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Thu 15 Nov 2007
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Post fresh intel- reports, rumors, maps, sketches, diagrams, plans, etc.- here. Please direct all discussion of same to the OOC thread.
Anneka Soleblume
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Thu 15 Nov 2007
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Damian the River Pimp said...
'Old' Adam Rataj:
"I have hired you to provide security. I would like your recommendations for making the Krolowa strong and ready for a fight. The river is a dangerous place. There will be more bandits. The Russians still control parts of the River. They and the Lublin government may not approve of this boat, its mission, and most of all, its crew. And, there are pirates. They have many boats and powerful weapons. They roam the river north of Annapol but are growing bolder. Not even the government has the power to control them.

"We are carrying a load of bicycles built in Krakow for sale along the river. You will split my 3/8 share of the profits as Captain. Your payment will include food, shelter, ammunition, medical supplies, and transportation as well."

"The first thing you'll want to know is that the bridge at Szczucin is in bad shape. I don't think you're going to be able to squeeze under it- I'd sell you some explosives if I had any. But, I don't."

"Aside from that... We heard some gunfire at Ulcie Solne. Not too heavy, but it weren't no hunting party, if you know what I mean."

"There's really nothing else between here and Tarnobrzeg except for sandbars and burned-out ruins. Now, since you're offer was so generous, I'll throw in a little free advice.
"Stay the fuck away from Tarnobrzeg. The boys up there are rough and they don't pay. Lost two of my best girls up there; I was lucky just to get out with my boat! There's some crazy shit going on in Tarnobrzeg. And I know crazy shit!"

"Sandomierz is better. They've got a serious ORMO there and things are run pretty civilized."

"Oh, we saw a helicopter up near Nowy Korczyn. A heli! Can you believe that shit? Seriously. Couldn't tell you what kind, but it Vic swears it was Russian."

Nowy Korczyn, what a place. First thing we saw was what we could only assume was a warning of chemical contamination. Of course we could have been completely wrong about the yellow sheet hanging in the tree.
The Nida river, which we crossed by bridge, seems fairly calm here. Can't say what it's like downstream where it meets the Vistula though.

In the empty town (chemical or biologically contaminated?), on an abandoned dwelling:

family jop
gone to szczucin

Anneka's Gear
currently carried
Thermal fatigues
Kevlar Helmet
Kevlar Vest
Combat Webbing
5.45mm B, 30rd mag, x1
Swiss army knife
Watch, military
Personal medikit

Other stores
5.45mm B, 30rd mag, x2
Canteen, 1 litre, full x1
Gas mask
Fatigues, x1
Sleeping Bag
Personal hygiene kit
Personal medikit, x2
Field medical assortment #2
Medic bag, small
Field surgical kit
Shelter half
Small arms cleaning kit

*Field Medical Assortment #2: The kit contains:
32 Band-Aids (assorted sizes)
4 adhesive knit (25x75mm)
3 suture strips
10 gauze pads (100x100mm)
1 compress bandage (190x203mm)
10 Telfa pads (75x100mm)
6 butterfly bandages
2 eye pads
1 compress bandage (100x180mm)
1 compress bandage (300x300mm)
2 rolls gauze (50mmx5m)
2 moleskins (75x100mm)
1 cravat (1x1m)
1 elastic bandage (75mmx2.5m)
1 wire mesh splint (1m)
1 pair vinyl examining gloves
1 pair EMT shears
1 forceps
1 hypothermia thermometer
6 surgical needles
1 needle
19m sutures
2 razor blades
4 safety pins
10 cotton swabs
20 alcohol pads
2 bars antibacterial soap (100g)
20ml plastic bottle
100ml antiseptic
100g antiseptic gel
93 units mild pain reliever
10 units mild sedative
10 units strong sedative
8 antacid tablets
10 units antihistamine
20 salt tablets

**Field Surgical Kit: A set of stainless steel instruments for use in emergency operations.
These instruments are often seen in the hands of special forces medics and civilian paramedics.
The instruments come in a zippered cloth pouch with an emergency surgery manual.
The kit also contains, in sterile pouches:
1 suture kit (20 operations)
17 scalpel blades
1 pair bandage scissors
1 pair tweezers
10 units local anesthetic
10 units +/- antibiotic
1 set prep pads (17 operations)
1 pair suture scissors
2 pair forceps
1 scalpel handle w/blade
7 units total anesthetic
1 penlight
Jay 'Chopper' Hicks:
"They pulled me out of a replacement depot in Bremerhaven...
Seems Hicks was full of shit. His whole story seemed too...perfect somehow, as if he'd had it written for him or just pulled it from some old movie.
Moral to this story is "trust nobody, even those who are supposed to be on your side of the war!"

