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This timeline deals with what the characters know. Therefore it is more detailed in some areas than in others. And in some places it might even be incorrect, as compared with the accepted truth. Before 351 AC, there are no substantial differences compared to the official Timeline, with the exceptions of the Heroes of the Lance who do not exist.

346 AC
When Nathan Evardson passed his Test, it became clear that Par-Salian had made the right choice in making Nathan his sword in the coming war with Takhisis.

351 AC
The Godsbringers returned to Solace after their 5 year quest. The quest of the Blue Crystal Staff was begun, which led them to Xak Tsaroth and the return of the gods. They led refugees, explored Skullcap, returned the Hammer of Kharas to the dwarves, and traveled to Tarsis by the sea.

There they split up.

The Eastern group traveled to Silvanesti and then north. They rediscovered the dragon orbs.

The Western group traveled to Icewall, Ergoth, and Sancrist. They rediscover the dragonlances.

352 AC
The Western group defends the High Clerist Tower.

Nathan Evardson became the Master of Past and Present.

The good dragons return.

The groups are reunited and they defeat the forces of evil.

353 AC
Nathan Evardson informed the Conclave of High Sorcery that he was in control of the Tower in Palanthus, had one of the Dragon Orbs, and that he wanted an apprentice.

Obsidian Stonewarden returned to the dwarves and began working to end the ill will that existed among the dwarves because of the Dwarf Gate War.

The Knights of Solamnia are in control of Solamnia, Ergoth, and Sancrist. Abanasinia, Nightlund, Throtyl, and Goodlund are free and the Knights are welcomed there, outside the Elven and Dwarven Nations.

Balifor, Estwilde, Nordmaar, Khur, Neraka, and Blöde are still under tentative Dragonarmy control, though that control lessens over time. Making these areas freeish.

Taman Busuk is under Draconian control.

The islands east of the Blood Sea of Istar are under Minotaur control.

The Icewall Glacier is free, but there is no Solamnic presence there.

The Ogres control Kern, including Ogrebond.

354 AC
Gunthar Uth Wistan became the first Grand Master of the Knights of Solamnia since the Cataclysm.

357 AC
The Blue Lady’s war took place.

361 AC
Porthios and Alhana, the leaders of Qualinesti and Silvanesti, are married to unify their two nations.

365 AC
The first Test since the Cataclysm took place in the Tower of Palanthus.

367 AC
Remnants of the Dragonarmy are at war with the Silvanesti.

370 AC
After the death of Par-Salian, the Qualinesti elf Solosan became the head of the White Robes and Justarius (Red Robe) became the Master of the Conclave.

377 AC
Caldric Liamson and Raynald Uth Argus went to Storm's Keep to gather intelligence on the Knights of Takhisis. And while the Tower in Palanthus and the Knights of Solamnia listen to the report, Wayreth and the temples do not.

379 AC
The Plainsmen are united.

380 AC
Nathan Evardson made Wayreth understand that the Knights of Takhisis was a threat.

The Order of High Sorcery attacked Storm’s Keep, but failed. Justarius, Red Robe Master of the Conclave was killed, and Dalamar the Dark, the Head of the Black Robes, became the new Master of the Conclave. Jenna became the new Head of the Red Robes.

After battling with the Knights of Takhisis, the unified Dwarven Nation had lost the first war and their High Thane had been killed in it. They had now withdrawn into their mountain and proclaimed Obsidian Stonewarden as their new High Thane and leader of the Dwarfs. But the Knights of Takhisis have control of the area around them.

The Minotaurs take control over Goodlund and Balifor.

381 AC
The Knights of Takhisis have control over Qualinesti and have burned Darken Wood to the ground. The Knights also had full control over the Plains of Dust and thus had control over all of Abanasinia except the northern regions.

Some Qualinesti live in Silvanesti as refugees from the war. And though Porthios and Alhana tried to unify the elves, the elves, in particular the Silvanesti, didn’t want to be united. Qualinesti refugees were seen as second class individuals.

Because of the Knights of Takhisis, the Conclave of High Sorcery, seated in the Tower of High Sorcery in Wayreth and led by Dalamar the Dark, had to accept that it no longer was safe to allow students of magic to take the Test there. So they made arrangements with Nathan Evardson for students to take the test in the Tower at Palanthus instead.

The Thanoi has control over the Icewall Glacier.

382 AC
The Irda intended to use the Graygem, but Nathan's daughter stopped them. The Graygem was returned to Reorx, and in return he shrouded their island so that only Irda could find it.

The Knights of Takhisis attacked Silvanesti from the west and were joined by the Minotaurs from the east. But they were rebuffed by the elves at great cost.

383 AC
The Dragon Overlords started establishing their control over Krynn, as well as dealing with many lesser dragons.

Skie took to the north to establish control over everything north of New Sea and west of the Blood Sea of Istar.

The White Overlord established control over the islands in the west as well as Icewall.

Membakar established control over Abanasinia and the Plains of Dust.

Cyan Bloodbane established control over all that was east of New Sea and south of the Blood Sea of Istar.

Only the Minotaur isles are left alone by the Overlords.

384 AC
Silvanoshei, the child of Porthios and Alhana, was born.

Skie tried to take Palanthus, but the power of the Tower of Palanthus combined with the temples were able to protect it.

