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Mon 4 Jul 2011
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Re: Symphony Hall
Konrad Bayer:
Bayer then finished listening to all of what else was said by the group and says, "That's acceptable. And Mariusz and Matias, I still want you to gain our entry. And yes, with the wagon. Jan's team are able enough to follow you in and gain a foothold inside."

Matias broke in as soon as [insert bilingual Polish/English character name here] finished translating.

"Like I said, I am no commando and some in the Black Legion might recognize me. I will go on the wagon, but I think we need more people on board. There are what, ten guards or so inside the stadium? According to Warren, only one or two are visible to the sniper teams. Two of us against ten is not good odds. Jan can speak Polish well enough, and he's a commando, right? Three of us with silenced weapons is slightly better odds. If we could get a fourth, it would be even better. Two per man plus what the snipers can take out.

If Jan's team can get in right behind the team on the cart, that could work. But how will they do so without being seen? Without a tunnel or a helicopter, the wagon team is key to pulling this off."

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Mon 4 Jul 2011
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Re: Symphony Hall
"Only so much space on the wagon and putting everyone there would risk loosing them all to a single burst."
"Sneak up from the river as well, take out the guard on the west wall. He wasn't watching the river when we scouted there. Then can shoot other wall guards and machinegun while the wagon deals with the guards in the hostages."

Konrad Bayer
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Mon 4 Jul 2011
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Re: Symphony Hall
Matias Adamczyk:
"I think we need more people on board. Two of us against ten is not good odds. Jan can speak Polish well enough, and he's a commando, right? "

"It's not two." Bayer corrected him. "Jan's group is there too on the entry."
Mariusz Tokarski
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Mon 4 Jul 2011
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Re: Symphony Hall
Mariusz said, "I'll follow orders but we're none of us really commandos and we don't have experience with hostage situations. I my opinion any attempt we make is going to end up in a clusterfuck that ends up in hostage carnage. We just don't have the gear or the expertise to do this. The more hostages we try to rescue the more likely we are to get killed. We should be planning how to kill the maximum number of enemy for the minimum casualties on our side. Sneaking as far as we can and then breaking out pistols and submachineguns that we aren't used to using is asking to get us killed. The food cart looked as if it was kept at the gate anyway so the idea that we can infiltrate and take out guards silently is a fantasy."

He looked at Bayer, "I'll do as you command to the best of my ability, Sir, but this mission is nearly impossible, we can't hope to defeat a superior force stealthily whilst still saving all the hostages. The faster we take out the enemy the less hostages they'll kill but operating like we're GROM is just going to get us killed."
Konrad Bayer
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Mon 4 Jul 2011
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Re: Symphony Hall
In reply to Mariusz Tokarski (msg #754):

"I just need you to get Jan's group as close as you can." Bayer answers. "They'll take it from there."

"Other than that, because I agree with your last comment, we'll just keep everything as simple as possible and remain flexible... and deal with whatever happens as it happens." he adds.
Mariusz Tokarski
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Mon 4 Jul 2011
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Re: Symphony Hall
"You have my support, Sir," Mariusz said, "as always."
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Tue 5 Jul 2011
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Re: Symphony Hall
Mariusz Tokarski:
Mariusz said, "I'll follow orders but we're none of us really commandos and we don't have experience with hostage situations."

"I am and do."
Konrad Bayer
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Tue 5 Jul 2011
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Re: Symphony Hall
"Ok, move to objective..." Bayer begins, hoping to meld all or most of the suggestions into a single course of action.

"Dawid's security group will need to move first and setup their supporting position, focusing on the southeast - the outer perimeter bunker and bridge areas. Based on their observations, they will make the call whether the risk to take out any of the perimeter defenses, like the bunker, should be attempted."

"Using Mariusz and Matias as a deception with the wagon, Jan's recovery group will then attempt to secure the entry to the objective, hopefully without alerting the rest of the enemy forces."

"Jan's group be directly supported by Warren and Craig, who will have setup their OP, overlooking the objective. The snipers will provide real time info on what is going on inside the objective and percision fire as needed."

He then says, "Action at the objective..."

"The recovery and sniper groups will begin to eliminate the inner sentries as soon as they are in position. Outside, the security group is free to remain mobile and eliminate any threats as they see fit."

"While this may be the most difficult part of the mission, I think it's best to keep it vague with only the objective stated... in order to keep things flexible. Decisions will need to be made on the ground by the element commanders based on their assessment of the situation. A rigid plan I think is not feasable. Dawid's group for example will need to remain ready to move on the objective iteself if needed... or split up."