Current Night orders (updated from day to day)

Standing orders?
* "During stand-to we should shuffle ourselves about so that both grenade launchers are manned"

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Konrad Bayer
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Thu 15 Nov 2007
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Battle Stations and Sentry Duty
Battle Stations

Barge Flak Gun
Position #1 Sandbagged Pos. (Kasparov/Mariusz) [L86 LMG & F88/M203 GL]
*Also acts as lookout for natural hazards

Main Deck:
Position #2 Bow mounted Mortar/AGS-17 (Dawid/Quyen) [2X RPK LMGs]

Upper Deck:
Position #3 Forward mounted PK MMG (Griet)
Position #4 Forward mounted PK MMG (Soleblume)
Position #5 Crow's nest sniper/spotter position (Vacant)

Position #6 Port mounted DSHK (McCoy)
Position #7 Starboard mounted DSHK (Stoner)
Position #8 Aft mounted DSHK (Milk)
Position #9 Aft mounted Mk-19 (Vacant)

Command Group (Bayer, Soleblum, Griet, and Tucker*)
*Tucker will move to position engaging enemy to control fire and indicate targets. He'll also act as communications link to the Command Group in the bridge.

One NATO GPMG is mounted on the aft deck but not normally manned.

Day Sentry - 1 On
0500-0600 Reveille and stand too (all)
0600-0700 Milk
0700-0800 Soleblume
0800-0900 Bayer
0900-1000 Kasparov
1000-1100 Sanjay
1100-1200 McCoy
1200-1300 Dawid
1300-1400 Stoner
1400-1500 Griet
1500-1600 Mariusz
1600-1700 Quyen
1700-1800 Tucker
1800-1900 Last light stand too (all)

Night Sentry - 2 On
1900-2100 Mariusz / Dawid
2100-2300 Soleblume / Kasparov
2300-0100 Milk / McCoy
0100-0300 Tucker / Sanjay
0300-0400 Griet / Quyen
0400-0500 Bayer / Stoner

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Dawid Waldus Piotrowski
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Sat 17 Nov 2007
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Dawid's scant knowledge

Lots of Ukrainian deserters from the Soviet 38th TD that mutinied hanging around here.

Polish government and Reserve Army HQ: Lublin. We will pass through their area of control.

Polish Central Army HQ: Łódź, where Dawid was stationed before his unit was mobilized to fight the Americans down in the Kalisz sector.

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Cap'n Rae
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Sat 24 Nov 2007
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Found in Nowy Korczyn

In the empty town (chemical or biologically contaminated?), on an abandoned dwelling:

family jop
gone to szczucin

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Sun 11 May 2008
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Negotiating with a Warlord

Konrad negotiates with a local warlord while the man's bodyguard looks on.

Note that Konrad has temporarily removed the under-barrel grenade launcher from his G-36 rifle.

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Sat 23 Aug 2008
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Radio Callsigns

Courtesy of Legbreaker and the Australian Army:

Codeword        Meaning 
Acorn           Intelligence
Bluebell        RAEME
Cracker         Locating Artillery
Found           Infantry
Hawkeye         Army Aviation
Holdfast        Engineers
Ironside        Armour
Molar           Quarter Master
Playtime        Transport
Pronto          Signal Corps
Rickshaw        Ordance
Seagull         Operations Adjutant
Shelldrake      Artillery
Starlight       Medical
Sunray          Commander
Sunray Minor    Second-In-Charge
Watchdog        Military Police (Provost)

See The Hold (Radio Shack) Notice for a list of party radios.

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Clarence Milk
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Sat 13 Sep 2008
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Up North

Milk is scheduled to rendezvous with the pro-CIA 10th Guards Tank Division near Warsaw.

He's mentioned that CIVGOV is hoping to maintain a foothold in Poland by forming an enclave on the Baltic coast. The 10th GTD is to be a part of this, as well as the U.S. 8th MID, currently fighting its way west along the coast on the way back from a foray into Latvia.

MILGOV, on the other hand, is abandoning Poland completely.
Mariusz Tokarski
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Wed 24 Sep 2008
at 03:24

"Well," Mariusz began, "the last time I was there, which was about eight months ago,the garrison consisted of about a platoon or so of garrison troops and a small motor pool. The motor pool had access to a Soviet-made MBT recovery vehicle and a few trucks. Their job was, and probably still is, to pick up and fix convoy vehicles that broke down between Pulawy and Radom. There were usually half a dozen vehicles in various states of repair in the town.

The garrison troops sent out daily squads to patrol a few km down the main road in both directions. The patrols often went out on bicycle.

Convoys between Lublin and Radom went out on a weekly basis. The average was two per week. One was usually purely military, supplies, replacement personel, and so on, and the other is usually mercantile. They almost always stopped in town for at least a couple of hours.

The farm we wintered in is a couple of klicks away from town, off the main road. A dirt road links it to the MSR. The garrison patrolled but once in a blue moon so that's why the we felt safe staying there.

The landscape is pretty flat an open- mostly farmland, some of it still under cultivation. At night, if we were careful, we could probably get pretty close."

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Dawid Waldus Piotrowski
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Fri 3 Oct 2008
at 10:13
Map of local area

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Cap'n Rae
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Thu 14 May 2009
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The G-K Militia Prepares for Battle

One of the town's priests blesses the Gora Kalwaria militia's "elite" veteran combat squad prior to meeting the river pirates in battle.

