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Mon 26 May 2008
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The Twilight Tomb: The Citadel Of Glass
Time & Place Unknown

They couldn't say how long the journey took; at once it was both over in an instant, yet seemed to span the aeons. They drifted a void of unfathomable darkness, punctuated only by the scattering of stars, remote and unblinking. It was a journey of crushing loneliness, lost in a cosmos with not another object or creature but each other for vast distances all around. And yet they were uncomfortably aware of formless shapes moving in the void around them.

And also that they seemed to have left their stomaches back in the Yuirwood, if the sudden snap back to reality was anything to go by.

The stones were the same, exactly the same, but the forest was gone, and the grass underneath. Now they stood on a coarse pebbly ground, part of a jagged rocky outcrop that jutted out of a turbulent sea. The angry grey waters crashed and roiled constant, as though struck by storm, yet only a hard cold breeze buffeted them. Only the sky above was the same, though the stars had moved and did not blink or waver one bit.

Beyond the circle of stones, four glimmering towers rose from the boiling sea, topped by tall spires. They glistened strangely, as though made from something glass and metal, and three flickered with an eldritch witchlight, with tops shining like beacons. Startlingly thin, gossamer bridges connected the towers.

This new world was awe-inspiring, and terrible.

Authiel and Iodaem quickly moved out of the ring to make room for the others, and slipped between the menhirs towards the bridge.

On the bridge immediately in front of them, a huge skeletal monstrosity was coiled around the platform, its bony maw opened wide to receive them.

OOC: Roll init and make your actions. :)

As mentioned in the last thread, other PCs will arrive in subsequent rounds. Only Iodaem and Authiel may post here until I update.

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Mon 26 May 2008
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Re: The Twilight Tomb: The Citadel Of Glass
"Stay behind me," Iodaem quickly whispered to Authiel, taking one step towards the skeletal dragon, watching it carefully.

OOC:  Is the thing moving at all?  I'll do a Total Defense for now, boosting my AC to 20.
16:18, Today: Iodaem rolled 20 using 1d20+1. Init.

DM BadCatMan
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Tue 27 May 2008
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Re: The Twilight Tomb: The Citadel Of Glass
The skeletal beast did not move a bone, though the wind whistled through its ribs and fangs strangely, and it stared at them sightlessly.
Authiel Hannasiel
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Tue 27 May 2008
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Re: The Twilight Tomb: The Citadel Of Glass
Authiel moved a little behind Iodaem but called to mind her favored spell and prepared to cast it.

Ready Action: MM if threatened/attacked/told to by Iodaem, etc.
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Wed 28 May 2008
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Re: The Twilight Tomb: The Citadel Of Glass
Anxiously they waited, ready for the skeleton if it chose to attack. But it did not. It didn't move at all, just lay there coiled around the bridge. It was quite dead, and not undead.

Behind them, Jorn and Allessandra drifted down out of the sky, and shortly thereafter came Slove and Gurgun.

OOC: Curses, you've seen through my ruse!

Okay, everyone can post here now. I'll put up a map and details later.
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Wed 28 May 2008
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Re: The Twilight Tomb: The Citadel Of Glass
As Allessandra got her bearings after being transported by the rings, the great skeleton came into focus. At first she was taken aback,but seeing Iodaem and Authiel not in combat, she relaxed a bit. Looking around, she looks at the four towers, the sparkling sea, and wonders if she will ever again set eyes on something so eerily beautiful.

OOC: what are the relevant knowledge checks on the skeleton?
DM BadCatMan
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Wed 28 May 2008
at 09:53
Re: The Twilight Tomb: The Citadel Of Glass
The adventurers began to move out of the stone henge, when they noticed something odd. They felt light and springy, and every step took them a pace further than expected. The effect was startling and dizzying, and they tumbled up and about before they got their bearings.

The bridge they were on was maybe 20 feet above the boiling sea below, and passed ominously through the gaping skeletal mouth of the sea drake. They could walk with ease through the jaw and along the gullet, which formed tunnel 60 feet long. But the ribs in the way had been savagely wrenched out and scattered, one lying on the bridge, the rest presumably tossed into the sea.

Now they could get a better look at the new world in which they'd found themselves. Dark clouds scudded across the twilight sky above, and the seas below still raged, with strange black shapes slipping through them. The island they stood was on a high rocky spur, part of a lonely atoll that supported the towers.

There were four of them, connected by the bridges, and all built of a dark cloudy glass. The joins between structures were seamless, almost as if they'd been created whole, or grown. Each flickered with lights, which Slove recognised as faerie fire. A small ladder led from the base of each bridge into the sea.

The bridge they were on led to the largest tower, where the outline of a door could be seen.

OOC: On the skeletal creature, Knowledge (Arcana), I guess. The module says nothing about it beyond its name, and it doesn't appear to be statted out or described anywhere in D&D. It's a sea drake, some kind of sea-dwelling dragon-creature. That's all you really need to know.
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Thu 29 May 2008
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Re: The Twilight Tomb: The Citadel Of Glass
Jorn looked around avidly, already mentally writing notes for his journal.  He whispered a prayer of thanks for a safe, if somewhat unsettling journey.

Then, with a shrug, he followed the leaders down the gullet of the skeletal beastie.
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Fri 30 May 2008
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Re: The Twilight Tomb: The Citadel Of Glass
Gurgun felt uneasy; his natural instinct was to avoid anything related to plane traveling. It is a very alien concept for a hobgoblin. But his monk training and dedication to Oghma made him want to learn more about the planes. He followed the others across the bridge hesitantly.