Bayer then briefs everyone on the third act, "Move from the objective..."

"Jan's group will take control of the hostages that wish to be assisted in escaping. The other two elements will screen the hostages to the front, and stand by to prevent the enemy from mounting an effective pursuit from the rear."

Bayer then outlines some other points, "If the element of surprise is lost, push forward with the rescue automatically. If the decision to abort is to be made, it will come by radio, but until then, don't hesitate."

"It's important that communication flows quickly and thoroughly. Therefore at each stage and change to the situation, all elements must broadcast over the radio."

He then asks, "Modifications?"

Recovery: Jan, Matias, Mariusz, Jay, Quyen (plus Bayer)
Security: Dawid, Tucker, Flemming, Orso, Sawicki, and the rest of the Poles
Sniper/OP: Warren and Sutherland

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Tue 5 Jul 2011
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Re: Symphony Hall
"Yeah, put me with recovery where I can do the most good."
"The guards, even some ov the hostages have seen me around befoah. I'm a friendly face, right up until I rip their balls ov."

Heavily bulging muscles, barely contained by wool, cotton and kevlar backed up his claim. There could be no doubt about his ability to carry out such a threat, the only question was how many pieces would be left afterwards.
"I talk bit Polish too," he concluded with a bit of an accent.

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Konrad Bayer
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Tue 5 Jul 2011
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Re: Symphony Hall
In reply to Arturo 'Orso' Ottenebrato (msg #759):

Bayer replies, "Orso, I'd prefer you to stay with the second group."

He then explains his reasoning for the tasking, "You have significant firepower with you, but it's of no use inside where the hostages are. Out in Dawid's group however, it represents a decent combat multiplier. That, and Dawid's group has no guide - nobody who has been on the recce patrol earlier. And my third reason is that there are already six going in. The more we add, the more chance the guards will be alert during the approach."

"If hand to hand combat is your desire, then speak to Dawid about the bunker." he adds.
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Tue 5 Jul 2011
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The Castle

Butterfly, ever eager to help, offers, "I have contacts in the kitchens that serve the workforce and the Baron's men. I should be able to convince them to switch your people for theirs on the breakfast run. I also have a wagon with a false bottom I use for shipping sensitive items. Four people can fit in the the compartment, laying flat. It will be a tight fit, but it could help your rescue force get right up to the castle gate."

With that, preparations for the rescue operation begin. The sniper and security set off for the stadium a couple hours before dawn. Both groups, approaching from the south, arrive at their jumping-off positions without being detected.

The security team surveys the ground between their position and the riverside bunker. The riverbank is covered in dead brush and the ground there appears marshy. With at least one bunker guard looking south, up the river, attmepting to sneak any closer to the bunker could seriously compromise the hostage rescue. From their rubbled riverside building, the security team has decent lines of fire towards the bunker, about 200m distant. Piotr, with his Dragunov, also has fairly clear lines of sight/fire to the sentries atop the southern and western sections of the castle's rubble ring wall.

Jan and the recovery team squeeze into the hidden compartment built into Butterfly's four-wheeled wagon. It's stuffy, dark, and very cramped inside. There's barely enough room to even wiggle. They need only push or kick out the back panel to create an exit from the compartment. However, for all four occupants to crawl out will probably take a few seconds. The kitchen staff loads the bed of the wagon with pots of steaming porridge, a wooden keg that smells of beer, and several sacks of bread. and Mattias are joined by a driver from Butterfly's crew, Pawel, a middle-aged man with a thick grey moustache. All those riding topside are dressed in civilian garb. Mariuz and Mattias are both clad in bulky winter jackets, allowing them to wear body armor concealed underneath. The entire team, including Pavel, are armed with pistols and submachineguns, most of them silenced*.

As the sun rises in the east, the wagon makes its way towards the "castle".

The guards at the entrance greet the wagon detail when it arrives.

"You're not the usual crew. Where's Mira?"

Pawel is quick with an answer, "Her horse spooked- it took off, Mira fell from the wagon and hurt her arm and the wagon busted its axle. We borrowed this wagon from the merchant lady. I only got these two kids to unload it. Probably be faster if you let us take the wagon in."

The guard gives the wagon a very quick once-over and, after pulling a warm loaf from one of the bread sacks, waves Pawel in.

"Go ahead."