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Sun 27 Dec 2009
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The Black Legion

The following information has been gleaned from the reports made by recent arrivals, Apel Avtomian and Craig Sutherland, both formerly of the Baron's International Company (made up mostly of former NATO soldiers). Their more detailed report confirms intelligence acquired from several prisoners taken from among the Baron's men.

The Baron's private army, the Black Legion, consists of about 10 companies consisting of between 50-100 troops each. Each company is a mixed bag, organized along national lines and given an impressive sounding name.

One of them, the Baron's "elite" Black Guard* has several operational armored vehicles, including an ex-Red Army T-80 dug out of a collapsed building in Warsaw and an ex-Polish army T-72. It also has two BMP-1s, two M113s, one PTSM amphibious tractor, two OT-64s, and one BTR-70, as well as several "jeeps" and trucks. Several more scavenged AFVs are either being stripped for spares or are in the process of being restored to operational status. The Black Guard is run like a motor rifles company.

There is one company of mostly Ukranian deserters*** (Guelder Rose) from the Soviet 9th TD that also possesses armored vehicles. They have a BMP-2 and two BTR-80s. They will also probably get tactical control of the T-80 once the Baron trusts them enough.

There are seven companies of Polish infantry. Four of the companies are veteran Polish army deserters/mutineers (Raven*****, Bear, Snake, Cat), while the other three (Linden****, Spruce, Beech) are made up of very young or very old former army conscripts and press-ganged civilians with minimal training and little combat experience. Cat Company is being equipped with bicycles. It has about 3/4 of the bikes it needs for full unit mobility.

There are two companies of horse-mounted cavalry. One company is made up of Poles (1st Hussars), the other of Don Cossacks (1st Cossacks)**. The Cossack cavalry and the Ukranians formerly of the 9th TD don't get along at all and are usually kept separate to avoid any ugliness.

There is one company made up of about 50 NATO deserters (Dog). This was the unit Apel and Craig were assigned to. Morale is uneven. Some of the man are reluctant to serve the Baron but are afraid to leave, while others rather enjoy the work. The core of the unit can only be described as sociopathic.

There is also an artillery company* (Thunder) with two D30 howitzers and two Soviet-made 120mm mortars. There are only a handful of HE and smoke shells/bombs available at the moment.

Prisoner Interrogation Report, 10/21/00

Still begging for something to dull his considerable pain, the wounded Cossack spills his guts. What he reveals is news to Warren but much of it is already known to the others (see message #31 in Intel thread).

He adds that the Baron's army- the Black Legion, he calls it- has been somewhat dimished by recent actions against a large group of heavily armed "Catholic Crusader Zealots" from a little pilgrim's town to the southeast of Warsaw, on the west bank of the Vistula. The Baron thinks that they are receiving aid from Lublin.

The company of Cossack cavalry of whom the wounded man had been a part has been playing cat and mouse with a group of Red Army soldiers for the past two days or so. The company lost a platoon in the process of killing them off. Two wounded Soviets were captured and taken to Warsaw for interrogation. The rest were put to the sword (literally). He and his platoon were searching for survivors. They'd learned of the farm from the Polish cavalry that had been sent to collect the farmer and his household a couple of days earlier. Apparently, they'd been aiding and abetting a deserter from the Black Legion's Western (ex-NATO) company. The cossack platoon was going to search the farm before bedding down there for the night. The cossack company is now kaput.

He also adds the following tidbit. The Baron is currently building a sort of fort (he calls it a castle) in south Warsaw, on the east bank overlooking the river. He's building it around the remains of old National Stadium on the southern edge of the old Praga neighborhood. He's using civilian labor levies to move rubble and construct a thick outer wall, battlements, and bunkers.

Enemy Casualties* (as of 10/18/00)
Confirmed KIA     Estimated KIA       Estimated WIA        Captured
93                45                                       5

*It is believed that the Baron's "elite" Black MR Company and the artillery company have recently suffered heavy casualties.

**Likewise, the Cossack cavalry company has also recently been effectively destroyed as a coherent unit.

***About 30 of these men have been killed or seriously wounded in the firefight at the Warsaw zoo.

****Six of these men were killed in the ambush on Woj's patrol.

*****About 10 men from Raven company were killed in the ambush at outpost Spider

Enemy Vehicle and Heavy Weapons Losses (as of 10/18/00)
Destroyed           Damaged           Captured
OT-64             BTR-80 (turret)     BTR-150
STAR truck                            OT-64
BMP-2                                 Zil truck
BTR-80                                Ural motorcyle and sidecar
BTR-70                                D-30 howitzer
                                      PTSM amphibious tractor

*Does not include the Korzarz- the Baron's riverine force. This force has ceased to exist due to the massive casualties you've inflicted upon it. Survivors have been spread among the Black Legion's other infantry companies.

