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Introduction and Orphanage Roster
Welcome to the Player Orphanage Board for Realms of Adventure (RoA).  This board serves as a place of leisure for those of you whose characters mayhap find themselves on the sidelines of true adventures.  Whether orphaned from games long since abandoned by the unfortunate loss of our valuable DMs - or - newborn into our community without a true home or DM to claim as your own, your character is welcome to live and breathe within the Realms right here in our taverns and one-shots until accepted into a proper regional game to your liking.

The orphanage is a place for region-less PCs to place their Biographies.  Please note if you are willing to play in a One-Shot adventure here while waiting for a spot to open for your PC.  Playing in a One-Shot adventure will not interfere with a true game should an opening arise.  You will be able to begin playing in that game as soon as the DM is ready for you while you concurrently finish out the adventure here.  All XP/treasure will be applied to your PC.  Characters may die within the One-Shot adventure at the same risks as if in a regular game.

Keep in mind this board exists as an emergency option for characters without a game.  This is meant to be a filler, a place to be involved as a player without actually being in a game.  You keep what you get here but this is not the place to rely on your character's development.

Taverns are available for you to openly RP.  When one fills up, another one opens.  When accepted into this game, you will be directed to an open tavern.  Be sure to post there and not one of the closed *full* ones.


~ These games are emergency measures to keep players occupied.
  The DMs who run them are running as much as they can when they can,
  but there won't always be a game available. Please be patient.

~ You may move your characters between the tavern rooms, and read
  any or all of them, but you may only have one character post in one
  room at a time. Your character may not post in two rooms at the same,
  nor may you have two or more characters in the same room.

~ When a tavern room is full - that is when several people are carrying
  on an ongoing discussion - you should move your character to a quieter
  room and start a conversation there. If all rooms are busy, let a DM
  know, and they will open a new one.

~ One-Shot Adventure Eligibility as follows:
  • A single character is only allowed to participate in a single one-shot at any given time.
  • Character having never been in a one-shot or are not currently involved in a one-shot will take priority over those who have or are.
  • All of these requirements are subject to change/dismissal depending on DM needs, player availability, circumstances on a fair and practical basis.

~ Participation is wholly encouraged.  In order to keep this board from becoming
  a storage facility for uninterested players, we will be pruning and cleaning
  the roster and the board cast at the end of each month.  Players who have not
  logged in or made a significant post without proper notice will be removed,
  along with their characters.  Characters taken in for adoption into a proper
  regional game will also be removed.

When applying to join, please provide the following information in your request so that we can easily transribe the information of the character you wish to bring into the orphanage on the roster farther below.

Character Name:
Character Race:
Character Class(es)/Levels:
Current Game (if none, put NA):
Other games you are a part of:

Once accepted, your character sheet will be made user editable and it is expected that you crosspost the *APPROVED* character sheet from your OOC board (or other board depending) submission.


DMs who have a particular niche to fill might look here to try and find a PC that would be a good fit.  Also, DMs running One-Shot adventures might look here to try and decide what adventure to run.

PlayerCharacterRaceClass & LevelCurrent GameOther GamesOne-ShotsBubble
DM BadCatManSchnicklegulp StoneswiperSvirfneblinRanger 2NAYesnoneYes
DM HackDocIain BrinsbaneHumanDuskblade 7Waterdeep/Skullportyesnono
DM HackDocJhered StarwindStar Elf WerebearFighter/etc 16Tethyryesnono
DM KaladormSyolkiirHumanFighter/etc 11Border Kingdoms High-Levelyesnoyes
DM WindwalkerShaeria MoonshadowWood ElfCleric 6Waterdeep/Skullportyesnono
PC ChinaTaoHumanMonk/Cleric 3Halruaanonono
PC derfosFhenHumanRogue 4Tethyrnonono
PC ElerndaleThamol LiadonAasimarDruid 2/Sorcerer 2Cold Landsyesyesno
PC escQuethoMoon ElfDuskblade 5Tethyrnonono
PC FabtinusGrothHalf OrcFighter 4/Storm Giant Bloodline 1Tethyrnonono
DM HackDocJhered StarwindStar Elf WerebearFighter/etc 16Tethyryesnono
PC IonariGarath DarkstarHumanConjurer 4Lantanyesnono
PC IonariSyntariHumanRogue/Wizard 3Halruaayesnono
PC IzdubarFaelynnHalf-ElfRogue/Warmage 4Waterdeep/Skullportyesnono
PC jmkoolBarry BluefingersHalflingSpellthief 4Halruaayesnono
PC l'accidentSowltoreWild ElfBarbarian 3Dalelands (Closed)nonono
PC Mad MarmaladeCuaglar AnnondurMoon ElfFighter 4Savage FrontieryesDM Fletch'sno
PC MydahAmylarnHumanBeguiler 6Waterdeep/Skullportnonono
PC PinkBunnySitakaHumanPaladin 3Halruaayesnono
PC samimgreenDogHumanFighter 5Non-Good Moonsea (Closed)nonono
PC soloGurgun NightwhisperHobgoblinMonk 6Savage SpeciesyesTwilight Tombyes

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