Pawel snaps the reigns and the wagon team enters the castle through the main gate. He pulls the horses to a stop a few meters inside the entrance- he can't really proceed any farther. The stadium floor/castle yard is cluttered with civilians, wrapped in blankets or huddling under makeshift tents. When they see the wagon, they start to stir, but no one rushes the food detail. A couple of guards move towards the wagon, presumably to be served first. Another pair of guards remains near the crowd of hostages. Counting the pair at the gate, there are six guards on the ground level near the hostages. Looking up at the walls, Mariusz and Mattias see that there is only one guard elevated above the stadium floor overlooking the hostages. He sits atop the unfinished keep, on the east side of the complex. The keep roof is not quite as high as the outer wall. Pawel asks Mariusz and Mattias in a low voice, "Who shall we serve first?" The rest of the recovery team, concealed in the hidden compartment, can't see or hear any of this. Speech is muffled beyond comprehension and there are no peep holes. The wagon team and Jan's squad have prearranged a simple system of signals to communicate with one another.**

From their nest in the rubble upper floor of a old multistory flat facing the stadium, Warren and Craig watch most of this as it happens. They've got a good angle on the two sentries posted at the gate and the two-man MG team cited just above it. They also have a good shot at the sentry atop the south side of the rubble wall.

Update Tac-Map:,0.024719&z=16

Next Moves?

*I'm assuming folks with silenced weapons not assigned to the rescue team will lend them to those who war.

**I figure thumps on the floor/side of the wagon or something like that. You guys can specify.

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Robert 'Tuck' Tucker
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Thu 7 Jul 2011
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Re: The Castle
Tucker is gong to move up with his group, set up, and then use his binoculars to spot any threats.
Craig Sutherland
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Thu 7 Jul 2011
at 03:39
Re: The Castle

Once in place with Warren, Craig lays his pack in front of him and rests the borrowed binoculars he got from Jay on top along with the bolt action rifle he borrowed from butterfly. He also un-slings his AK/BG-15 combo and lays this next to the pack with several 40mmB HE grenades within easy reach

He then begins by identifying target sectors within the area of operation and he identifies the primary target location as all the area of the fort around the hostages.

After the team is set up they begin to determine ranges to specific targets and Craig notes these down on his rough sketch map/range card he has drawn in his notepad. Finally Warren and Craig designate all the targets they are able to see as TR1 to 9.

The sentry atop the keep is designated TR1, sentry facing East is TR2, sentry facing North is TR3, sentry near the river facing East is TR4, MG team is  TR5 and 6 and the closest sentry facing South is TR7, the two guards on the ground are TR8 and 9.

The order of the shots to be taken are TR7, MG team TR5-6 and TR8-9 sentry's on the ground.

As the cart approaches Craig raises the bolt action rifle and while looking through the scope gives the warning order followed by.

”Above gate, sentry TR7”

He waits for Warrens Mil reading then gives the range they calculated earlier adjusted if the target has moved.

”TR7 **metres..... hold”

When the order to commence is given over the radio, Craig gives the wind reading then waits for the shot from warren.

If the sentry goes down he gives the fire command for the MG team. Once he can hear unsuppressed shots or it looks like the alarm has been raised he will commence firing on the sentry near the river facing East - TR4.

If Warren misses the shot on the MG crew Craig will engage them.

Sniper Element
Spotting for Warren through scope, firing on MG team or sentry near the river facing East.

Mosin–Nagant Model 1891/30 (5/5)- 4x PE Scope - At shoulder
AK-74/BG-15 (37/45) + 5x45 (1/1 HE) + 6x40mm HE- Within arms length
RPG-7D (1/1 HEAT) + 1 PG-7N HEAT Grenades - slung on shoulder
F-1 FRAG Grenade x 6

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Mrityunjay Byanjankar
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Thu 7 Jul 2011
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Re: The Castle
Jay huddled up in the small hiding space in the cart, squashed against the others. He held his AK74 tightly, doing his best to minimise any noise. He had his newly acquired silenced H&K MK-23 SOCOM tucked into his belt, as well as his kukri knife.

Once out of the cart he planned to sling the rifle over his shoulder and draw the pistol, having it ready should it be needed. If he got the opportunity though, the first choice would always be the knife.
Jeff D. Warren
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Thu 7 Jul 2011
at 14:28
Re: The Castle
Jeff lies with his rifle braced on his pack, and Craig just to his side. His radio is also nearby, close enough to remain in contact with the elements. He had slowly but carefully brushed as much dust away as he could from his firing spot in order to minimize any kicked up. There was plenty of rubble nearby, and even a halfway decent false hide far enough away to draw fire if it came to that.