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Cap'n Rae
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Tue 27 Apr 2010
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Turncoat 10th TD

Former Soviet 10th TD

The(former) Soviet 10th TD went rogue in the spring of 2000. At that time, it boasted 12 broken-down T-55s and around 2000 men. Once the CIA learned of the 10th TD's rogue status, they sent a "local" asset named Johnstone [Code named "Salesman"] to contact the division and attempt to secure its loyalty. The senior officers responded favorably to Johnstone's offer of CIA support. A rare CIA airdrop landed supplies and a couple more CIA men (including Warren) as a show of good faith.

Since late July 2000, the 10th TD has been moving W-NW to link up with pro-Civ-Gov/Free Polish Congress forces in NW Poland. Desertions, run-ins with loyal Red Army units (the 22nd CD was tasked specifically to locate and destroy the 10th TD), and bandits have slowly bled the division down to its current strength.

All that's left of the 10th TD is about 325 able-bodied men- many of them rear-echelon troops- and about 25 stretcher cases. The "elite" portion of the division is the 25-man recon platoon (including Warren's 10-man section which is currently KIA/MIA/POW).

About half of the division's survivors are Russians- the main cadre around which the division was to be based- while the rest are poorly trained Kazakh conscripts ("Very nice! High five!"). This is the loyal core of the unit. Anyone who had any thoughts of deserting or turning marauder has done so already.

Despite its designation as a tank division, the 10th TD has no tanks or AFVs. Its transportation consists of several pack mules and a few horse-drawn wagons. Its only heavy weapon is a single 120mm mortar for which there are 6 WP and 36 34 HE bombs. The division's HW platoon also has one AGS-17 30mm AGL with 9 rounds of HE and three RPG-7s with 6 HEAT rounds between them (they gave you 1 launcher and 3 HEAT rounds).

The 10th TD is moderately well equipped with older Soviet-made small arms (AKMs, RPKs, PKMs, etc.) but the entire unit is running fairly low on ammo at the moment.

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Cap'n Rae
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Mon 8 Nov 2010
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Vita's Report on Recent Events in Warsaw

Viktorya Nowak:
"Outposts have 24-hour shifts on station and then they're switched out with fresh troops from the central barracks area near the Baron's palace. My squad started our shift last night after the reports of armed intruders in the city. We were already thinking of walking away and recent events have made up our minds for us."

"The Baron's army is in a bit of disarray. During the early morning's firefights, the Ukranian company has taken over 50% casualties and lost all of its AFVs."

"Mid-morning, the Ukranians got into a brief but bloody firefight with some of the Polish irregulars over a UAZ-69 "jeep", killing about a half-dozen of the Polish. Word of the massacre got out over the radio and now the Polish part of the Baron's army is calling for Ukranian blood. The remains of the Baron's Black Guard is being kept on a tight leash, guarding the Baron himself and keeping an eye on the NATO company, which, rumor has it, is talking openly about deserting, en-masse."

"That leaves angry Polish irregulars to continue the fight against the unidentified intruders, assuming that's you, and none of them seem eager to do so."

"There is a market, near the old stadium/new fort but the refugees don't have a whole lot to trade because the Baron's men take all the good stuff. There's probably a bit of a black market but I don't know too much about it."

Jan Cerny
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Wed 9 Mar 2011
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Re: Recon Patrol Organization
Patrol 1 - Falcon
Bayer (I/C): RECCE element - unit commander/navigator/grenadier [Hand Radio] - Falcon 1
Warren: RECCE element - sharpshooter/RTO [Manpack Radio of some kind] - Falcon 2
Jay: RECCE element - patrolman/AT - Falcon 3
Quyen: RECCE element - patrolman - Falcon 4

Mariusz: SUPPORT element - patrolman/pacer - Falcon 5
Sawiki: SUPPORT element - medic - Falcon 6
Teo: SUPPORT element - machine gunner - Falcon 7
Tucker (2I/C): SUPPORT element - element commander/grenadier [Hand Radio - almost no battery] - Falcon 8

Patrol 2 - Mirage
Jan (2I/C): RECCE element – element commander/navigator/grenadier [Hand Radio] - Mirage 1
Lech: RECCE element - patrolman - Mirage 2
Matias: RECCE element - patrolman - Mirage 3
Piotr: RECCE element - sniper - Mirage 4

Craig: SUPPORT element – pacer/AT/grenadier [Hand Radio - almost no battery] - Mirage 5
Dawid (I/C): SUPPORT element – patrol commander/machine gunner - Mirage 6
Robert F: SUPPORT element - RTO [PRC-77 Manpack Radio] - Mirage 7
Woj: SUPPORT element - patrolman - Mirage 8
Dawid Waldus Piotrowski
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Mon 14 Mar 2011
at 21:05
Re: Recon Patrol Organization
Quick map links

Official Map:

Player Generated Map:


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Dawid Waldus Piotrowski
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Sun 22 May 2011
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Re: Recon Patrol Organization
Command Detachment: Alpha
Bayer (I/C):  - unit commander/navigator/grenadier [Hand Radio]
Robert F:     - RTO/pacer [PRC-77 Manpack Radio]
Sawiki:       - medic

1st Group (Assault): Bravo
Jan           – element commander/navigator/grenadier [Hand Radio]
Mariusz:      - patrolman/pacer/grenadier
Quyen:        - patroller
Jay:          - patrolman/AT

2nd Group (Support): Charlie
Dawid (2I/C)  – element commander/machine gunner [Hand Radio]
Matias:       - pacer/patrolman/A-gunner
Craig:        – pacer/AT/grenadier [Hand Radio - almost no battery]
Tucker        - grenadier [Hand Radio - almost no battery]

3rd Detachment (Sharpshooters): Delta
Warren:       - sharpshooter/RTO [Manpack Radio of some kind]
Piotr:        - sniper

Dawid Waldus Piotrowski
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Thu 3 Nov 2011
at 21:19
Re: Recon Patrol Organization
HQ - Alpha
  • Konrad (Unit Commander) [Hand Radio] (GL) (Alpha 1)
  • Robert (NPC) [PRC-77 Manpack Radio] (Alpha 2)
  • Monika (NPC) (medic)

Team 1 – Bravo
  • Dawid (Team Commander & Unit 2i/c) [Hand Radio] (PKM + 200 rds.) (Bravo 1)
  • Tuck [Hand Radio - almost no battery] (GL) (Bravo 2)
  • Jay (RPG-7 with 2 rockets)
  • Mariusz

Team 2 - Charlie
  • Jan (Team Commander) [Hand Radio] (GL) (Charlie 1)
  • Orso [Hand Radio] (GL) (RPG-7 with 1 rocket) (Charlie 2)
  • Minh (PKM + 162 rds)
  • Piotr (RPK)

Sniper Team - Delta
  • Jeff (Team Commander) [Manpack Radio of some kind] (Delta 1)
  • Craig [Hand Radio - almost no battery] (GL) (Delta 2)

  1. Top of map is NW.
  2. Enemy Force is entering from NW, proceeding SE.
  3. River is 880m W.
  4. Stadium/Bridge is 1km to S.
  5. Granary is 2km to SSSE.,0.008529

          |          _          |
          |       * | |M113     |
          |        .|_|         |
          |         .       \   |
          |          .       \  |
          |          _.       \ |  Row
  School  |    M113 | |.       \| Bldg.
          |         |_| .       |
          |   /          . -----|C1
__________|  /       _    .     |
        *   /   T72 | |    .    |
Kepna   *  /        |_|     .  *|________
________*C2                  .  *________
       RPG|                     |X (Jan & Orso with RPG)
          |                    .|
 Bravo    |                     |  Charlie
  <-----MG|                     |X (Minh & Piotr with MGs)
          |      Targowa        |
  Bank    |                     |   Row
          |                     |  Bldg.        X
          |                     |
    Alpha |<--(Rally Pt. #1)    |
__________|                     |________

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Dawid Waldus Piotrowski
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Thu 10 Nov 2011
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Re: Recon Patrol Organization
          |          _          |
          |       * | |M113     |
          |        .|_|         |
          |         .       \   |
          |          .       \  |
          |          _.       \ |  Row
  School  |    M113 | |.       \| Bldg.
          |         |_| .       |
          |   /          . -----|C1
__________|  /       _    .     |
        \   /   T72 | |    .    |
Kepna   *\ /        |_|     .  *|________
________*C2                  .  *________
       RPG|                     |X (Jan & Orso with RPG)
          |                    .|
 Bravo    |                     |  Charlie
  <-----MG|                     |X (Minh & Piotr with MGs)
          |      Targowa        |
  Bank    |                     |   Row
          |                     |  Bldg.        X
          |                     |
    Alpha |<--(Rally Pt. #1)    |
__________|                     |________

Dawid Waldus Piotrowski
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Thu 15 Dec 2011
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Granary Battle Organisation
  PL HQ    1 Section    2 Section  3 Section Depth
BayerDawidJanTucker  Griet
FlemmingEuzebiuszPawelMinh  Butterfly
SawikiMariuszJayPiotr  Arkadiusz
WarrrenIreneuszArtur  Jacek  Michel

"Warren and Lieutenant Sutherland, I've got you both with me, but that's only administrative. You'll be detached and on your own once we hit the ground." Bayer explains. "Griet, I need you to command the MK19 and take charge of the rear with a small reserve. For everyone else it's your usual half squad formation of two fireteams each with at least one machinegun and grenade launcher."

Bayer then continues, "Next. No more falling back. We take the initiative and go hard. The main body is going to seize the building directly adjacent to the granary and hold it... in order to one - isolate the objective from reinforcement and resupply, two - to prevent the enemy from using it as part of their defense plan, and three - from which to launch our own assault on the granary from if necessary. One Section will be in a flanking position to the south."

"Griet will adopt a supportive role at the northern position, while Warren and Craig take position themselves on the flank... possibly in the highrise occupied in the southern area by rebel troops." he adds.


