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Cap'n Rae
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Sun 29 Jul 2007
at 22:30
The Battle of the Locks

With Konrad's decision, the Wisla Krolowa's security team springs to action. You man your battle station and prep your weapons for combat. Tuck and Joost cart the AGS-17 forward* to support the Vasilek.

Dawid and Clarence send the first 82mm HE round arcing toward the locks, just under 4km distant. The sharp report of the long-barrelled Vasilek echoes into the mist-shrowded morning, announcing the impending break of dawn.

At OP 1, Guns and Yazzie prepare to engage targets with direct fire of their own. Clarence's voice cuts in over the radio to announce the flight of the first mortar round. Several seconds later, the first round impacts directly on top of the lock's control house. There is a flash as roof tiles, wood splinters, and bits of masonry spray out in all directions. An awkwardly cartwheeling human form is momentarily sillouetted against the lightening eastern sky.

Gunny waits for the sentry on the southern end of the lock platform to emerge from the rubble pile behind which he'd ducked with the surprise of the explosion, before taking his first shot. Gunny squeezes the trigger; moments later, the target ducks again, apparently unscathed, as the sound of the shot reaches him.

The battle for the locks has begun...


*I need to know exactly where the AGS-17 will be repositioned to. Thanks.

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John Yazzie
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Sun 29 Jul 2007
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Re: The Battle of the Locks
"Tug, this is John, fire for for effect."

Calling for fire

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Clarence Milk
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Mon 30 Jul 2007
at 00:59
Forward Gun/Mortar Position
"Roger that, John. On the way."

Clarence finishes loading a 5-round HE clip, as instructed by Dawid.

"Well, D.P., we must have hit somethin'. You heard the man, let's turn this mutha out!"

Clarence Milk
Foward gun tub
Acting as loader, radio relay person

Dawid Waldus Piotrowski
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Mon 30 Jul 2007
at 03:50
Re: Forward Gun/Mortar Position
Clarence Milk:
"Roger that, John. On the way."

Clarence finishes loading a 5-round HE clip, as instructed by Dawid.

"Well, D.P., we must have hit somethin'. You heard the man, let's turn this mutha out!"

The sharp smell of cordite and propellant brought a rush of memory and excitement.  He'd wondered if he would ever do this again.  It had been worth the wait.

Grinning at Clarence while flashing a thumb's up, Dawid replied, "We are only as good as our "eyes".  Wait, fragmentation clip is already loaded; just put three more fragmentation down the tube, old-fashioned way."

Dawid Piotrowski
Manning the Vasilek, Gun Tub (Position #1)
With Milk, taking possibly 1 turn for radio comms/verbal interaction, then firing 3 more HE rounds over 3 turns

OOC: Congrats, as everyone are willing participants, according to the T2K v.22 rules all people "observing" this operation now have Heavy Artillery 0, (Rae permitting).

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Konrad Bayer
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Mon 30 Jul 2007
at 08:07
Re: Forward Gun/Mortar Position
Moving out to the edge of the bridge, he looks down to Sgt Tucker and Joost carting the AGS below him. Looking at the deck for a suitable place he calls out, "How about behind the mortar next to the port* gunwale? I want it to be part of the assault, but if you have a better place so be it."

*OOC - Port or starboard depending on which side of the river the AA guns are on.

Konrad then focuses on the mortar team getting to ready to start the battle. As Dawid makes his final adjustments for the bearing and elevation, the first bead of sweat makes the trip down his face.


Konrad raises his radio to his ear and waits as the round makes its flight to the locks. Seconds later a muffled blast is heard, followed by Yazzie's report which comes as a great relief. After the response is given by the mortar team, Konrad takes his turn on the radio, "Guns, this is Sandbag. Report when flak guns are suppressed. We will advance then. Provide fire on flak crews, over."

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Cap'n Rae
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Tue 31 Jul 2007
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Fire Mission 1

Clarence precisely mimics Dawid's prior manual loading of the mortar, dropping three more HE rounds down the tube in quick succession.

The Marines at OP 1 observe two dazed, dust-covered men stumble from the lock control building, now sans roof. A second mortar round impacts at the lip of the canal edge about twenty meters to the right and a little short of the lock house, spraying shrapnel and bits of concrete skyward. The survivors from the lock house fall more than dive to the ground, desperate for cover. Approximately three seconds later, the third mortar round detonates just ten meters from the lock control house's front door, instantly blasting the survivors apart with a combination of concussive force and razor sharp shrapnel. The fourth and final round of the fire mission detonates short, out of site in the trees to the northwest of the locks. Gunny and Yazzie can't see this impact but they can feel it. Bits of vegetation rain down through the dust now enveloping the locks. The Russian MGer on the south side of the canal, gathers up his PKM and beats feet for the trees on the island, followed closely by his loader.

It takes a few seconds for the dust to settle enough for the recon team to do a long range BDA on locks. When the smoke clears, there is no observable movement in the kill zone. Nothing. The barrage of four 82mm HE rounds has apparently swept the northern side of the lock control complex clear, leaving the AA truck crewless but largely undamaged. Gunny continues to study the "technical" through his scope, ready to eliminate anyone foolish enough to man the weapon. At least two enemy have abandoned their posts on the southern side of the canal.

Yazzie advises the Vasilek crew of the outstanding success of their first fire mission.