As they calculated ranges and targets, Warren also watched the cart approach. As Craig whispers a target, Jeff wipes his barrel one last time for condensation before settling in behind the scope. Whispering barely loud enough for Craig's benefit, "Holding on target. TR7. At your command. Tell the assault element we're ready."

The Carat of his Soviet scope is adjusted so point of impact should be dead center, upper center of mass. He carefully regulates his breathing, exhaling just before the shot. Jeff has already taken half of the pull of his trigger out. Only the command from Konrad and Craig is necessary to bring death to the man.  From their, Jeff will aim first and then fire when ready on the next available targets he and Craig had agreed on.

Jeff Warren - Sniper Element
Aimed shot at TR7, subsequent aimed shots on target list as Craig also engages.
SVU-AS [10/10]

Konrad Bayer
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Thu 7 Jul 2011
at 15:18
Re: The Castle
In the wagon, blind to how many Jan's group would have to immediately deal with, Bayer radios the snipers watching over them. Toggling his radio, he whispers, "Warren, Sunray, What are we facing? Over."

Then once the OP reports back the situation at the wagon, Bayer nudges Jan and (knowing that he heard the same report) whispers, "You're up. Get ready to make your move."
Craig Sutherland
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Thu 7 Jul 2011
at 22:20
Re: The Castle

Craig picks up the radio hand set and gives Konrad a SITREP.

"Sunray, Delta, We have nine targets North, South, East, and West and one elevated in the fort. MG and two at the door. We are green, over"
Arturo 'Orso' Ottenebrato
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Wed 14 Sep 2011
at 03:40
Re: The Castle
As the dawn approached, Orso surveyed the situation through binoculars, judging distances and drawing up a basic range card.
Although he felt useless outside the "castle", he understood the need for external security, but still thought the best use for his skills and experience was inside.
As part of his preperation, he ensured all his grenades were readily accessible, paying particular attention to the 40mm smoke. Chances were he'd have to lay a screen down somewhere the moment those inside stuffed things up.

Observing, estimating ranges, drawing up a range card, preparing for direct and indirect supporting fire with GL
Armscor MGL Mark 1 (6 HE/6) + 2xILLUM, 6xHEDP, 5xSmoke
Franchi SPAS-15 (6/6 buckshot) + 6x5 buckshot
Grenade attachment
Grenade, M26A1, x6
Grenade, smoke, M18 x2
Mecar BTU rifle grenade, HEAT, x2
Swiss Army Knife
Gas Mask
4x Binoculars
RV-2/400 Hand Radio

Mariusz Tokarski
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Sat 17 Sep 2011
at 19:25
Re: The Castle
Mariusz looked at Pawel and whispered, "We have short ranged weapons, we take the ones nearest to us, those in the crowds.Give the signal to the hidden men when I start shooting."

Mariusz picked up one of the large containers of food and moved toward the closest of the guards, he smiled at the man and said, "Would you like to see if there's anything you want?"

As he awaited the man's reply he got ready to draw his pistol. If the man closed in he intended to drop the food and fire into the man's face. If the guard remained aloof he woud do teh same thing but at a longer range.
Cap'n Rae
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Sat 17 Sep 2011
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Storming the Black Fort

Stadium Fort

Mariusz coaxes one of the guards- apparently the ranking man of the guard detail among the prisoners- closer to the food wagon. Pawel, responding to Mariusz's whispered instructions, thumps twice on the side of the wagon, signalling those within that the shit is about to go down. Mattias, on his own, approaches one of the guards standing near a clump of prisoners a few meters from where the wagon is parked.

As the head guard reaches into the bread bag, Mariusz pulls the silenced pistol out from underneath his long coat. The silencer makes it barrel-heavy. When he extends his arm to fire, the muzzle is nearly touching the guard's face. The guard slaps instinctively at the barrel, knocking Mariusz's first shot well wide. The guard then jumps back a meter or so while frantically trying to unsling his AK. Mariusz aims center mass and fires a second time, knocking the guard backwards onto his ass with a solid chest shot. The head guard, however, appears to be wearing some kind of apparently effective body armor. Coughing in pain, he continues to try to bring his weapon to bear on the deadly delivery boy. He's having an even harder time of it now that he's sitting in the dirt. (Mattias -2 rounds)