1 Section:
1) Secure south flank and hold building
2) Fix enemy in objective and prevent reinforcement from south enemy
3) Support assault of Objective
4) Command south rebel command if necessary/possible

2 Section:
1) Secure the building north/adjacent of the objective
2) Deploy E or N in the building to repel mobile enemy
3) Assault Objective if warranted

3 Section:
1) Secure the building north/adjacent of the objective
2) Deploy E or N in the building to repel mobile enemy
3) Assault Objective if warranted

1) Move to north rebel position and establish firm defense position (Mk19 AGL)
2) Repel mobile enemy either N or E
3) Support assault of Objective
4) Command south rebel command if necessary/possible

Sniper Det:
1) Move to vantage point and establish OP
2) Provide observation and sniper fire on Objective and secondary targets
3) Ready to move as situation changes

North Rebels:
1) Anchor north defensive position
2) Provide mutual support to us against mobile enemy

South Rebels:
1) Anchor south defensive position
2) Provide mutual support to us against Objective

Bayer then shouts for everyone to hear, "Achtung achtung, listen in! Two Section begin clearing up. You have five minutes so move quickly and report when done. Three Section follow them up and leapfrog ahead to clear floor above them. Then continue the process." He then says, "Anticipate Headquarters to be positioned upstairs on first floor, Two Section on second floor, and Three Section on fourth floor. All arcs are to be directed towards north approach route."

Once they'd progressed up to the first floor, Bayer says to Sawiki, "I need you to guard the staircase. I very much doubt that the enemy in the granary will leave it try to come in here, but just in case you are to be our trusted lookout. Don't fight them. Just shoot once and run to tell me and Fleming... I'll be in the first room watching the road. Understand?" Then turning to Flemming, he says, "You are the vocal and visual link between me and Sawicki."

Bayer's initial plan to occupy the building:
Fifth and all additional floors - Unoccupied
Fourth Floor - Three Section (Facing north)
Third Floor - Unoccupied
Second Floor - Two Section (Facing north)
First Floor - Headquarters (Bayer OP north road, Sawiki on stairwell, Flemming in middle)
Ground Floor - Unoccupied (entry covered by mutually supporting Rebel militia)

Map link:,0.013433

Dawid Waldus Piotrowski
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Mon 23 Jan 2012
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Re: Radio Callsigns
Cap'n Rae:
Courtesy of Legbreaker and the Australian Army:

Codeword        Meaning 
Acorn           Intelligence
Bluebell        RAEME
Cracker         Locating Artillery
Found           Infantry
Hawkeye         Army Aviation
Holdfast        Engineers
Ironside        Armour
Molar           Quarter Master
Playtime        Transport
Pronto          Signal Corps
Rickshaw        Ordance
Seagull         Operations Adjutant
Shelldrake      Artillery
Starlight       Medical
Sunray          Commander
Sunray Minor    Second-In-Charge
Watchdog        Military Police (Provost)

See The Hold (Radio Shack) Notice for a list of party radios.

I see Daniel picked up on "Sunray" being Konrad on the net. He's probably mystified as to the rest of the nomenclature on the net!

Usually we assign call signs on a personal or detachment basis. We had a bit of a reorg on the fly in order to assault the granary and hold off the reinforcements so the previously assigned call-signs don't really fit too well.

Daniel and Griet would know from past practice that "Queen" is the usual call-sign for the boat. "Sunray" is the team's leader, Kaptain Konrad Bayer. "Eagle" belongs to Dawid, one of the team sub-leaders.

Dawid Waldus Piotrowski
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Sun 11 Mar 2012
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Re: Radio Callsigns
Alpha One - Konrad
Alpha Two - Robert Flemming (NPC)
Bravo One - Dawid
Bravo Two - Tuck
Charlie One - Jan
Delta One - Jeff
Delta Two - Craig (currently wounded and out of action)
Queen Mobile - Griet
Coyote - Danny

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Thu 3 May 2012
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Re: Radio Callsigns
PositionRoto 1-----PositionRoto 2
Vasilek No.1Dawid-----Vasilek No.1Dawid
Vasilek No.2Mariusz-----Vasilek No.2Jay
Port DSHKCraig-----Port DSHKTucker
Starb. DSHKJan-----Starb. DSHKQuyen
Qrtr.Deck AGSJay-----Qrtr.Deck AGSCraig
Aft PKMTucker-----Aft PKMJan
Crows Nest Jeff-----Crows NestJeff
Crows NestQuyen-----Crows NestMariusz

"The rotation taskings will change daily... Roto One for odd days and Roto Two will be on even days. Excluding the bridge crew, the order listed will also be the sentry roster, with one on duty during daylight hours and doubled up during the evening." Bayer explains.

Then with previous memories still fresh in his mind regarding the inevitable shore parties and realizing he had an disproportionate number of NCOs and officers to the men, Bayer says simply, "Shore parties will be on an ad-hoc basis, with senior squad leaders, usually two at a time, rotating between Robert, Jan, Dawid, and Lt. Sutherland."

