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Wed 25 Jun 2008
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Ch. 10: Annopol

"From across the Vistula
you've come so very far
on waving flags"

-Waving Flags by British Sea Power
Cap'n Rae
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Wed 25 Jun 2008
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Ch. 10: Annopol

Monday, 10/09/00
1000 hours
35 F

Beneath a leaden sky, the Krolowa steams downriver at a cautious 10 kph. Approximately 25 kilometers ahead lies the village of Annopol, notable now more than ever for its surviving highway bridge across the Vistula.

From what has been gleaned recently from the self-styled commandant of the Sandomierz "city guard" and Stoner's first hand recollections, the bridge is held by at least a platoon of Polish infantry with a dug-in, older model Soviet MBT in support- a tough nut to crack. Fortunately, however, the party has in hand a document which it has been assured will allow safe passage beneath the Annopol bridge.

Anneka Soleblume
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Wed 25 Jun 2008
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Re: Ch. 10: Annopol
In the time it took to travel down river from Sandomerisz, Anneka sought out both of the new arrivals and subjected them to the same interview process every other member of the security team had experienced.
"What can you tell me about yourself? Have you completed any qualifications that could prove useful? What skills have you learnt? Have you picked up any other useful skills over the years? How good would you say you are at each of those things?"
Fairly stock standard interview questions but vital accurately assess the capabilities of each newcomer and suggest suitable assignments to Konrad.
"Oh, and while I'm asking, is there any equipment you have that may be useful to the group as a whole?"

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Poor 1-4
Average 5-8
Above Average 9-12
Good 13-15
Excellent 15+
No need to be too specific, don't even need to get it "right". It's all about how the character perceives their abilities and knowledge.
Konrad Bayer
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Wed 25 Jun 2008
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Re: Ch. 10: Annopol
Bayer sat in the wheelhouse as the tug departed from Sandomierz. He quietly reworked the sentry roster and duty stations, but kept it as a tentative arrangement. Until he was informed of the newcomer's abilities he decided not to reorganize the duties... just fill in the new vacancies. Sanjay was his biggest question, was he all engineer or did he have any soldier skills, he wondered.

He was glad to be leaving Sandomierz. But at the same time he figured it would only be a little while until he missed the relative safety that the town offered. Shore leave couldn't be expected again any time soon. He tried to put Hicks out of his mind, refusing to accept anything without proof, and worried it would leave a lasting resistance on the team regarding accepting newcomers. Distrust and infighting amongst the team, Bayer feared more than the enemy.

Putting down his notepad, which listed the sentry duties, he thought about what he could do next. Anneka, Griet and even Mariusz were all excellent bookkeepers and quartermasters. Much of the important management issues were already being handled by them.

Without looking up, he asks Adam, "You ever pass Annopol before? Only one of the men has been there before."

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Wed 25 Jun 2008
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Re: Ch. 10: Annopol
Griet looked carefully at the pass they'd been given. The lack of a signiature bothered her and she smelled another rat, everything that the Commandant had done had been aimed at shafting the group, not surprising given the life they all led now. She moved over to Milk and the other sneaky beak who were trading war stories.

"Chief Milk," she said, "you've worked with the Company and others in your time, can you or your comrade see anything wrong with this pass?"
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Wed 25 Jun 2008
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Re: Ch. 10: Annopol
Mariusz couldn't get the body of his mentor lying sewn up in his tarpaulin on the after deck. He hoped soon that they'd find a suitable resting place for the old man. Kaptain Bayer had said they would and he knew the Kaptain would look after his men even after they'd served their last.

He hid his feelings by hard work. He made sure all of the laundry was done and put the uniforms and sundry kit of the recently dead out for use by those who needed them more. The weapons had already been placed in the weapons locker.

After he'd sorted out the laundry, he checked the food that the Ormo had given them. He checked the quantities and state of preservation and he began to plan a series of menus to feed the group over the next three or four days. Not trusting the people of Sandomierz, he went into the tow's hold and checked all of the supplies they'd been given for the humanitarian aid to ensure that it was good and that it was well preserved.