Pawel has more luck. He pulls his silenced Makarov smoothly from beneath his overcoat and shoots his guard right between the eyes, killing him instantly. (Pawel -1 round)

Mattias (NPC'ed) too has better luck than Mariusz. His guard goes down hard, shot once in the chest and once in the upper left arm. Mattias' pistol is not silenced and the gunshots announce to all for half-a-kilometer (at least) around that all is not as it is supposed to be. (Mattias - 2 rounds)

While Mariusz and the wagon crew shoot down three of the four guards on the stadium floor, Konrad, Jan, Minh, and Jay struggle to wiggle out of the compartment under the false bottom of the chuck wagon. They were already crammed in cheek by jowl and everyone is clawed, scratched, and kicked as they crawl head-first out of the now-open rear panel to fall out onto the dirt floor. Jan grimmaces in pain as his wounded arm is pummeled.

The fourth guard stationed on the stadium floor quickly unslings his rifle and takes aim at Mattias. The guard atop the "keep" also aims towards the fracas on the stadium floor.

Warren, called to action by the gunshots, fires at one of the two gate guards. The man falls hard on his side, his shattered left leg no longer able to support his weight. The second gate guard hesitates for a moment before running towards the gate, leaving his comrade to his fate. Craig follows Warren's lead, taking a much more challenging shot at the guard atop the west wall of the fort, nearly 300m distant from the snipers' nest. The man ducks as Craig's bullet buzzes by, followed a second later by the crack of the gunshot. The startled guard scrambles for cover behind a high crenel of rubble. (Warren -1 shot; Craig -1 shot)

The two guards in the machine gun nest overlooking the gate duck down and look around for the greatest threat. They spot the killing going on within the stadium at first, and the lead gunner swings his PKM towards the men around the food wagon. He hesitates when he hears the second gate guard yelling that he's under attack. The second or two he delays in opening fire could prove critical.

The guards atop the walls also seem to be of two minds. They instinctively look outward, looking for external threats, but their attention is inexorably drawn inward, towards the shooting going on inside the fort walls. Once again, their confusion, although likely to be short-lived, gives the rescue team a few seconds respite in which to act.

The hostages react as one would expect, either sitting in shock or starting to hug the stadium floor. Some of the women and children are screaming in terror. Some of the men shout for their loved ones to hit the deck. One man leaps to his feet and runs towards the the gap in the wall to the northwest.

On the stadium floor: two guards down, presumed KIA. One guard down, possibly WIA, still fighting. One guard aiming his AK at Mattias. One guard on top of the keep building (E side of fort), deciding who to shoot at. At the gate, one guard down, WIA. One guard running for the gate. The two-man MG team above the gate aiming at the food wagon. The guards on the wall appear confused as what to do.

River Bunker

As the support team looks on, the guards in and around the river bunker are roused by the gunshots in and around the stadium fort. A man peeks out of the bunker's back door. The long muzzle of a heavy machine gun- a Browning M2HB by the looks of it- swings upriver, searching for a target. The man sitting atop the bunker drops to his stomach and cranes his neck comically to try to look both upriver and back at the stadium at the same time. The guards in and around the river bunker do not appear to have the first clue that the support team is set up just 150m or so away in a rubbled riverside building.

There are at least two men- more likely three- inside the MG bunker, one man on its roof, and two men running from the base of the foot bridge to take cover in defilade on the far side of the road (away from the bunker).

Updated Tac-Map:

Next Moves?

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Mariusz Tokarski
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Sun 18 Sep 2011
at 08:33
Re: Storming the Black Fort
Mariusz winced at the sound of the Makarov going off, so much for using silenced weapons to maintain surprise, he thought. Instead he was left with an unfamiliar weapon that didn't have the stopping power to take the enemy down. Still, it did have a large magazine and plenty of bullets, he grabbed it in a two handed grip and fired twice more at the leader of the guard detachment. If he had the incredible luck to hit with either shot it might keep the man off balance enough to stop him from shooting anyone before someone with a real weapon could kill him.

Browning HP (Silenced 18/20)(Effective skill 6)
Shooting two Quick shots at the soldier on the floor

Jan Cerny
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Sun 18 Sep 2011
at 22:35
Re: Storming the Black Fort
Jan seemed to be perpetually in pain at the moment.  Climbing in and out of a compartment in the food wagon with a damaged arm wasn't his idea of fun and he grimaced as he did it.  The others bashing into his arm certainly hadn't helped either!

