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Cap'n Rae
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Sun 27 May 2007
at 17:19
Crew-served Weapons

Aboard the Wisla Krolowa

Vasilek 82mm auto-mortar (mounted on the foredeck)

ZPU-2 AAG (mounted on the main deck/poop aft)

DShK "Dishka" 12.7mm HMG [x3] (one each mounted port and starboard just below the bridge; one mounted on quarterdeck aft)

AGS-17 "Plamya" 30mm AGL (mounted on bridge roof)

PKM 7.62mmR GPMG (mounted aft on the raised quarterdeck)


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Cap'n Rae
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Wed 13 Jun 2007
at 04:55
Weapons Locker
Small Arms Ammo (mags)          Units
7.62mm R, belted (PKM 2)        411 (-200 rounds for Anders' PKM)
7.62mm S, belted (RPD)           60
7.62mm S, loose bullets (gold)  399
7.62mm N, belted                340
5.56mm N Stanag 30rd mag, full    1
5.45mm b, 30rd mag, full         25
12-gauge (00 buck)                6 (in SPAS-15)
9mm M, full                       2

Large Calibre ammo
82mm HE                           27 (20 "on loan" from the 43rd CD)
82mm HEDP                         4
82mm WP                           3
14.5mm API/T                    555
12.7mm                        2,950
40mm N HE                         0
40mm HEDP                         0
40mm ILLUM                        2
40mm CHEM (CS)                    1
40mm HE S                        14
30mm HE                          23
58.3mm HEAT (RPG-7/7D)            3

Small Arms

PKM                               2 (Anders has possession of 1)
RPD                               1

Battle & Assault Rifles:
G11                               1
M14K                              1 (Tucker's secondary long arm)
Sig 550 (w/ 2 mags)               1
H&K G3* (w/ 8 mags)               3
AK-74                             9
AKS-74                            3

*Two are K models

Sniper Rifles:
SVU-AS w/ 5 mags                  1
SAKO TRG-21 w/ 10-round box mag   1 (-3 rounds 7.62mmN)
wz. 91/98/26*                     1

*Polish Moisin-Nagant clone converted to the 7.92mmx57 Mauser cartridge (8 rounds recovered)

SPAS-15 w/ 1 8-round box mag      1

Walther MPK (w/ 2 mags)           1
Uzi (w/3 mags)                    1

H&K P9S (w/ 2 mags)               1
ViS wz35 (w/ 1 mag)               1
Beretta Model 70* (w/ 2 mags)     1
H&K Mark 23 SOCOM* (w/ 2.5 mags)  1


Heavy Weapons
RPG-7D (launcher)                 1
M203 (unmounted)                  1

Hand Grenades
M67 Fragmentation                 1
Flashbang                         0
RGD-5 Frag (Soviet)              11
Colored smoke                     3

Dynamite sticks                   3
C4 Plastique blocks               1
Blasting caps                     8


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Cap'n Rae
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Tue 1 Jul 2008
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Radio Shack

Radios:                                              Battery Capacity

Medium range, civilian model radio on the tug's bridge        n/a
AN/PRC-119                                                    6/6
Soviet R-143 secure radio                                     1/1
R-392 Soviet manpack radio*                                   0/0
SEM 52-SL Hand Radio (Cerny)                                  5/5
1km hand-held (Konrad)                                        5/5
1km hand-held (Tucker)                                        4/4
1km hand-held w/ headset (Sutherland)                         4/4
Captured 1km hand-held (unassigned)                           4/4
Captured R-392 Soviet manpack radio (unassigned)              7/7

Vision Enhancement Devices:

NATO NVGs (Bayer)                                             5/5
AN/PVS-5 NVGs (Cerny)                                         4/4
AN/PVS-5 NVGs (Mariusz)                                       1/1
NATO IR Goggles* (Tucker)                                     0/0
ON1x20/IR "Nighthawk" NVGs (Craig)                            4/4
Kalinka Pn-14K NVGs (Thijs)                                   6/6
NATO IR Goggles                                               Damaged

20x Image Intensifiers                                        5/5

Miscellaneous Electronic Devices:

2x Geiger Counters (Bayer, Unclaimed)                         11;3

*Inoperable due to dead battery (no longer holds a charge)

The first number is the current charge. This number can be raised by recharging the battery using the facilities aboard the tug. The second number is the battery charge capacity. Every other time that the battery is recharged, it loses one charge capacity point. Eventually, the battery will no longer hold a charge, resulting in a totally dead battery. This will show as 0/0. The device that relies upon said battery will no longer function until a fresher battery replaces the dead one.


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Cap'n Rae
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Thu 11 Nov 2010
at 02:22

Medical Supplies:
Type:                                                 Units:

Locally produced antibiotics (penacillin)           65 units
pain reliever (aspirin)                             75 units
sedatives                                           23 units
Pre-war antibiotics (tetracycline)                  24 units

Bandages, linen
Bandages, wool
Suture line


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