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Ch. 11: The Wreck of the Rzeka Ksiezna

Naufragium sibi quisque facit. ("Each man makes his own shipwreck.")

-Lucanus (Marcus Annaeus Lucan)

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Cap'n Rae
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Sat 23 Aug 2008
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The Wreck

Tuesday, 10/10/00
1800 hrs.
Approximately 20km north of Solec, Poland
37 F
Scattered Clouds

The tug steams north at a lively clip of 10kmph, putting as much distance as possible between herself and the ruins of Solec before the fall of night. If the civilian party that had been surveiling the tug from across the river were in league with the government forces that had been bloodied by the Krolowa at Annapol, the likelihood of a long night unmolested would be diminished significantly. To stay put would have invited trouble, and the security team wisely avoids the prospect of being the objective of a hostile, nocturnal reconaissance in force.

As the sky begins to grow dark, the tug slows to 5kph and the bridge crew begins looking for a good spot to anchor for the night. As the tug rounds a sharp bend in the river, a tall, dark, boxy structure protrudes above the surface of the river up ahead, near the west bank. It is the Krolowa's sister ship, the Rzeka Ksiena, sunk almost half-a-year ago by river pirates. The two vessels are twins, of the same make and model. The Krolowa, however, despite her share of recent battle damage, is in considerably better shape.

The hull of the Ksienza is fully submerged beneath the gray surface of the Vitula. Her formerly white superstructure is blackened, the paint burned off, windows shattered by gunfire or the flames that gutted her bridge. Her masts have toppled, her stack is punched through with holes. Rust has begun to attack the unprotected metal that's been exposed by fire and the elements.

Old Adam steps out of the bridge and looks whistfully at his former command from the railing. He whispers quietly in Polish,

"First you, my Princess; then Uller. God help the rest of us."

The Krolowa drops anchor about 200m from the wreck. The surrounding countryside is low, wild, and empty. It will be completely dark within the hour.


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Robert 'Tuck' Tucker
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Sun 24 Aug 2008
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Re: The Wreck
Tucker takes a look out at the old wreck of Adams first ship and turns to him if he is near by to ask him a question.  "You said Pirates took your first ship Adam?  Do you think they're still in the area and what kind of ships or ships did they use to attack you?"
Anneka Soleblume
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Sun 24 Aug 2008
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Re: The Wreck
Dirty and exhausted from the days labouring, Anneka was more than ready for a good solid twelve hours of sleep. But it seemed sleep would be a luxury none of them would enjoy much of in the forseeable future.
"Hauptman," she said wearily to Konrad. "I think we should double the watch tonight. We've got Russians and Poles behind us and pirates ahead. Chances are at least one of them will make their presence known."
Not to mention any opportunistic mauraders who happened to be in the area.
"Better send the clearing patrol out before it's fully dark too."
Dawid Waldus Piotrowski
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Sun 24 Aug 2008
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Re: The Wreck
Knowing that there would likely be more operations at dark, when he wasn't on watch Dawid napped, trying to get some sleep.

After he got up he tried to identify the medal, taking it to Adam.

"Can you tell which medal this is? If it's one awarded for service in the war against the Nazis by the west, I may not recognise it."

Minh seemed to have picked up the basic principles of operating the 82mm Vasilek. In return, he'd felt more confident in imparting information to others, so that he could take on another student for the next week.

He asked around if anyone else wanted to learn how to operate the mortar.

"I can take one more student."

Aside from that, he loaded the 82mm with HEDP.
Jan Cerny
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Sun 24 Aug 2008
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Re: The Wreck
Once the patrol has returned to the ship, Jan stays on deck for a bit watching the countryside pass by as the ship steams on. The "chuffing" of the boiler and the sounds of the river combine to make an almost idylic image for a moment, until the next bit of burned out debris comes into view.
Pulling out his pack of smokes Jan lites one up and continues to watch the countryside keeping watch for anything odd. When he is done he tosses the smoked out butt over the side and goes down to the galley to get something to drink.

Entering the galley the aromas from the cooking pasteries and treats that Mairiusz is cooking are almost overwelming for a moment.
"Ah, that smells wonderful. If this lives up to the promesses I smell, then we will be eating very wel tonight. I don't know when I have smelled something that smelled so good. What have you put together for us this evening?"
Mariusz Tokarski
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Sun 24 Aug 2008
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Re: The Wreck
Mariusz looked up from the stove and smiled, "Pork sausage for most of us, chicken if you're like the Major, they're done in an onion gravy and served with mashed potatoes and cabbage. Then for dessert we have apple pie and, if it works right, ice cream." Mariusz smiled, "I know it's been snowing, but the ingredients were there and we had the freezer, so I couldn't resist. It'll all be ready in about ten minutes if you want to go around and tell everyone, we'll eat in the mess and I'll take the food out to the guards."

Mariusz realised he'd been gushing about food again, "Sorry, I don't remember saying welcome. Welcome aboard, your company is doubly blessed by having brought with you a friend that we'd worried was lost." Mariusz extended his hand in welcome, "The laundry is down the corridor, stick your name over a pillow case and leave what you want laundered in it, when they're done the clothes will be folded under the pillow case. Opposite the pillow cases is a lot of clothes that are unclaimed, help yourself if you need any, that's what they're there for."