"On ship, as just a reminder since it's been a while, Griet is chief of the boat."
he adds.

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Re: Intel
Daniel Larue:
Senior Airman Mitchell "Mac" McClurg
American, Age 25
USAF AFSC 1A7X1 (Aerial Gunner)
Languages Spoken: English (native)

Mitch McClurg joined the Air Force for the express purpose of becoming a pararescue jumper.  After two years as a "missile cop," he was accepted for PJ training - and promptly washed out with a broken ankle.  When he was recycled through the program, he developed pneumonia after nearly drowning during dive school.  On his third try, he began developing a stress fracture in the ankle he hadn't broken.  Three times were enough for Mac, but his sheer doggedness impressed someone enough to grant him a transfer to AFSOC anyway.  He finished re-training as a helicopter door gunner and loadmaster just in time to join the 31st RQS for its European deployment.

Mac is deceptively wiry and appears to be about seventeen years old.  No one has the heart to tell him that his facial hair, which he grew to make himself appear older, looks like a glued-on fake.  He is a fervent audiophile and had the squadron's largest and most esoteric CD collection.

Master Sergeant Adam "Kel" Kellerman
American, Age 51
USAF AFSC 1A1X1 (Flight Engineer)
Languages Spoken: English (native), Vietnamese (pidgin), Spanish (street), Polish (basic)

Adam Kellerman is an Air Force fossil.  As a very young airman, he was a flight engineer on HH-3Es over Vietnam.  He retired in the early nineties and moved to Florida, where he planned to collect his federal pension and a comfortable second income as the lead aviation mechanic for the Miami-Dade County Police.  Unfortunately, he made the mistake of keeping his hand in by remaining an active reservist with the 920th Rescue Wing, which led him to be reactivated and shipped to Europe as a replacement for the 31st RQS.

Kel has turned wrenches on every model of helicopter the Air Force has flown since 1970.  There isn't a type of malfunction or battle damage he hasn't seen, and each story is more detailed, profane, and improbable than the last (though he's stopped telling the "gook in the turbine" story since all this political correctness bullshit came down).  There also isn't a PJ prank he hasn't seen, which makes him pretty much immune to the usual practical jokes of his sometime-cargo.  He's been married and divorced three times and was working on wife number four when he shipped out, but it's no great loss - he probably just would've wound up having to buy a house for another woman he couldn't stand.

Major Dominique "Boots" Connolly
American, Age 32
USAF AFSC 11S3 (Special Operations Aircraft Commander)
Languages Spoken: English (native), French (high school)

Dominique Connolly is an Idaho native and third-generation aviatrix (her father was an A-7 driver in Vietnam and her grandfather commanded a B-17 over Germany).  She began preparing her Air Force Academy application packet when she was fifteen.  Originally a UH-1N pilot with the 36th Rescue Flight out of Fairchild Air Force Base, she applied for transfer to the special operations aviation community as soon as the Air Force opened up combat flying assignments to women.

Major Connolly is an avid skier, with the medical history to prove it.  She also has several pseudonymous voice-acting credits in video games produced by her ex-fiancee's startup company.  Her call sign, "Boots," is typical pilot humor: it's short for "bitch boots," a play on "Dominique" sounding something like "dominatrix."

Jan Cerny
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Return to Witch Mountain
I thought that it was worth posting there here for easy reference:

Konrad Bayer:
Bayer does a quick head count to remind himself of what they have to work with before hashing out a quick groupings and tasks set of orders. "Alright, attention please... listen for your name. Shore party is as follows." he says loud enough for all to hear.

"Myself and Sergeant Larue, will be all there is to make up platoon headquarters."

"Jan will take One Section, along with Lt.Sutherland, Quyen, and Thijs. Ensure your section carries the PKM machine gun."

"Sergeant Tucker will take Two Section, along with Warren, Jay, and Mariusz. Ensure your section carries the RPG-7 while on the ground."

"Order of march is One Section, Headquarters, and Two Section when in single file. Extended line formation will see One Section on the left, Two Section on the Right, and Headquarters in the center depth."

Bayer then pauses before exhaling slowly and says, "Our usual breakdown of three assault teams, a support group, and headquarters is simply not going to happen this time - but this is what we're going to work with. It means fewer subunits on the ground, but I think we're still flexible enough."

He then turns to Dawid, and says, "You're the best gunner. I need you on the gun. Gunther will assist. I know it's not the same as putting a bullet in the Baron's head personally, but you're far more valuable to make killing the Baron possible being here on the mortar." He knew it wasn't exactly what Dawid preferred this time around, but hoped he saw his reason. Bayer also wasn't entirely comfortable leaving their heaviest firepower in the hands of the newest members yet - not without at least one trial by fire as part of the Kommandos.

Then addressing the group, Bayer continues, "There is no time for reconnaissance or lengthy preparations, so we're going in cold. We'll adapt as the situation unfolds and rely on our small size, but heavy firepower to get in and out."

