day or two you have made a study of their defences.

Their location is excellent as the keep is located on a plateau with only a single narrow approach.  Climbing the cliffs below or behind would be difficult, although there are positions where the slope would shield you from at least some of the watchtowers.

There are three watchtowers and a curtain wall.  You have not found a vantage to determine the internal structure of the Keep.  The curtain wall is in poor condition and has collapsed in places but the towers seem serviceable enough.

The orcs keep a small garrison in each tower.  The garrisons patrol the wall from time to time, more diligently at night when the bright sunlight is not an issue.  Otherwise the garrisons seem static.  They don't seem to rotate troops between towers and you haven't seen any patrols outside the keep.  Either they are well supplied or just lazy or both.
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Thu 20 Dec 2007
at 07:40
Re: Evesa's intro
Evesa works her way around the Keep getting the layout of the area. Thinking that this is a way of developing her hands on experience Evesa wishes for someone to play out her strategies. Shame she is alone. Evesa then starts heading towards Yartar thinking that she could get some help from the town.

OCC: what sort of strategies could she be working on????? Help!!!!!! :D

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