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Thu 15 Nov 2007
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Post fresh intel- reports, rumors, maps, sketches, diagrams, plans, etc.- here. Please direct all discussion of same to the OOC thread.
Anneka Soleblume
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Thu 15 Nov 2007
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Damian the River Pimp said...
'Old' Adam Rataj:
"I have hired you to provide security. I would like your recommendations for making the Krolowa strong and ready for a fight. The river is a dangerous place. There will be more bandits. The Russians still control parts of the River. They and the Lublin government may not approve of this boat, its mission, and most of all, its crew. And, there are pirates. They have many boats and powerful weapons. They roam the river north of Annapol but are growing bolder. Not even the government has the power to control them.

"We are carrying a load of bicycles built in Krakow for sale along the river. You will split my 3/8 share of the profits as Captain. Your payment will include food, shelter, ammunition, medical supplies, and transportation as well."

"The first thing you'll want to know is that the bridge at Szczucin is in bad shape. I don't think you're going to be able to squeeze under it- I'd sell you some explosives if I had any. But, I don't."

"Aside from that... We heard some gunfire at Ulcie Solne. Not too heavy, but it weren't no hunting party, if you know what I mean."

"There's really nothing else between here and Tarnobrzeg except for sandbars and burned-out ruins. Now, since you're offer was so generous, I'll throw in a little free advice.
"Stay the fuck away from Tarnobrzeg. The boys up there are rough and they don't pay. Lost two of my best girls up there; I was lucky just to get out with my boat! There's some crazy shit going on in Tarnobrzeg. And I know crazy shit!"

"Sandomierz is better. They've got a serious ORMO there and things are run pretty civilized."

"Oh, we saw a helicopter up near Nowy Korczyn. A heli! Can you believe that shit? Seriously. Couldn't tell you what kind, but it Vic swears it was Russian."

Nowy Korczyn, what a place. First thing we saw was what we could only assume was a warning of chemical contamination. Of course we could have been completely wrong about the yellow sheet hanging in the tree.
The Nida river, which we crossed by bridge, seems fairly calm here. Can't say what it's like downstream where it meets the Vistula though.

In the empty town (chemical or biologically contaminated?), on an abandoned dwelling:

family jop
gone to szczucin

Anneka's Gear
currently carried
Thermal fatigues
Kevlar Helmet
Kevlar Vest
Combat Webbing
5.45mm B, 30rd mag, x1
Swiss army knife
Watch, military
Personal medikit

Other stores
5.45mm B, 30rd mag, x2
Canteen, 1 litre, full x1
Gas mask
Fatigues, x1
Sleeping Bag
Personal hygiene kit
Personal medikit, x2
Field medical assortment #2
Medic bag, small
Field surgical kit
Shelter half
Small arms cleaning kit

*Field Medical Assortment #2: The kit contains:
32 Band-Aids (assorted sizes)
4 adhesive knit (25x75mm)
3 suture strips
10 gauze pads (100x100mm)
1 compress bandage (190x203mm)
10 Telfa pads (75x100mm)
6 butterfly bandages
2 eye pads
1 compress bandage (100x180mm)
1 compress bandage (300x300mm)
2 rolls gauze (50mmx5m)
2 moleskins (75x100mm)
1 cravat (1x1m)
1 elastic bandage (75mmx2.5m)
1 wire mesh splint (1m)
1 pair vinyl examining gloves
1 pair EMT shears
1 forceps
1 hypothermia thermometer
6 surgical needles
1 needle
19m sutures
2 razor blades
4 safety pins
10 cotton swabs
20 alcohol pads
2 bars antibacterial soap (100g)
20ml plastic bottle
100ml antiseptic
100g antiseptic gel
93 units mild pain reliever
10 units mild sedative
10 units strong sedative
8 antacid tablets
10 units antihistamine
20 salt tablets

**Field Surgical Kit: A set of stainless steel instruments for use in emergency operations.
These instruments are often seen in the hands of special forces medics and civilian paramedics.
The instruments come in a zippered cloth pouch with an emergency surgery manual.
The kit also contains, in sterile pouches:
1 suture kit (20 operations)
17 scalpel blades
1 pair bandage scissors
1 pair tweezers
10 units local anesthetic
10 units +/- antibiotic
1 set prep pads (17 operations)
1 pair suture scissors
2 pair forceps
1 scalpel handle w/blade
7 units total anesthetic
1 penlight
Jay 'Chopper' Hicks:
"They pulled me out of a replacement depot in Bremerhaven...
Seems Hicks was full of shit. His whole story seemed too...perfect somehow, as if he'd had it written for him or just pulled it from some old movie.
Moral to this story is "trust nobody, even those who are supposed to be on your side of the war!"

Current Night orders (updated from day to day)

Standing orders?
* "During stand-to we should shuffle ourselves about so that both grenade launchers are manned"

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