387 AC
The Legion was organized.

389 AC
The Draconians establish control over the city of Teyr.

392 AC
Lord Gunthar dies and Ehre Dragonword became the second Grand Master since the Cataclysm. But the knighthood is divided in three factions, the Knights of the Crown supporting Matthew DiKalumina, the High Warrior, the Knights of the Sword supporting Eisen Dragonword, the High Clerist and Ehre's older brother, and the Knights of the Rose supporting Ehre.

403 AC
Skie was killed by a united effort from the Knights of Solamnia, the Orders of the Stars (the temples), and the Tower of Palanthus.

404 AC
At great cost, the Knights of Takhisis, with its allies, dealt with both Membakar and Cyan. Even the dwarves joined forces with them in this battle and having won, the Knights of Takhisis returned control of the mountains to the dwarves.

The campaign begins.

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Current Status of Krynn
The Knights of Solamnia are in control of Solamnia.
The Knights of Takhisis are in control of Estwilde, Neraka, Blöde, Qualinesti, and the Plains of Dust. They are also a force to be reckoned with in Khur, though  they are not yet in complete control of that nation.
Draconians control the city of Teyr.
Minotaurs control the Minotaur isles, Goodlund, Balifor, and Silvanesti.
Ogres control Kern, Ogrebond.
The White Dragon Overlord controls the islands in the west and Icewall.

Nightlund, Nordmaar, Throtyl, and the rest of Abanasinia are not under the control of any of these groups. Though Nordmaar is allied with Solamnia.

At this time the Knights of Solamnia are led by Grand Master Ehre Dragonword, though they are divided.
The Wizards of High Sorcery are led by Dalamar the Dark (Black robe), Solosan (White Robe), and Jenna (Red Robe). Nathan Evardson is Master of the Tower in Palanthus. The unified Dwarven Nation is led by Obsidian Stonewarden. The lawful ruler of Qualinesti is Porthios Kanan, but he is in exile. Alhana Starbreeze should be the lawful ruler of Silvanesti, but the Silvanesti have cast her and her husband out and proclaimed them Dark Elves. And with all Silvanesti elves now in exile, they do not have a cohesive leadership on the national level.

Skie, the blue dragon overlord of the north, was slain by Knights of Solamnia. Membakar, the red, and Cyan Bloodbane, the green, were slain by Knights of Takhisis and their allies, including the dwarven nation who had been promised to be left alone if they aided the occupiers in dealing with the two dragon overlords. And the Knights of Takhisis have kept their promise, so far.

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The Godsbringers
As mentioned before, the Heroes of the Lance were not the heroes of the War of the Lance (as in the original timeline). The heroes in this timeline were the Godsbringers.

* Acorn Nimblefingers: A kender celebrity bard, known and loved in many places of Ansalon even before the war, though the stigma of being a kender still remains. He did not know the others before their five year quests. He's now retired and lives with his wife in relative solitude when not visiting his friends from the old days. They have kender children and most, if not all, kender claim to be related to him.
* Caldric Liamson: A woodsman of Solace, half brother to Dragon Highlord Kitiara Uth Matar, leader of the Godsbringers, the first and only human to have joined Quintas, the elite Qualinesti scouts. He is married to Laurana Kanan (royal elf) and they have half elf children. They live in Qualinost, which is under the control of the Knights of Takhisis. Laurana is the de facto leader of the elves still in Qualinesti.
* Ehre Dragonword: Grand Master of the Knights of Solamnia, younger brother to the King of Eastlund, married to an unnamed Solamnic nobel woman, and the father of a daughter.
* Kaylan Kanan Valarian: Chosen Prophet of Mishakal and the first cleric of good in this era, half elf niece to the Speaker of the Sun – the leader of the Qualinesti elves, and married to Lucius Valarian. They have half elf and human children and live in Palanthus where the foremost temple of Mishakal is located.
* Lucius Valarian: Chosen Prophet of Kiri-Jolith and the second cleric of good in this era, first High Clerist in this era, former Knight of Solamnia (though the order still consider him a Knight of the Sword despite him leaving to follow the calling of his heart), and married to Kaylan Kanan Valarian. They have half elf and human children and live in Palanthus where the foremost temple of Kiri-Jolith is located.
* Nathan Evardson: The most powerful arcane spellcaster on Krynn, formerly a White Robed wizard, now technically a renegade, Master of the Past and Present, and Master of the Tower of High Sorcery in Palanthus. He has a Red Robed daughter, but has never been married.
* Obsidian Stonewarden: Chosen Prophet of Reorx and first cleric of neutrality in this era, High Thane of the unified Dwarven Nation, renowned hill dwarf weapon smith. He is married to an unnamed dwarven female and have dwarven children.
* Raynald uth Argus: Elected Mayor and proclaimed protector of Solace, owner of the Inn of the Last Home, a blacksmith’s son from Vingaard in Solamnia who became a mercenary in foreign lands. He's married to Tika Waylan. He did not know the others before their five year quests. But got to know the two wizards during their quests. He has three sons, one of them a White Robed wizard. Tika manages the inn.
* Vahn Ballard: Formerly a Red Robed wizard, now a sorcerer of good. He and his human wife brought sorcery to Kalaman. They have human children, but no one knows where Vahn and his wife are.
* Eisen Dragonword: King of Eastlund, Savior of Kalaman, Master of Dragonword Keep, third (current) High Clerist of the Knights of Solamnia in this era, freed by the others in Xak Tsaroth, helped slay Onyx, the first cleric of Paladine in this era, returned to Solamnia with his new power.