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Paths to Adventure: The Garden of Karishan
This adventure is designed for four adventurers of levels 4-6.  Ideally, a balanced party with a fighter, a druid (or cleric), a thief and mage would work best.

You have been asked by the leader of the Merchant's guild of a small city state to travel to the small village of Duban to find out why no deliveries of crops has been  made in months.  The city doesn't raise enough crops to satisfy the demand, and thus depends on the produce grown  by the farmers in Duban to meet their needs.

Their are shortages of food and the prices of what little is left has has become unreasonable.  The city faces starvation if something isn't done soon.

You are to seek out the head of the village's farmers, Bok Gnor, and find out what needs to be done to resume the shipments of much needed food.  You have been offered 500gp apiece to investigate this mystery.

The village is located about 5 days to the west, across a vast sea of grass, where it sits in a small, fertile valley surrounded by low barren hills.

Having accepted the job, you soon find yourselves crossing the dry prairie towards the brooding hills in the distance....

OOC: You may make any necessary purchases you need to before starting out, etc.

And so, after 5 uneventful days crossing the sere grasslands, you find yourselves nearing village of Duban around noon. The sky is clear and a light breeze, foretelling the coming of fall, creates waves in the tall prairie grass around you.

As you top the low hills at the northeast edge of the valley you notice the beauty of the valley and the lush, green foliage.  Journeying deeper into the valley, you see fields and orchards of vegetables and fruits, all of which seem very ripe.  You can tell that if the crops are not harvested soon, they will rot and become worthless.

Finally you reach a small rise and look down upon the village.  What should appear as a rustic, even quaint little farming village instead gives you a sense of foreboding.

The streets are overgrown with grass and shrubs, and many of the buildings, though in good condition, are surrounded with wild brush and overgrown with vines, as if abandoned for years.

In the distance, at the southern end of town, you can see a large and beautiful garden.

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