"I don't want to risk an infiltration. Heightened security is going make it all the more difficult for outsiders to gain entry, if it's even possible and the town not on some sort of lock down. Like Dawid said, they can't be everywhere. Either they are covering the main approaches or spread out very thin... either one is fine for us."

"The tug will be our diversion. Griet will take it back towards the town and using whatever ruse, be it horn blasts or machinegun fire, to make it look like an attack and draw some of their forces to the riverside. I anticipate the Baron will not be able to move once surgery is started, so instead of escaping, his men will try to hold against attack. The tug is already a known threat so I expect it to cause some concern. if anything, just knock out that machinegun position."

Then while he lets that sit for a moment, Bayer addresses Thijs, "You know the town, the inhabited sections, and the defensive strongpoints. You're the guide." Bayer then hands him his map and taping his watch, adds, "Find me a route in and get back to me in ten minutes."

Next turning to face Jeff, he reminds him, "I could use any info on the Baron's forces in Plock. We step off shortly. Can you see about that now?"

Bayer finished by addressing the group again, "Questions?"

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Urzula's Intel
Cap'n Rae:
"I was not present at the meeting. Some of the boys told me about the arrival of a delegation from Warsaw in a truck the day before the shootout you had with the Beasts. The Queen initially thought you were sent by the Baron as part of a double-cross. Anyway, the Baron's men did not resist when disarmed and the boys thought this a sign of their growing prowess as warriors- you see, the Baron's men and the boys have not always gotten along. Anyhow, the delegates requested a meeting with the Queen. I was summoned shortly after the conclusion of this meeting and told that I would have a special patient, a man that I knew quite well. I was asked to put aside my personal feelings and show professionalism in treating him. When I inquired further, the Queen confirmed my fear- the patient is Baron Czarny. I was told that my performance could greatly benefit Plock by expanding its sphere of influence in the region; the boys wouldn't need to fight so much to keep us all safe. One of the Baron's favorites, a disgusting little weasel called Filip Piekarz, stayed behind in Plock to act as a hostage, when the rest of the party left.

"The Baron has a bullet wound in his leg. The bullet is still lodged in the wound and the area has become infected. Surgery must be performed and the Baron's medic has neither the tools nor the skill to take care of it himself. The operation is to take place in the castle- er, that is what the Queen calls the cathedral now- today, soon after the Baron's arrival. He's supposed to arrive in Plock at around noon, right about now, if that clock is right."

Urzula nods towards the much abused bridge clock on the aft bulkhead. It's taken quite a beating on the voyage from Krakow, but somehow Walter has always managed to get it working again. It's taken quite a licking, but literally keeps on ticking.

"I don't know what will happen now that I'm not there. I can't imagine that Czarny will be very happy. According to the original plan, the Baron's men will not be allowed on Tum Hill; only his bodyguard, the Panthers he calls them, will be permitted to attend him. They are four black men, very loyal, very fierce. As a sign of good faith, the Queen agreed that only her own personal bodyguard, the Athenas, will be allowed inside the castle during the length of the Baron's stay there. There are 15 of them- girls, all of them, each willing to kill and die for the Queen at the blink of an eye.

"The Baron and his remaining forces are to be guests in Plock until such time as arrangements can be made to retake Warsaw. We'd heard rumors that the Baron had been deposed, but nothing certain. His army is much reduced, I take it, but the boys told me that he was bringing tanks with him. They are quite excited to have armor on their side, for once. But as I alluded to before, if any of the Baron's army sets foot on Tum Hill... the Queen assured me that he would pay for any treachery with his life. I'm afraid that's all I can tell you. As I'm sure you understand, I couldn't get answers to all of the questions I had. I've not quite earned the Queen's full trust yet."

Jan Cerny
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Fri 19 Jun 2015
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Thijs intel re river
Thijs van Lincklaen:
Jan Cerny:
He then glanced at the new arrivals and at Thijs.  "What is intel you know on city?" he asked.  "Even old intel."

"Of the city itself," Thijs replies, "I know very little.  When I passed by there some time ago, there was a pontoon bridge across the river, run by PACT troops.  That is one of the few, if any, bridges remaining between here and the Sea."

With a shrug of his shoulders, Thijs shifts emphasis from Grudziaz to the river north of the town. "There are few settlements of significance north of Grudziaz.  Nowe, the first, has a small way station, similar to what the Americans call a truck stop.  There was no military presence there, nor was there at Gniew.  The last settlement along the river is Tczew, which is a Polish cantonment Headquarters. There is a footbridge there, as well as a cable stretched across the river, intended to control traffic.

"East of Tczew, some distance away from the Vistula, but on the Nogat, Malbork is Soviet Baltic Front HQ. There was a cantonment there, mostly Poles but Russians too. There's an airstrip there and reports of functional aircraft present.

"Lastly, there were a couple of large units of anti-PACT partisans on the west bank.  Where they are now, I have no idea."