Once he was out he quickly scanned around and spotted the man levelling a AK at Matias.  Jan wished that he had his rifle ready but he hadn't been expecting things to have gone loud this quickly so he had his silenced PM-84 SMG to hand with its wire stock tucked into his shoulder.  He didn't hesitate though and fired a number of single shots at the man, trying to put him down before he was able to fire at Matias.

"Take out any guards!" he called out to the rest of his team, restating Konrad's instructions.

He kept himself crouched behind the corner of the wagon as he fired, making use of what little cover was available.

Firing 4x single shot at the man aiming an AK at Matias (Rae - I think that you're using Paul Mulchay's stats for the PM-84 so the recoil for a single shot is 1 - if it's more then Jan will fire less shots so that he doesn't suffer recoil penalties -
PM-84 SMG + Suppressor - 25/25 rounds - 2 mags + 40 loose rounds total) - held
F88 Steyr AUG (30/30 rounds - 7 mags total) - slung
 - Underslung M203 (1/1 HE - 6x HE, 3x HEDP & 1x ILLUM total)
Frag Grenade x4
Sig Sauer P226 (15/15 rounds - 4 mags total) - holster

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Minh Quyen
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Sun 18 Sep 2011
at 23:43
Re: Storming the Black Fort
Quyen squirms her way out of the wagon as quickly as possible. Being the smallest of her four fellow stowaways she has a slightly easier time of it, but accidentally boots Jan in the arm during her hasty dismount.

Once her feet are on the ground again, she swiftly shoulders her rifle and squats down next to the wagon, bracing her back against it as she looks around to get her bearings and identify the threats. Quyen will then aim towards the nearest sentry on the wall and fire two single shots (per phase) until he is eliminated.

AK74 (28/30)
Firing 2 shots at wall guard

Konrad Bayer
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Mon 19 Sep 2011
at 01:06
Re: Storming the Black Fort
Bayer is last out the wagon, but glad to see that Jan has already begun to get his team moving and into action. It was the Czech's show anyways and he was only here to keep the three teams on the same page as each other. While the Assault Team starts dealing with the sentries, Bayer gets on his radio, "Warren! Sunray! Hit that machine gun position on the roof!"

Bayer then scurries over the the sheltered side of the wagon and peers around one side, looking for a target. He'll engage the first man that comes into view, firing semi automatic.

G36/HK69 (30/30 + CS)
Located with Assault
Firing from behind wagon

Dawid Waldus Piotrowski
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Mon 19 Sep 2011
at 06:31
Re: Storming the Black Fort
In reply to Cap'n Rae (msg #770):

The support element set up in the small building.

Orso had been given the RPG-7 with Monika to assist him in reloading. His orders prior to firing:

"Orso, we must rain down as much fire as possible in the shortest time. You can do this with that grenade launcher on the left, closest to the river. Take out the bunker first using the RPG. Your grenade launcher holds 6 rounds? Load 4 HEDP and use them on the bunker. If that doesn't work, load the last 2 as smoke.

"Monika, reload the RPG-7 after Orso uses it and keep it ready for him.

"Tucker, use your grenade launcher as well to target the bunker. That's our main target.

"Piotr, you are with Tucker on the right with your SVD. You two will also cover the stadium and roadway.

"Fleming, you will be my loader."

"The plan is for Orso and Tucker take out the bunker. The rest of us will fire on all other exposed personnel. If we can't take the bunker out with the RPG and the 40mm HEDP, Orso will lay a smoke screen and we will assault the bunker, going up the river bank under cover. I will provide suppressive fire, everyone else advances under Tucker's command. Tucker is also second in command if I die."

"Remember, fire on my command. Pick your targets carefully! Pray that God smiles on our actions."

Reloading the PKM, he gave Fleming the 2 spare ammo cans with 2x belts (200 rounds) of 7.62x 54mm MG ammo plus 3 rounds in a mostly empty belt. They got into position, spread out in a line oriented on the bunker in 3 groups (Orso/Monika on the left, Tucker/Pawel on the right, Dawid/Fleming in the centre). The groups had 10m separation to make sure a single burst or explosion couldn't affect more than one at a time.


When the firing started, he fired bursts at the men in the road running for cover. The man on the bunker would largely be history because of the rockets and grenades raining down there!

Dawid Piotrowski
PKM (100/100 + 203 spare rounds carried by Fleming)
Riverside Ruins, centre
Firing bursts at men crossing the road.

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