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Cap'n Rae
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Sun 24 Jun 2007
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The Salvage Team

The Ural bumps along the road into Nowy Huta. At first, the only indications of the city's fate are low, burned out, brick and concrete buildings. Then, as you continue cautiously around growing piles of debris, larger factories and warehouses, their roofs caved in from the overpressure of the blasts. You survey a barren, gray landscape. It is as if you were on the moon, looking at an ancient ruined city carved out of the native rock. Twisted iron bars, encrusted with a thick layer of rust, portrude here and there like the bones of the dead, poking out of the grey remains of their mummified concrete skin. The Ural stops, your progress halted by the haphazzardly piled rubble of a collapsed building. A look at Dawid's geiger counter reveals that you've gone far enough. It's time to get what you've come for and quickly...

OOC: OK team, it's time to post dialogue and/or actions.

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Dawid Waldus Piotrowski
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Sun 24 Jun 2007
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Re: The Salvage Team
Voice muffled by his gas mask, Dawid said, "in our unit we had people who were accustomed to entering abandoned buildings and ruins and recovering useful material.  Anyone can see the obvious, but it takes skill to know where to look for the not-so-obvious materials.  They could tell which ruins or collapsed buildings were likeliest to still hold something of value, even where to dig in the rubble piles.  Unfortunately, I never engaged in this collecting myself.  Nonetheless, I shall give it a try."

"Unless one of you are more experienced in this manner of salvage?
he asked, hopefully.  Sweat trickled down from under his helmet and fully zipped-up battle-dress.

OOC: I guess this would be a roll against Scrounge?  Difficulty Level?  He's looking for 10-mil armour plate and 12-mil+ rolled steel sheet first (AV 2); metalworking supplies second and tools third.

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Bruce 'Bluey' Thompson
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Mon 25 Jun 2007
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Re: The Salvage Team
"I have a little experiance with building & blowing up structures so let me check them first." says Blue. "I think we should try looking in an industrial area first, workshops & that sort of thing should have most of the stuff we need." he said sweating inside his gasmask.  "I hate wearing this things." he mutters.

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Robert 'Tuck' Tucker
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Mon 25 Jun 2007
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Re: The Salvage Team
Tucker will dismount from the truck when it stops and stand with his dismounted team.  "If you want, I'll set-up security for the truck 'cause I don't know shit from shine-ola for what we're looking for, from an engineering stance of course," Tucker says to Bayer.

"I guess Blue and Dawid are running point on this?"

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Dawid Waldus Piotrowski
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Mon 25 Jun 2007
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Re: The Salvage Team
Getting out and looking around, Dawid said. "there is a distinct lack of street signs, and I am not familiar with this city.  I do not see any blocks of flats or government buildings here, and the prevalence of concrete suggests we are near or in an industrial area.  "

There was a bit of grass growing out of a crack in the pavement, and Dawid idly waved the Geiger counter over it.  There were no chatter of pronounced contamination, and he selected the Beta scan to check for these rays.  Still nothing special, although the ominous clicking still echoed in the silence.  The red LED counter glowed as it recorded their cumulative dose.  Still in the safe zone, but no need to tarry.

Next to him he saw what appeared to be a yellow piece of wood sticking out from under the burned-out hulk of an overturned car and realised it was a bone.  Maybe an arm bone of some kind.  The rest of the skeleton was missing, this piece likely having been dragged there and dropped by some kind of animal like a fox that intruded in from the outskirts.

Swallowing and looking around he said.  "Warehouse buildings will fall down in the blast because of their construction.  Factories will have been made after the War, so they will be solidly-made.  Brick will be standing, even close to epicentre, but wery damaged inside.  Concrete, metal-reinforced, will be most intact inside and out.  We passed such buildings on outskirts, they will be like low-hanging fruit on tree, already picked.

"Best would be rubble-pile, but that would take a long time to dig as we do not have heavy machinery.  Let us look for factory that is standing enough to enter, but still damaged.
"  Letting the counter hang from its strap, he checked the batteries on his flashlight.

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